White De-Icing Salt 42 x 25kg Bags (Full Pallet) (4602258391075)

White De-Icing Salt 40 x 25kg Bags (Full Pallet)

Our White De-Icing Salt, supplied in bulk quantities of 40 x 25Kg bags, will quickly dissolve ice and snow from paths, entrances and other outdoor public spaces, with none of the muddy grit left behind by traditional rock salt. 

Once it's been spread, the de-icing salt can't be seen and it quickly goes to work dissolving ice and snow to remove the winter slip hazard. Pedestrian areas around the building stay clean, hygienic and presentable.

  • Conforms to BS3247:2011, the British Standard for de-icing salt when used on highways
  • Particles are screened and graded for even distribution. This increases pedestrian safety and lengthens the working life of salt spreading equipment
  • Almost 100% sodium chloride, which means it quickly dissolves ice and snow
  • Harvested from sustainable marine sources around the Mediterranean sea
  • Salt is free flowing, and can be applied by hand or using spreaders

White de-icing salt is more environmentally friendly than brown salt (grit), dissolves ice and snow more quickly and leaves none of the messy residue normally associated with grit. Perfect for organisations where cleanliness and hygiene is important, and for domestic use.

Delivery is free in mainland UK, within 3 working days. Note: the de-icing salt will be delivered on a full pallet, so a forklift or pallet truck plus tail lift will be needed.

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