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Indoor Door Mats

Our range of Indoor Door Mats is designed to help keep your internal floors clean, dry and safe. The indoor entrance mats are made from hard-wearing absorbent fibres mounted to non-slip backings, making them ideal for tiled or wooden floors. For the best results, use the biggest indoor door mats you have space for so that they can remove more dirt and water from your shoes. - Click to learn more about Indoor Door Mats

More information about Indoor Door Mats

At any entrance, whether at home, in a business, or at a school, indoor door mats serve as a crucial accessory. Their strategic placement by the front door helps maintain the cleanliness of your floors by capturing dirt, debris, and moisture from shoes before they can be carried inside, thus preventing them from being tracked in. According to studies by ISSA (the Worldwide Cleaning Industry Association), about 80% of the dirt found in most buildings is brought in on shoes, so a good door mat is essential to keep your internal spaces clean.

At First Mats, we offer a wide range of indoor door mats available in a wide range of styles, colours and sizes, along with choice of materials. Keep reading to learn how to choose the best indoor door mat.

How to choose the best Indoor Door Mat

Choosing the best door mat depends on several factors, including where it will be used and how many feet will step on it throughout the day.

Indoor Door Mat Materials

The materials your door mat is made from make a huge difference to the performance and cost of your mat. Much of this depends on the backing material:

  • Rubber-backed mats cost a bit more but offer better floor grip and durability
  • PVC and vinyl backings are cheaper but more prone to sliding

The carpet pile materials also play an important part in how clean the inside of your home looks:

  • Polypropylene and synthetic fibres are best at scraping dirt and debris, and are ideal for commercial entrances
  • Cotton and microfibre are more absorbent but less durable, so are better in homes as front door mats

Indoor Door Mat Sizes

As a rule of thumb, we recommend using the biggest door mat you can within the available space. This is because the more times a mat is stepped on with both feet, the more dirt you can trap at the front door. However, in homes and smaller spaces, a huge indoor mat might not be practical.

  • Front Doors in Homes: Standard entrances should use a 60cm x 90cm mat, but consider bigger mat or a runner (usually around 60cm x 300cm) if your hallway will allow.
  • Porches and Matwells: If you have a porch, then fitting matting wall to wall is the best option. Choose Coir Coconut Matting for a traditional look, or synthetic coir for a non-shedding alternative.
  • Conservatories and Rear Doors: If you have pets that like to spend time in the garden, or struggle with mud in the winter, choose a more durable and absorbent door mat for the internal areas at the rear of the home.
  • Shops, Gyms and Restaurants: Commercial spaces will experience much higher foot traffic, so a bigger mat with a rubber backing is a must.

If you need a bespoke indoor door mat, choose one of the made-to-measure options, such as the popular Plush Choice mat or the premium-quality Premier-Plush mat.

Tip: Check the gap between the door and the floor before ordering your indoor mat, as the standard mat thickness is around 7mm to 9mm, so you may need to select a thinner option. 

Where to Place Indoor Door Mats?

Your ideal door mat may also depend on where you plan to use it. The best indoor mats for a front door must work well and complement the surroundings to create a warm entrance. Most mats are available in black, grey, and brown, which work well by most front doors while hiding dirt.

An internal door mat at the rear door can also help keep dirt and water out of the building. If your kitchen and rear entrance use brighter colours, one of our red, green, or blue indoor mats might be a good option.

If the mat is used in a building where someone with dementia lives, a mat that contrasts too sharply with the surrounding floor colour can resemble a hole in the ground, creating unnecessary stress. A more neutral colour is a better option in these cases. Read more about door mats for people with dementia here.

Mat Colours and Personalisation

Our indoor door mats are available in many colours, with grey and black being the most popular due to their ability to hide dirt. However, if you want a mat with more vibrant colours or even one that you can personalise with your brand, then our printed logo mats are great options to consider.

First Mats’ Indoor Mats Buying Guide

If you’re still unsure which indoor mat you need, consider one of our recommended mats, which are all best sellers.

Plush Choice Entrance Mat—This low-cost, high-performing mat is available in custom sizes cut from a 90cm or 120cm wide roll. It’s a vinyl-backed mat with a polypropylene pile that’s ideal for use as an internal front door mat in homes or low-traffic entrances.

AquaProtect Super Absorbent Door Mat—If you need a mat with more durability, our AquaProtect is a safe option. This rubber-backed mat can soak up 6 litres of water per square metre, making it durable and incredibly effective. It is ideal for anywhere a high-performing door mat is needed, including homes, offices, schools, and shops.

Premier-Plush Made to Measure Door Mat—If you need a custom size, our Premier-Plush is a great choice. You can order it in a custom width and length rather than from the roll. It’s a commercial-grade mat that can be used in shops, restaurants, and offices but is also popular as a bespoke indoor door mat for the front door.

17mm Coir Matting - If a rubber or vinyl-backed mat isn’t what you're looking for, then Coir Matting might be your answer. Made from natural coconut fibres, this matting can be cut from the roll and is supplied on a PVC backing, making it easy to cut to shape for fitting into matwells or porches.

Indoor Door Mats FAQs

  • Can indoor door mats be used outside? - Indoor door mats should only be used inside as they are designed to absorb water, meaning they will quickly become saturated if it rains.
  • What is the best size mat for a front door? - For standard domestic doorways, a 60cm x 90cm is a good size. However, bigger door mats and runners perform better.
  • Are indoor door mats washable? - Not all indoor mats can be machine washed, so check the product description and any labels attached to the mats before putting them in the machine. If in doubt, vacuum over the surface and hand wash with a damp cloth and mild detergent.
  • What is the best mat colour to hide dirt? - Darker colours will hide dirt better than lighter colours. Consider Black, Grey or Brown for your door mats.
  • How long do door mats last indoors? - Vinyl backed mats should last at least two years, whereas rubber backed mats should last at least five years. However, it depends on the level of foot traffic and how often the mat is cleaned.
  • Can indoor mats be used on carpets? - Most indoor mats are designed for hard floors like tile or wood. If using a mat on a carpet, choose a mat with a claw or gripper backing as standard, or place an anti-slip sheet under the mat.

How to Clean Your Indoor Door Mat

Internal door mats must be maintained well to remain effective. Regular cleaning will help them capture more dirt and water and increase their potential life span. The frequency of cleaning will depend entirely on the traffic and conditions outside, especially in the wetter seasons.

Some indoor mats can be cleaned in a washing machine; remember that 60cm x 90cm mats are the largest recommended for domestic washing machines.

For all other mats, simply vacuuming over them when dry will remove most of the dirt, including dry mud.

See our How to Clean Door Mats guide for more information.

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