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Treating an Electric Shock Workplace Poster

Keep your workplace safe by displaying our Electric Shock workplace health and safety poster in a prominent position on your premises. Supplied on clear laminated paper, this poster outlines how to provide treatment to someone that has been electrocuted - from the initial response through to the treatment of burns, CPR and the recovery position.

Key Features:

  • Fully updated with the latest guidance and practice techniques
  • Available in size 590mm x 420mm
  • Supplied on laminated paper for durability
  • Clearly legible text and full colour graphics
  • Simple, numbered lists outlining basic principles
  • 1-year guarantee included
This Electric Shock Treatment poster provides clear step-by-step instructions and is compiled by qualified health and safety practitioners. With a yellow and black border and visible black text, this poster is ideal for use in offices, warehouses, factories and workshops.

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