Water Filled Pedestrian / Traffic Barrier

Separate pedestrians from traffic with this highly visible Water Filled Pedestrian / Traffic Barrier, thats light and easy to transport into position then sturdy and stable when filled with water.

Ideal for a wide range of uses including:

  • crowd control
  • temporary road blocks
  • separating pedestrians from traffic
  • at events
  • on construction sites.

Each barrier weighs just 5.5kg when empty, making it easily moved into position before being filled with water to reach its final weight of 27.5kg. The barrier is impossible to overfill, making for speedy installation of multiple barriers on site.

  • Strong HPDE (high density polyethylene) construction, for durability in even harsh outdoor conditions
  • Reflective red/white panels that conform to the Reflectivity requirements of BSEN 12899-1, making it highly visible even in poor light 
  • The 'bottom heavy' design of the barrier means that pedestrians cannot trip over it
  • Available in red or white both options giving a clear safety alert to pedestrians
  • Completely recyclable

The barrier measures 80cm (h) x 104cm (w) and is easily connected to the next with black S clips. This allows the barriers to be placed in a straight line, at an angle, or back to back over exposed holes and manhole covers.

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