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Chair Trolleys

Transport chairs swiftly and easily with our specially designed Chair Trolleys. Our range includes two-wheeled models for moving stacking chairs and larger trucks that double as chair storage trolleys. All of our Stackable Folding Chair Trolleys are made to the highest quality standards. - Click to learn more about Chair Trolleys

More information about Chair Trolleys

What are Chair Trolleys?

Chair Trolleys are tools designed to facilitate the transportation and storage of chairs in a safe, efficient manner. These trolleys come in various types to accommodate different kinds of chairs, such as stackable or folding chairs. The primary purpose is to allow easy transfer of chairs from one location to another, ensuring compliance with safe manual handling procedures.

What makes Chair Trolleys beneficial?

Chair Trolleys bring many benefits, especially in commercial or industrial settings where bulk chairs are required for events or functions. Here's why they're a smart choice:

  1. They optimise time and resources by enabling rapid, efficient movement of multiple chairs.
  2. They enhance safety by reducing the risks associated with heavy lifting, thus preventing accidents and potential injuries.
  3. They provide compact storage solutions for stacked chairs.
  4. They help businesses comply with Manual Handling Regulations.

Where are Chair Trolleys commonly used?

Chair Trolleys are versatile tools that find widespread use in various sectors due to their practicality and convenience. These include:

  • Community Centres: These venues host various events and meetings, making Chair Trolleys essential for easy set-up and clean-up.
  • Village Halls: Similarly, village halls benefit from the ease of moving and storing chairs these trolleys provide.
  • Schools: From classrooms to auditoriums to outdoor events, schools use Chair Trolleys to transport and store chairs efficiently.
  • Event Planners: Given their need for rapid arrangement and removal of seating for different events, event planners find these trolleys extremely helpful.
  • Pubs and Bars: With dynamic seating needs, pubs and bars use Chair Trolleys to manage space and accommodate varying customer numbers.
  • Wedding Venues: Chair Trolleys assist in swiftly transforming spaces to cater to the specific requirements of each wedding ceremony or reception.

In conclusion, Chair Trolleys are indispensable in any setting where the efficient, quick, and safe handling of chairs is a frequent necessity.

What should you consider when purchasing a Chair Trolley?

When buying a Chair Trolley, several factors should be considered to ensure you choose the most suitable trolley for your needs. 

Chair Trolley Type

The first major consideration is the type of trolley. There are two-wheeled trolleys that function similarly to a sack truck, which are perfect for moving or distributing chairs across a large space. Alternatively, four-wheeled trolleys can serve as mobile storage racks. Both types have their advantages, and the choice depends on whether mobility or storage is a priority.

Number of Chairs to Move or Store

Another crucial aspect is the number of chairs you intend to move or store. Different trolleys have varying capacities. For instance, some trolleys can hold up to 20 chairs, while others can store twice as many. It's essential to estimate the number of chairs you'll usually need to move to ensure the trolley you choose can accommodate your needs.

Moving Chairs up Stairs?

Finally, the terrain or floor where the chairs will be moved should also be considered. If you must transport chairs up and down stairs, a stair climber chair trolley would be the best choice. It's specially designed to navigate stairs and uneven surfaces, making the transportation of chairs more manageable and safer.

Remember, purchasing a Chair Trolley is an investment in efficiency and safety. Therefore, careful consideration of your specific requirements will lead to a selection that best suits your needs and circumstances.

What types of Chair Trolleys do we offer at First Mats?

First Mats provides a variety of Chair Trolleys to accommodate different needs. Our Stacking Chair Trolley/Dolly is an affordable option for transporting up to 24 non-folding, skid base design chairs.

We offer the Office Chair Trolley and Industrial Chair Trolleys for non-folding chairs, specifically designed for this purpose. For spaces that include stairs or uneven surfaces, our Stair Climbing Chair Trolley is a practical solution.

When it comes to folding chairs, our Upright Folding Chair Trolley can be a perfect choice. It features a lightweight yet sturdy steel frame that can store up to 20 chairs. For larger storage needs, the Folding Chair Trolley Transporter can accommodate up to 40 folded chairs. It is additionally equipped with non-marking wheels to ensure the cleanliness of your floors.

For storing a large number of folding chairs, consider our Hanging Chair Storage Trolleys. They are specifically designed to cater to significant storage needs.

Lastly, our Universal Folding Table Trolley is uniquely designed to transport both circular and rectangular folding tables along with chairs, making it a great asset for hospitality and event management companies.

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