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Indoor Entrance Mats

Our range of Indoor Entrance Mats is designed to help keep indoor areas of your home or business clean, dry and safe. The indoor mats are made from hard-wearing absorbent fibres mounted to non-slip rubber or vinyl backings, making them ideal for use on tiled or wooden floors. For the best results, use the largest indoor door mats you have space for so that they can remove more dirt and water from your shoes.

Indoor Entrance Mats - More Information

Indoor Door Mat

With our indoor entrance mats, you can substantially reduce the amount of dirt and water bought into a building, reducing the time and cost needed for cleaning. Before buying your mats, browse our wide range of different styles, sizes and colours to find indoor entrance mats that will enhance the appearance of any internal entrance, whilst making the floors safer to walk on and looking much cleaner.

Our indoor entrance mats are made from the highest quality materials and sourced from established, reputable suppliers. Whether your mat will be used in the home or a commercial building, you can buy with confidence from First Mats.

Use the filters to select mats by size, colour or features such as rubber backings and our made to measure options. If you want to get a feel for the mat before purchasing, you can request a sample which will be posted to you free of charge.

Why use indoor entrance mats?

According to studies by ISSA (the Worldwide Cleaning Industry Association), about 80% of the contaminants found in most buildings are carried into the facility on people’s shoes. This includes water, dust and debris, all the things that we’d rather leave outside. Indoor entrance mats help by capturing this dirt and water, keeping floors cleaner for longer and reducing the need to clean them as frequently compared to using outdoor door mats alone.


How to choose the right Indoor Entrance Mats

There are many options available and choosing the right mat for you can seem to be quite difficult, but if you consider how each of these features affects you then it’ll be easier to choose the best mats for your needs.

Entrance Mat Size 

As mentioned before, the size of the mat is an important part of its effectiveness. The more times a visitor steps on the mat, the more dirt and water it can capture, so use the largest mat possible within the space you have available. Several of our indoor entrance mats are available in custom lengths, allowing you to create a long runner mat at any length you need.

Crush Resistance

What type of environment your indoor entrance mats will be used in. Is it a low traffic area such as a home? A medium traffic area like an office or a very high traffic area such as schools, airports and supermarkets? Our indoor mats are made with varying materials and thicknesses, so it is important to choose one that is suitable for its environment. To make this easier for you, the “Crush Resistance” icons show a rating between 1 and 3 stars to indicate a mat’s suitability. You can also use the filters on this page to display only the indoor mats with the highest crush resistance ratings.

Indoor Mat Height/Profile

Our door mats have a different range of heights or profiles. A thicker mat will generally be better for durability and water absorbency, but the thickest ones may be difficult for wheelchair users or create a trip hazard in busier environments so, if used in a public area, check the height of the mats to see if they will be suitable.

We do also offer a range of fitted mat well mats which are sunk into the ground, creating a flush finish with the surrounding floors. Whilst most of these are for commercial environments, domestic options such as coir matting are also available. See our range of matwell mats here.

Door Mat Backing

Generally speaking, internal entrance mats will have two types of backing, natural rubber backing or synthetic backings such as PVC, Nylon or Vinyl. The Natural Rubber backed door mats tend to be a bit more expensive than their synthetic counterparts, but their heavier weight helps to improve their grip on the floor, reducing the slip risk, and they are more durable so you can expect a longer lifespan.

Door Mat Colours

The indoor entrance mats are available in over 20 colours, so finding one to suit its surroundings shouldn’t be too difficult. Either choose a bright, vibrant colour to make an impact or subtler charcoal or grey to blend in with the décor. The most popular colour choices for door mats are darker ones, such as black, as these are better at hiding dirt than lighter colours. Some of the mats in our range, such as the Plush Choice, have a mottled pattern that is designed to camouflage dirt that the mat has captured.

Other types of Indoor Mats

Our indoor entrance mats can be used in almost any environment, whether it be in a commercial or domestic setting, but for businesses, we also offer Logo Mats. With one of our indoor logo mats, any business can proudly display their logo on a high-definition mat which will impress visitors at the entrance whilst helping to keep the surrounding floors clean. We offer a range of indoor logo mats which all feature nitrile rubber backings, high definition printing quality and durability making them an excellent addition to any business entrance.

Coir Matting is another type of mat commonly used indoors. These are made from natural coconut fibres and form a bristly texture, similar to a sweeping brush. They are commonly found in older homes and buildings including pubs and restaurants, as they create a more traditional and homely appearance. Our coir matting features a PVC backing, so should be used indoors only.

How to Clean your Indoor Entrance Mat

For entrance mats of any kind to remain effective, they need to be kept well maintained. Regular cleaning of your mats will help them to capture more dirt and water as well as increasing their potential life span. The frequency of cleans will depend entirely on the traffic and conditions outside, especially in the wetter seasons.

Some of the indoor entrance mats can be cleaned in a washing machine, just bear in mind the size of the mat as 60cm x 90cm mats are the largest recommended for domestic washing machines.

For all other mats, simply vacuuming over them when dry will remove most of the dirt and debris including dry mud.