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Oil Spill Kits

Our Oil Spill Kits are designed for quick response to Oil Spills in the workplace. Each Oil Spill Kit contains a selection of absorbent materials ready to use in an emergency, stored within a strong plastic container. All of our Oil Spill Kits are produced in the UK and guarantee superior oil absorption compared with many alternatives. - Click to learn more about Oil Spill Kits

More information about Oil Spill Kits

Oil spills in the workplace can be both annoying and dangerous. Our Oil Spill Kits are designed to help people contain these spills quickly, reducing the risk to their health and safety. Our range of Oil Spill Kits has been made using the highest quality materials, ensuring you can reliably control any spill situation.

What is an Oil Spill Kit?

Oil Spill Kits are a ready-made selection of absorbent materials designed to quickly and effectively respond to unexpected oil spills in the workplace. The absorbent materials contained within them are specially designed to handle various types of oil, including Hydraulic Oil, Engine Oil and Lubricating Oil, as well as fuels and other hydrocarbons.

The Hydrophobic Oil Spill Kit with white absorbents uses materials rejecting water, meaning they will only absorb hydrocarbons like oil and fuel. We also offer Evo Universal Spill Kits, which are highly effective at soaking up all non-hazardous fluids, including oils, but these will also absorb water and coolants too.

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What is included in an Oil Spill Kit?

Our Oil Spill Kits consist of a bag, plastic drum or wheelie bin filled with a variety of absorbent products such as;

  • Absorbent pads to soak up fluids
  • Absorbent socks or sausages to prevent the spill from spreading
  • Disposable bags

The drums are yellow, which helps to make them highly visible and easily accessed in an emergency. They also are highly mobile, so they can quickly be moved to the area that they are required. Each spill kit features a label on its front, showing which fluids they are compatible with. These particular kits are suitable for various Oils and Fuels.

What are Oil Spill Kits used for?

The main reason to use our Oil Spill Kits is that they will help to contain hazardous spills in an emergency. By strategically placing these Spill Kits in and around the warehouse, users can access them easily to respond to a spill quickly. A good way to think about the kits is their similarity to fire extinguishers, placed around the premises for if and when you need them.

Oil spill kit being used

Which Oil Spill Kit Do I Need?

Our spill kits can be purchased in a range of different sizes, from 10 litres up to 800 litres in volume. We recommend that you should have provisions to absorb at least 25% of the total fluids in storage using our Oil Spill Kits. We also offer a refill pack for each size to replace used kits.

Note that our Oil Spill Kits are available in two varieties;

Oil Spill Kits with white pads and socks - These will only soak up oil while repelling water, allowing you to remove oil spills contaminated with water or to use outside.

Universal Spill Kits with grey pads and socks - Unlike our white oil spill kits, these super-absorbent kits will soak up any non-hazardous fluid, including solvents, water, oils, and fuels. Recommended for indoor use where there is no risk of oil and water mixing.

Oil Spill Kit Safety

Remember that simply purchasing an Oil Spill Kit doesn't instantly make your workplace safe. You must regularly train staff so they know how to use spill kits in an emergency.

We suggest that your Oil Spill Kit should also be sealed and tagged (with a removable tag, of course) so that you can see if a spill kit has been used. Regular audits should also be conducted by opening and inspecting the spill kits, just in case the kit has been used by a staff member but not replaced.

Tip: To avoid this happening, keep a selection of Oil Absorbent Pads, Rolls and Socks on hand that workers can use for minor oil spills and leaks, leaving the Spill Kits for emergencies only.

Whilst it may not be harmful to your skin, Oil is considered a hazardous material in the workplace and should be disposed of as such. Please consider the environment when disposing of all spill control products.

Why buy Oil Spill Kits from First Mats

Here at First Mats UK, we are extremely proud to deliver top-quality products with excellent customer service. We have a very impressive rating on Trustpilot of 4.9 out of 5, based on hundreds of different reviews from a range of our recent clients. We are passionate about delivering excellent customer service and work hard to ensure we offer exceptional value and speedy UK delivery.

We operate a full returns service in the unlikely event that our Oil Spill Kits aren’t what you wanted. You can order online, or if you have an enquiry, please call our helpful team for more information and advice.

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