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Transport chairs swiftly and easily with our specially designed Chair Trolleys. Our range includes two wheeled models for moving stackable chairs along with larger trucks which double up as chair storage trolleys. All of our Chair Trolleys are UK manufactured and include free mainland delivery.

Chair Trolleys - More Information

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What are Chair Trolleys?

Chair Trolleys are manually operated storage devices for moving and storing chairs safely and efficiently. They are designed so that trolley operators can stack and wheel the chairs from A to B with minimal effort, in line with safe manual handling procedures.

How do Chair Trolleys work?

Chairs are stacked onto the Chair Trolley, ready to be wheeled into and out of storage. Some trolleys are designed to stack and store folding chairs, while others are designed to transport stackable (non-folding) chairs.

What are the benefits of Chair Trolleys?

Chair Trolleys are extremely useful in a wide range of industrial/ commercial settings, especially when a large number of chairs are needed for events and functions. They:

  • Save time and money, as Chair Trolleys allow multiple chairs to be moved quickly and efficiently
  • Allow heavy loads of chairs to be moved safely, minimising the risk of accidents and longer term injuries from manual handling
  • Mean that chairs can be stacked and stored safely in compact spaces
  • Allow employers to meet their obligations under Manual Handling Regulations

Which Chair Trolleys are in the First Mats range?

We have a wide range of Chair Trolleys for stacking and moving chairs, starting with our Stacking Chair Dolly that offers a cost-effective way of moving up to 24 non-folding chairs with a ‘skid base’ design.

Our Office Chair Trolley and Industrial Chair Trolley are also designed to stack and carry non-folding chairs – the Stair Climbing Chair Trolley does a similar job with the added advantage of being suitable for stairs or uneven ground.

In our range of Trolleys for folding chairs, our Upright Folding Chair Truck has a sturdy but lightweight steel frame and will comfortably store up to 20 folding chairs. If you need slightly more storage capacity, our Folding Chair Transporter Trolley can store up to 40 folded chairs. It has the additional advantage of non-marking wheels, so halls and other venues are left clean and unmarked.

For moving very large numbers of folding chairs, we recommend our Hanging Chair Storage Trolleys. The Hanging Chair Storage Trolley With Two Rows can store up to 136 plastic chairs and the Hanging Chair Storage Trolley With Three Rows will store up to 204 plastic chairs.

If you are looking to transport folding tables as well as chairs, our Universal Folding Table Trolley is designed to transport both circular and rectangular folding tables – making this a great choice for companies in the hospitality and events sectors.

Why First Mats?

We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service and the fact that we have a Five Star Trustpilot rating. When you buy your Chair Trolley from First Mats, you know you are dealing with a company whose reputation is built on offering quality safety products at a competitive price.

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