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Cardboard Picking & Storage Bins

Our Cardboard Picking & Storage Bins help you to keep small parts stored and organised neatly in Eco-Friendly Cardboard Boxes. Choose from a wide selection of sizes to suit your needs in packs from 25 to 50 picking bins for outstanding value, perfect for order picking in Warehouses. - Click to learn more about Cardboard Picking & Storage Bins

More information about Cardboard Picking & Storage Bins

Optimising warehouse storage while keeping an eye on sustainability? Cardboard picking and storage bins might just be the game-changer you've been seeking! This guide is crafted specifically for warehouse managers and decision-makers. Delve in to learn how these cardboard picking bins can seamlessly integrate into your warehouse storage systems, the assortment of sizes available here at First Mats, and the undeniable value of purchasing these cardboard bins in bulk. Elevate your warehouse picking process and storage with these clever parts bins.

What are Cardboard Picking & Storage Bins?

Understanding the benefits of Cardboard Picking and Storage Bins is crucial for warehouse operators. Crafted from high-quality corrugated cardboard, these bins provide storage for small components, tools and fasteners in a more cost-effective and environmentally manner than plastic alternatives.

The sturdiness of these Cardboard Storage Bins is undeniable. Despite their lightweight composition, they are robust enough to accommodate various warehouse goods, from lightweight components to moderately heavy inventory items. Designed specifically with durability in mind, Cardboard Picking Bins promise a long service life, even in the dynamic environment of an active warehouse.

One of the standout features of these Cardboard Picking Bins is their open-front design. This design element promotes swift and hassle-free access to items, an essential trait in warehouses where efficiency is paramount. Whether streamlining the picking process or facilitating routine stock checks, Cardboard Picking and Storage Bins enhance operations and save invaluable time and effort. In summary, these bins are poised to be an indispensable asset in modern warehouse settings by merging cost-effectiveness, resilience, and user-centric design.

Where are Cardboard Picking & Storage Bins used?

These bins are versatile and can be used in various settings. Commonly found in warehouses, distribution centres, and retail stock rooms, they're also ideal for office use to store stationery or organise paperwork.

They can also be used in homes for craft supplies, toys, and other miscellaneous items. Because of their recyclable nature, they're an excellent choice for establishments aiming for a sustainable storage approach.

The only places where Cardboard Picking Bins shouldn’t be used are in damp environments, such as cold storage rooms and food storage, as the cardboard will become damp, weak and allow bacteria to grow.

What are Cardboard Picking & Storage Bins used for?

The main use of cardboard picking bins is for organising and storing items in a manner that allows for easy access, especially in environments where quick picking is essential such as assembly areas. The open-front design facilitates quick identification and access to items. Besides the standard storage and picking purposes, these bins are also great for:

  • Sorting stock and inventory in warehouses
  • Storing nuts, bolts and other fasteners
  • Storing loose tool components such as drill bits
  • Organising small components on shelving units
  • Storing small items for crafters, such as buttons, threads and card

What to Consider When Buying Cardboard Picking & Storage Bins

When purchasing cardboard picking and storage bins, consider the following:

Size of the Items to be Stored: Ensure the cardboard storage bin dimensions match the size of the items you plan to store.

Space Available: Measure the space where the bins will be placed to ensure they fit comfortably, especially if using them on metal shelving units.

Strength and Durability: While cardboard bins are sturdy, check their weight capacity to ensure they meet your needs. For heavy components, consider using plastic storage bins instead.

Access Needs: Consider how often you'll access the stored items. Cardboard Picking Bins with an open front can make retrieval quicker.

Environmental Impact: Opt for bins made from recycled material and check their recyclability.

Quantity Required: Buying in packs can offer better value for money. Our Cardboard Bins are available in packs from 25 to 50 bins for optimal value.

Which Cardboard Picking & Storage Bins are Available?

For those looking for variety, cardboard picking and storage bins come in multiple sizes.

Heights range from 100mm to 200mm, while lengths span from 150mm to 600mm. This variety ensures that there's a bin size perfect for you regardless of your storage needs. Furthermore, these bins are available in packs of 25 to 50 for those seeking excellent value. This bulk buying ensures you have enough bins for extensive storage in your warehouse or storage room and offers cost savings.

This guide should provide all the information you need to choose a Cardboard Picking Bin that’s right for your needs. However, if you have further questions, please contact our friendly and helpful team for advice and further information.

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