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Rubber Gym Mats

Looking for Heavy-Duty Rubber Gym Mats? We... Looking for Heavy-Duty Rubber Gym Mats? We offer a selection of hard-wearing rubber, interlocking and large Gym Floor Mats to protect your floors and reduce noise when using exercise equipment. Our Rubber Gym Mats are perfect for home and professional... ˅

More information about Rubber Gym Mats

Heavy-Duty Rubber Gym Mats are the perfect way to protect your floor and equipment while providing a comfortable and safe surface for your workout. Rubber is a durable matting material that can withstand heavy use, making it ideal for gyms and other high-traffic areas. It also has excellent shock-absorbing properties, which helps to protect your floors and equipment from impact. In addition, rubber is non-slip, so you can be sure of a safe and stable surface for your workout.

Heavy-Duty Rubber Gym Mats are also easy to clean and maintain, so you can keep your gym looking its best. Whether you're looking to protect your investment or create a safe and comfortable environment for your workout, Heavy-Duty Rubber Gym Mats are the perfect solution.

Reasons to use Large Rubber Gym Mats.

Shock absorption and noise reduction - Noise and damage from foot movement, weights and other equipment can permanently damage original flooring. Heavy-duty rubber mats absorb shock and reduce the noise emitted – perfect for upstairs training areas.

Anti-Slip Properties - When working out, you need a safe non-slip environment. The PVC/Rubber-based gym mats provide a great slip-resistant surface thanks to the textured designs and heavy weight of the mats, preventing accident-related injuries.

Easy to Install - No nails, glue, or tradesman needed. Simply place your mat or tiles on any existing gym floor and enjoy the benefits immediately.

Easy to clean - Our gym rubber flooring mats are easy to clean with minimal equipment needed. Simply soak or scrub your mat with water and detergent solution (depending on mat usage) and allow the mat to air dry for a couple of hours.

Large Gym Mat Sizes - Cover large areas of flooring with fewer mats by using our Large Rubber Gym Mats. Ideal for placing under equipment or using as deadlift matting.

Rubber Gym Mats Overview

Heavy Duty Weight Lifting Mat

  • Made from natural rubber – a shock absorbent and durable material with proven impact strength, noise reduction and slip resistance. Designed to withstand the impact of heavy weights, our large gym mat also increases traction between surfaces for safer, easier workouts.
  • The Heavy Duty Large Gym Mat is fully reversible, giving you the option of a ribbed or textured surface. The mats can also be butted together to cover a larger surface area.
  • The Heavy-Duty Large Gym Mats can be easily cleaned with a pressure hose and mild detergent.
Heavy-Duty Large Gym Mats

Interlocking Pro-Gym Floor Mat

  • The interlocking gym floor mat tiles are semi-modular, allowing effortless installation and placement on your commercial gym floor. Available with tile, edge and corner pieces.
  • Shock and noise absorption, these rubber floor tiles provide a raised textured surface and bevelled edges for maximum safety.
  • Easy to clean and made to last, the interlocking pro-gym floor mat tiles are a cost-effective investment for anyone looking for maximum protection for gym flooring.
  • Ideal for using under a weight bench and other exercise equipment.
Pro-Gym Mat Tile System

Rubber Gym Mat Performance Chart

Heavy Duty Weight Lifting Mat Interlocking Pro-Gym Floor Mat




Slip Resistance



Wear Resistance



Bevelled Edges



Custom Sizes



Standard Sizes

120cm x 180cm x 12mm - 120cm x 180cm x 17mm

61cm x 61cm per tile, edge and corner pieces






Blue, Yellow, Red, Grey, White, Beige


Ribbed Surface


Special Features

Covers, large areas,

Weighted and secure mat

Anti-bacterial, Covers large areas,

Can be custom cut

Price range

£ - ££££ (54.75- 62.25)

££-£££ (189- 355)

Does Rubber Gym Matting Increase Your Workout Performance?

Although it has not been proven that rubber mats improve perofrmance, the reduced impact absorption for joints, muscles and tendons compared to standard hard flooring and concrete could slightly increase stability and help you perform more efficiently within exercises.

Additionally, using rubber for gym flooring can decrease the temperature gradient/difference between your body and the floor depending on the underlying surface. This means less energy is emitted to regulate body temperature, and more of this untapped potential can be used for your sets and reps.

Importance of Hygiene within Gyms

Not to be overlooked, hygiene, especially within public gyms, is one of the most important factors to be aware of. The vast levels of bare skin between the gym facilities, rooms and equipment make it a breeding ground for pathogens, germs and viruses to spread and cause infections. Below are a few recommendations to safeguard your gym's poor hygiene for top performance.

  • Install heavy-duty entrance matting for both your indoor and outdoor entrance to ensure that all dirt, dust, debris and moisture are caught on the mat instead of staining any gym floors. This is a very basic but effective process in keeping surfaces instantly.
  • When washing commercial gym floor matting, use light-medium detergent and cold water from a pressure cleaner or hose (if possible) or remove and clean out any bodily fluids (such as sweat) and debris and leave them to air dry in a well-ventilated area.
  • Damp, poorly ventilated, or unclean floors and areas in gyms cause the growth of mould – which severely reduces the lifespan of gym matting. Always ensure all flooring surfaces are thoroughly cleaned and substantially dry before placing any gym matting down.
  • If you have a changing room facility installed in your gym, you may find that our collection of Changing Room Matting may help with great slip and bacterial resistance, custom roll lengths and a wide selection in various colours, sizes, prices and widths.

Why Choose First Mats for your Rubber Gym Matting?

First Mats provides durable rubber gym flooring that is made to last and provide exceptional results all year round. Our high-quality rubber flooring options have all been engineered to support and excel trainers in the most extreme and intense environments, supplying our clients with cutting-edge features including loose-lay installation, easy maintenance and noise and pressure reduction.

If you have any questions about rubber gym mat collection, please contact us. Altenratively, see our full range of Leisure Matting for a wide range of flooring products.

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