Rubber Sheeting

First Mats are proud to stock a range of high-quality Rubber Sheeting for a variety of uses including Commercial Rubber and Nitrile. Rubber Sheeting is commonly used for the manufacture of gaskets and with a choice of seven standard thicknesses from 1.5mm, you're sure to find the product for your needs.

Natural Rubber vs. Nitrile Sheet

Choosing the correct grade of Rubber Sheeting is important for longevity and reliability. Natural Rubber is a versatile material and suitable in most cases, especially in dry areas or around water, but in environments where the rubber sheeting will come into contact with oil, Nitrile Rubber should be used instead. Nitrile is resistant to Oil and is the industry standard for low temperature gaskets and O Rings.

For each of our products we have data sheets available and test data so that you can be sure that the rubber sheeting matches your requirements before purchasing. If you do have any doubts, please contact the First Mats team with your questions and we will be only too happy to assist.

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