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More information about Bunded Pallets

Robust, safe and reliable: our bunded pallets are a product you can depend upon. Made in the UK using only the highest-quality materials, these bunded pallets are a safe and mess-free storage solution that will help your business to comply with oil storage regulations. Choose from a wide range of bunded pallets to store anything from a few small containers up to four standard oil drums. Options for hardcover versions are available if you need greater security, and all come with a removable grid deck for easy cleaning.

What are Bunded Pallets?

Bunded pallets, otherwise known as spill pallets, spill trays, and secondary containment items, can be used to safely store containers, oil drums, and other types of canisters. They are designed to collect spills and drips from leaky drums and containers. Any leaks that occur will drip safely into the sump below, preventing contamination and damage to the flooring.

Bunded Pallets come in various shapes and sizes to suit different industries and uses. Smaller pallets with a lower fluid capacity are designed for storing single drums or a few smaller containers. Medium-sized bunded pallets can handle multiple drums, while covered spill pallets can prevent unauthorised access or keep drums out of sight and away from the elements.

The key benefits of Bunded Pallets

Aside from the main benefit of catching spills and leaks from containers and oil drums, our range of Bunded Pallets has many other advantages over competing models. The grid-like decking on the top of the pallet can be quickly removed, allowing users access to the sump below. This makes cleaning the pallet easier and safer than with more complex designs. Users benefit from a weatherproof PE (polyethylene) construction that is often 100% recyclable. Most models in the range are compatible with forklifts and pallet trucks for easy and safe movement on-site - except for our black base ‘value’ range.

Our bunded pallets are also compliant with current UK oil storage legislation. The Oil Storage Regulations (2001) require that for the outdoor storage of oil or fuel, a bunded pallet or similar secondary containment item must be in place to ensure any leaks or spillages are safely contained in the sump. Our bunded pallets are designed to hold 110% of the capacity of the recommended container quota. Therefore, if used correctly, any leakages or spillages from containers will not exceed the pallet sump capacity, ensuring no contamination or safety issues.

Who are Bunded Pallets for?

The most typical uses are in industrial and manufacturing settings, especially where oil drums and containers risk leaking. But spill pallets can be used in any workplace or environment where containers have the potential to leak and spill over the floor. For example, where a bund might be necessary to prevent contamination or spillages of chemicals or other fluids, bunded pallets could be the answer. Spill containment pallets can also be used in commercial and some residential settings.

Which Bunded Pallet should I choose?

The best Bunded Pallet to choose depends on several factors:

  • How many fluid containers or oil drums need to be stored?
  • Do the containers need to be stored indoors or outdoors, or do they require a framed cover?
  • Do the pallets need to be compatible with forklift trucks or pallet trucks?
  • Do the containers need to be locked out of sight?

Bunded Pallet options are available to store one, two, three or four drums or a mixture of drums and other types of containers. Customers can also choose between low-level or regular-height sumps.

Our black base ‘value’ range has low-level sumps and provides an easy-to-use option for customers who need good functionality at an affordable price. Our yellow base range bunded pallets have greater capacity and greater durability. In addition, they are made using weatherproof PE construction and are compatible with forklifts and pallet trucks for easy transportation.

We also sell a range of bunded workfloors that are similar to our yellow range of pallets but low-level, suited for situations where many smaller containers need to be stored. Finally, for users who need to lock away drums securely behind a rolling door, our range of hardcover spill pallets are available in two and four-drum varieties.

Finally, see our IBC Bunds if you store large IBC containers.

Why buy a Bunded Pallet from First Mats?

At First Mats, we sell a wide range of high-quality products manufactured in the UK for the industrial, commercial, and residential markets. We are committed to outstanding customer satisfaction and dedicate ourselves to delivering the best possible service and quality of goods to new and existing customers. As a result, our Trustpilot rating of 4.8 out of 5 is among the highest in the industry.

See our full range of Spill Control products for more spill containment solutions.

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