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What are Swimming Pool Mats?

Swimming Pool Mats are a special type of matting designed to be used around swimming pools, spas or any other wet areas, increasing the health and safety for people within the area.  Engineered from specially selected polyvinyl chloride (PVC) compounds; swimming pool matting helps to dramatically improve grip and traction around swimming pools and cuts down the rate of fungal, bacterial and other pathogen growth that leads to common nuisances such as verruca warts and athletes foot.

This exclusive in-depth article covers everything you need to know about swimming pool mats as well as the different types and what to do next for applying best health and safety practices for your swimming pool. Click on one of the headings below to jump to a section or continue scrolling to read the full article.

Article Sections

  • Do I Need Swimming Pool Mats Anyway? Is it illegal not to have them?
  • Common and Other Uses of Swimming Pool Mats
  • Where do I Place My Swimming Pool Mats?
  • Do Swimming Pool Mats Improve Hygiene?
  • Important Swimming Pool Hygiene Advice
  • Pool Maintenance for Operators
  • Preventing and Dealing with Verruca
  • Preventing and Dealing with Athlete’s foot
  • What Swimming Pool Mat Should I Choose?
  • Quick Summary
  • Performance Chart
  • Conclusion
  • Why First Mats?

Red Swimming Pool Matting

Do I Need Swimming Pool Mats Anyway? Is it illegal not to have them?

In a short answer, yes.

To clarify this in more detail, swimming pool matting, alongside changing room and wet room matting are legal compliance that was outlined in the Health and Safety Executive’s fourth edition of Managing health and safety in swimming pools published in 2018.

Under current UK legislation it is a legal requirement that: “Every pool operator is responsible for the health and safety of employees, pool users and other people on the premises. The HSW Act, the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations and others place general obligations on pool operators.”

In terms of swimming pool matting, HSE say that pool operators should ensure that “floors and stairs are kept clean, drained where necessary, and are not slippery” and further specify and recommend that floors are “slip-resistant floor finishes……. with drainage outlets without sharp edges and are easy to maintain and clean”.
If the required health and safety measures are not put in place by pool operators, then you can be held liable for any injuries and illnesses that happen on-site; potentially costing thousands in attorney’s fees, legalities documentation and settlement fees as well as threatening to damage the reputation of the facility.

Thankfully, all of our swimming room matting range is fully compliance under the HSE regulations and UK legislation.

HSE complaint mats

“Our swimming pool matting acts as a complete investment and insurance for any visitors and operational staff of the facility, providing a softer, hygienic solution for swimmers to walk on that meets HSE compliance. “

Common and Other Uses of Swimming Pool Mats

Common areas of poolside mats include but are not limited to:

  • Public Swimming Baths
  • Cruise Ships
  • Holiday Parks
  • Hotels
  • Leisure and Fitness Centres
  • Spas

Alternatively, swimming pool mats have seen a growing presence for more practical applications including in open-air roofing systems, animal hotels and shelters, and garden walkways due to the long-lasting slip resistance and drainage properties of wet area mats.

Where do I Place My Swimming Pool Mats?

Below is a diagram of the recommend optimal areas of where to place swimming pool mats or tilling. Highlighted in blue, the mats cover the poolside, inside and outside showers, diving board deck, entrances and the changing rooms. As your own set-up and pool configuration will vary, the overall premise is to cover areas with the highest amounts of foot traffic and certain hotspots that are most susceptible to slipping and tripping hazards – such as the poolside.

placing swimming pool mats

Do Swimming Pool Mats Improve Hygiene?

Yes, they do.

Common nuisances when partaking in any water sport or leisure activity are verruca warts; a highly common virus among children that causes hard black spots to grow underneath skin, and athlete’s foot; another susceptible fungal-based infection that causes itching, stinging, and burning between toes and the soles of the feet among other harsh side effects.

To help prevent rapid outbreaks of these irritating infections, every swimming pool mat that we sell is specially coated with an anti-bacterial and fungal growth prevention layer that eliminates and reduce the spread of verruca warts and athlete’s foot as well as other contact-based illnesses.  

Please read the “Important Swimming Pool Hygiene Advice” section to gain more insights to further safeguard your premises from poor hygiene or skip ahead for a more detailed explanation of our mat options.


Important Swimming Pool Hygiene Advice

By using our swimming pool mats, we cannot fully guarantee that you or your visitors will not gain any illnesses, however with our insightful checklist down below, implementing best practices for swimming couldn’t be more straightforward.

Pool Maintenance for Operators

  1. Understand and by aware of the current health and safety legalisation in regardless to the management and upkeep of swimming pools within the UK. More information about this can be found via the official HSE website.
  2. Always make sure that all floors, walls and surfaces are kept clean especially in public recreational centres and holiday parks. This includes (but is not limited to) any swimming pool matting, showers, diving boards, any tiled or wet room flooring, lifeguard and swimming aid equipment, inflatables and anything else that it is contact with bare skin.
  3. When using any liquid detergent or chemical cleaners, always ensure that there is a proficient level of ventilation around the pool and the overall facility to avoid any pool pollution. Always use the recommend pool guidelines and standards.
  4. Under the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations (MHSWR), you need to be aware of Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations (COSHH) and Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations (RIDDOR).

Preventing and Dealing with Verruca

Below are a few useful tips to help stop and deal with the plantar warts:

  • Warts in other persons should not be touched with bare hands.
  • Do not share Towels, shoes, socks or other personal items with Infected swimmers.
  • Do not scratch or pick at their warts since this spread the virus to other parts of the body.
  • Shaving over and around the warts also spreads the virus and causes re-infections as.
  • Treat any outbreaks with waterproof plasters or medical tape.
  • Wear flip flops or plastic slipper around pools, changing rooms and showers to prevent the virus spreading
  • New verrucae should be treated as quickly as possible

Preventing and Dealing with Athlete’s foot

Similarly, for athlete’s foot, below is a few useful tips on dealing with the infection:

  • Before and after swimming sessions, dry your feet after washing them especially between toes
  • Use a separate towel for your feet and wash it regularly
  • take your shoes off when at home
  • Wear clean cotton socks when on-route to swimming baths. Avoid wearing tightly fitting shoes as the sweat can contribute to increased fungal growth between toes.

What Swimming Pool Mat Should I Choose?

It can depend of various factors including your pool size, foot traffic levels, number of entrances, shower and changing room placement and more.

To make it as effortless as possible, below we have complied a buying guide, comparing our best-selling swimming pool mats on a performance scale, with a quick summary and description for each type of matting system. We also offer free samples on all mats and tiles, so if you ever want to try and test the products out, you are more than free to do so.

Performance Chart

AquaStep FlowMat FlexiGrid AquaDeck
Wear Resistance ⏺⏺ ⏺⏺ ⏺⏺ ◍◍
Slip Resistance ⏺⏺ ⏺⏺⏺ ⏺⏺ ⏺⏺
Anti-Fatigue ◍◍ ◍◍ ◍◍ ◍◍
Wet Area Mat
Custom Sizes (+ Semi-Modular) Semi-Modular
Standard Sizes 60cm x 90cm – 60cm x 15m 60cm x 120cm – 100cm x 150cm 1m x 4.8m – 1m x 9m 1 Tile = 30cm x 30cm (pack of 9)
Colours Blue, Red, Beige, Reed Green, Light Blue, Flacked White, Grey Blue, Red, Green Blue, Grey Black, Blue, Red, Green, Grey
Texture/Surface Wavy Surface Interwoven grid surface Diamond Grid Grid Surface
Special Features Anti-Bacterial, Connector Clips Anti-Bacterial, Safety Edges, Drainage Holes Anti-bacterial, Covers large areas, Drainage Stud Holes Anti-Bacterial, Drainage Holes, Semi-Modular
Price range £-££££ ££ ££-£££ £

Quick Summary

  • For large areas and swimming pools – FlexiGrid
  • For budget savvy buyers – AquaDeck
  • For the most customisation – AquaStep
  • For the best slip resistance -FlowMat

Product Overview

AquaStep - Most Customisable
aquastep blue swimming pool mat

Our most customisable mat on the list, the AquaStep is comes in 7 vibrant colours and can be joined together with another AquaStep mat with optional connector clips extending the width of the mat. Ready to cut in custom sizes and lengths, the AqauStep mat is sanitised with an anti-bacterial coating and conjoined in wavy non-slip PVC design which is light and easy toapply, transfer and store anywhere in your facility. *Please contact us if you require any connectors for your AquaStep mat.

AquaDeck - Best Value
aquadeck swimming pool tiles

Providing great safety at an excellent price, our AquaDeck Semi-Modular Tiles have all the necessary features demanded from swimming pool mats including great anti-slip resistance and liquid drainage properties, while allowing pool operators to place, stack, clean and maintain the AquaDeck with ease. In packs of 9, covering 30cm x 30cm per tile, AquaDeck male and female edges along with the corresponding corners are also available.

FlexiGrid- For large poolside areas
flexigrid large swimming pool mats

FlexiGrid is a cost-effective solution for large, open swimming pools – covering up to 9 meters per roll with a 1-meter width. Placing FlexiGrid matting rolls side by side incresses the effectiveness of FlexiGrid and the specialist drainage stud system collects water droplets underneath allowing for greater effectiveness and safety.

FlowMat- For Extreme Slip- Resistance
flowmat anti-slip poolside mat

For the absolute best slip resistance, the FlowMat is the definitive choice- meeting the official DIN51097 standards. The interwoven drainage holes made from 100% anti-bacterial PVC promote good hygiene and a soft anti-slip surface. Currently ready to buy in two sizes, and three high visibility colours, place the mat on any wet area floor and reap the major benefits immediately.


Swimming pool mats provide assured long-time safety for you and any visitors from the immediate dangers common in pools. If you are a pool operator or owner concerned about the safety of your visitors or are looking to upgrade/replace any outdated solutions, then our swimming pool matting is the smart way to go!

If you are interested, please view our HSE complaint range down below and if you need any other types of mats for your leisure facility such as gym and changing room mats, please view our Leisure mats collection here for more details.

Why First Mats?

First Mats UK supply only the highest quality range matting and floor solutions to some of the best and biggest companies including the BBC, DHL, Debenhams’s and South West Water. This includes heavy-duty industrial floor mats to domestic mats for homes and hotels from specialist leisure matting for gyms and spas.

First Mats UK Offers You:

  • An extensive range
  • Unique rating system
  • Detailed product info
  • Free samples
  • Fast and Free Delivery (for orders over £50)
  • Custom Sizes


Every mat we supply is sourced from an established and reputable manufacturer, who are ISO accredited to ensure that the mats are constructed to the highest standards possible. Because of this, you can be assured that any mat your purchase from us will stand the test of time.


The greatest value that any mat can offer to its user is safety. Our range of entrance mats will remove dirt and water from shoes, keeping floors clean and dry, whereas the Industrial matting protects users against the very real hazards they face every working day.

When selecting mats for our range, these are our first considerations. But we also work tirelessly to ensure that they are available at competitive prices, to make sure you don’t spend more than you need to, and that we can offer any information required to help you purchase with confidence.

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