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Swimming Pool Mats

Experience the ultimate in safety and luxury for your pool area with our expertly crafted Swimming Pool Mats and Matting. Our premium mats are specifically designed to prevent accidents and bacterial and mould growth on wet pool floors, ensuring the highest level of hygiene. Ideal for commercial, private, or boutique hotel use, our premium mats come in rolls, tiles, or individual formats, enhancing hygiene and guest experience in spas, saunas, and pool areas. - Click to learn more about Swimming Pool Mats

More information about Swimming Pool Mats

What are Swimming Pool Mats?

Swimming Pool Mats are mats specifically designed for use around swimming pools, spas, or other wet areas to improve health and safety. Engineered from specially selected polyvinyl chloride (PVC) compounds, swimming pool matting helps to improve grip around swimming pools and reduces bacteria and fungal growth.

This in-depth article covers everything you need to know about swimming pool mats, the different types, and what to do next to apply the best health and safety practices for your swimming pool.

Do I Need Swimming Pool Mats?

While there are no laws specific to the use of Swimming Pool Matting, the UK Health and Safety Executive states that swimming pool operators are, "legally required to protect the health and safety of workers and pool users.”

In terms of swimming pool matting, HSE says that pool operators should ensure that;

  • Floors and stairs are kept clean, drained where necessary, and are not slippery.
  • Floors must be “slip-resistant floor finishes… with drainage outlets without sharp edges and are easy to maintain and clean”.

If an accident occurs around the pool and these safety measures haven't been taken, you can be held liable for any injuries and illnesses that happen on-site, potentially costing thousands in legal fees, documentation and settlement fees, and threatening to damage the facility's reputation.

Thankfully, our swimming pool matting range fully complies with the HSE regulations and UK legislation.

Where do I Place My Swimming Pool Mats?

The diagram below highlights where swimming pool matting can be used. Highlighted in blue, the mats cover the poolside, inside and outside showers, diving board deck, entrances and changing rooms.

As your setup and pool configuration will vary, the best advice is to cover areas with the highest foot traffic and certain hotspots most susceptible to slipping and tripping hazards – such as the poolside.

placing swimming pool mats

Swimming Pool Mat Buying Guide

The best pool matting to choose from can depend on various factors, including your pool size, foot traffic levels, number of entrances, shower and changing room placement and more.

To make it easier, we have compiled a buying guide below, comparing our best-selling swimming pool mats on a performance scale, with a quick summary and description for each type of matting system.

Matting Performance Chart

Aqua-Step Matting Aqua-Deck Tiles Heronrib Matting Duckboard Rolls SlipProtect Matting SlipLine Matting
Wear Resistance
Slip Resistance
Custom Sizes ✔ (+ Semi-Modular) Interlocking Tiles
Roll Widths
60cm 30cm x 30cm tile 50cm, 100cm, 122cm 60cm, 80cm, 100cm 60cm, 80cm, 100cm 60cm, 91cm
Thickness 9mm
Weight 2.96 kg/m2
0.52 kg/tile
5.50 kg/m2
5.80 kg/m2
5.40 kg/m2
3.70 kg/m2
Colours Blue, Red, Beige,  Green, White, Grey Black, Blue, Red, Green, Grey, Yellow, Brown White, Light Blue, Dark Blue, Grey, Red, Green Blue, Grey, White, Beige Blue, Grey, White, Beige Blue, Red, Green White, Beige, Black
Texture/Surface Wavy Slats Grid Surface Narrow Slats Narrow Slats Wide Slats Grid Surface
Special Features Low cost matting, Connector dlips Excellent drainage, Interlocking design
Four-Way drainage, Custom sizes per CM
Heavy-duty design, Custom sizes per CM
Heavy-Duty Design, Wide slats for comfort
Low profile design, custom sizes per CM
Price range ££ ££ ££ £££
££££ £££

Quick Summary

  • For commercial swimming pools – Duckboard or SlipProtect
  • For private, low usage pools – AquaStep
  • For the most customisation – AquaDeck Tiles
  • For the best durability – Duckboard or SlipProtect


Swimming pool mats provide assured, long-lasting safety for you and visitors from the immediate dangers common in pools. If you are a pool operator or owner concerned about the safety of your visitors or are looking to upgrade/replace any outdated solutions, then our swimming pool matting is the smart way to go!

If you are interested, please view our HSE-compliant range, and if you need any other types of mats for your leisure facilities, such as gym and changing room mats, please view our Leisure mats collection for more wet area matting.

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