UN Approved 30 US Gallon Overpack Container (4612515332131)

UN Approved 30 US Gallon Overpack Container

Store, transport and handle drums of chemicals and other hazardous materials with this UN Approved 30 US Gallon Overpack Container, which is also ideal for:

  • Spill containment, including transporting leaking / damaged containers and used absorbent materials for disposal
  • Cleaning up hazardous materials
  • As an original shipping container

This Overpack Container can also be used for bio-waste disposal and incineration and holding small undamaged bottles, cans and carboys of non-leaking hazardous materials.

Lightweight and durable HPDE

Manufactured using blow-moulded, high density polyethylene (HDPE) with UV inhibitors, the yellow Overpack Container is lightweight but durable, and weather and chemical resistant. It can be easily stacked for on site storage and transportation.

  • Comes with three year guarantee
  • Course thread screw-on lid
  • Conforms to UN 1H2/X120/S ('X) Standard for overpacks 
  • 100% polyethylene for chemical compatibility
  • Capacity of 113.6 litres / 30 US gallons 

Note: If the contents are leaking, absorbent material should be used to pack and absorb the leak. The Overpack Container is not suitable for free liquids. You may need a forklift to offload this item from the delivery vehicle.


  • Top diameter: 560mm
  • Bottom diameter: 420mm
  • Height: 720mm
  • Weight: 6.5kg

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