UK Regulation Traffic Cone - 2 Piece

Our UK Regulation Traffic Cone - 2 Piece is a highly reflective cone that is available in three heights for different traffic situations.
The smaller cones are ideal for off-road locations such as car parks, construction sites and other worksites where traffic needs to be managed. The largest, at 100cm high, can be used on public roads where drivers travelling at speed need to see the traffic cone from a distance.
The traffic cones are highly reflective at night and in poor light conditions, as the sleeve of the cone is retro-reflective. This high-vis property allows the light from drivers headlamps and street lamps to be reflected back, effectively illuminating the cone from a distance.

  • Sleeves have a cellular structure, which makes them tear-resistant
  • Recycled base
  • High-vis retro-reflective sleeves to D2 Standards

Sizes and weights

  • 50cm (h) 3kg
  • 75cm (h) 6kg
  • 100cm (h) 9kg

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