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Warehouse Trucks and Trolleys

Warehouse Trolleys and Trucks allow products and materials to be moved around safely and easily in workplaces. Sack Trucks and Pallet Trucks are the most popular varieties found in most manufacturing and warehouse environments, while Shelf Trolleys and Platform Trolleys are useful for working with smaller or lighter objects. Buy your Warehouse Trolleys online with fast and free delivery.

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What are Warehouse Trucks and Trolleys?

Warehouse trolleys are essential to keeping any warehouse running smoothly. They are used to move heavy items from one place to another, improving efficiency while reducing the risk of injury to workers.

Warehouse trolleys come in a wide range of sizes and styles, so choosing the right one for your needs is important. For example, some warehouse trolleys have removable shelves, which can help with order picking, or standard pallet trucks for moving palletised and heavier goods.

Whatever you need, we have a wide range of warehouse trolleys, all made with high-quality materials for everyday use in all kinds of warehouses. Our heavy duty trolleys also come with fast and free delivery across the UK, so you can get things moving quickly.

Why use Warehouse Trucks and Trolleys?

From receiving materials to processing stock to packing and shipping orders, as well as all the other endless jobs, without using the right equipment, it could be difficult to manage such a busy environment.

Plus, when you have large pallets, bags and boxes that constantly need to be moved from one place to another, you want equipment to help make your life easier and, most importantly, safer.

That’s where Warehouse Trolleys, Trucks and other mobile equipment come in. We have a wide variety of ways to help you carry out day-to-day tasks much more efficiently.

Keep reading to learn about the most common Warehouse Trolleys and their uses and benefits to decide which one is best for you.


Pair of Sack Trucks

Warehouse Sack Trucks

Sack trucks are our most popular warehouse trolleys because you can easily transport heavy materials safely and reliably. They are also suitable for all warehouses and require no special training to use.

With a simple design that runs on two wheels, they can move both lightweight loads - up to 100kg - and heavier loads which weigh over 100kg. (It’s important to note that this is just a frame capacity; the weight that can be moved depends on the user's strength.)

For example, our puncture-proof heavy-duty sack truck has a frame capacity of 200kg and features heavy-duty wheels, high-strength welded joints and a powder-coated finish.

All our sack trucks are also designed to prevent injuries with their innovative hand grips and comply with all health and safety legislation, so your workplace can run smoothly.

Pallet truck in use

Warehouse Pallet Trucks

A step up from sack trucks, warehouse pallet trucks are designed with a fork-shaped frame that rolls underneath a pallet. The hydraulic pump is then used to raise loads just clear off the ground so that they can be wheeled from A to B with minimum physical effort.

Pallet trucks make it possible to move very heavy loads around a warehouse with minimal effort, helping to save you both time and money. Their slim design means they can also be used in congested and confined areas, perfect for warehouses of all sizes.

They also allow employers to meet their obligations under Manual Handling Regulations and Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations (PUWER).

We offer both manual and electric pallet trucks. However, the latter option, such as our Fast Charging Semi-Powered Pallet Trucks, is becoming increasingly popular because they can carry heavier loads without increasing the risk of injury to the user.

View our full collection of pallet and pump trucks for the complete range.


Warehouse Platform Trolleys

Platform trolley on construction site

Platform trolleys are available in an array of different types, so it can be confusing sometimes to know which one is best for you.

In essence, platform trolleys are portable units mounted on heavy-duty castor wheels. They are designed to easily transport heavy, bulky, and awkward items around your warehouse.

Different types include Lockable Security Trolleys, ideal for high-value goods, large volume container trolleys that can carry bulky items, Single-Handle Platform Trolleys, and many more!

To know the best platform trolley for your warehouse, you must first consider what items you will be moving. Large and heavy items will be best on open-sided trolleys, whereas oddly shaped items will benefit from being carried on a trolley with mesh sides. Very small items may be best on plywood-sided trolleys to stop them from falling out and becoming damaged.

Regardless of type, all have one main purpose – to make transporting goods and parts around your warehouse easy and convenient. They are constructed from sturdy welded mild steel; some have a powder-coated paint finish, including a Germ Guard antibacterial compound.

This makes them fantastic warehouse trolleys or for other industrial and commercial settings as well as manufacturing and even retail environments. You can view our extensive range of platform trolleys here.


Turntable Truck with side down

Warehouse Turntable Trucks

A similar concept to platform trolleys above, but these offer an added benefit: being highly manoeuvrable.

These warehouse trucks operate on four air-filled wheels, separated by two axes. Their defining feature is that one of these two axes can rotate, allowing them to be towed by their operators easily. They also feature a long handle, making pulling large and heavy loads easy.

There are many variations of turntable warehouse trucks, such as our Heavy-Duty Turntable Truck, which has a maximum capacity of 500kg and drop-down mesh sides for safe loading and unloading. This model is best for use in environments where hefty loads are required to be moved on the regular.

We also have a Plywood Base Turntable Truck with Puncture-Proof Wheels on which boxes can be quickly stacked for efficient movement whilst the rigid exterior grade plywood base keeps loads level and secure.

Turntable trucks are best for use outdoors or on uneven, rough ground as they feature puncture-proof and REACH-compliant wheels.

Blue shelf trolley

Warehouse Shelf Trolleys

Shelf trolleys are simply a series of shelves mounted on swivelling castor wheels that make transporting small to medium-sized items around your warehouse effortless. Shelf trolleys can massively speed up routine tasks, like restocking shelves or picking orders in a warehouse or other environments.

They feature recessed metal shelves for enhanced load retention and are finished in top-quality powder-coated paint, including a Germ Guard antibacterial compound. This improves health and safety in the workplace by helping reduce germs transmission between workers.

To decide which is right for you, you must first know what size items will be transported. Smaller items require a trolley with more shelves, such as our 5 Tier Premium Shelf Trolley as this allows for maximum content storage without the need for balancing items on top of one another. This may be beneficial in workshops where mechanics can easily move their spanners, wrenches, air guns and oils from one vehicle to the next.

A Folding Heavy Duty Shelf Truck may be the perfect option for bulkier items as it has a maximum load capacity of 100kg and a two or three shelf size option. This option is ideal for use in warehouses and factories with limited space as it features brakes to control movement.


Balance trolley in use

Warehouse Balance Trolleys

Unlike other warehouse trolleys with four wheels, balance trolleys have a centrally positioned axle that makes the trolley tilt like a see-saw. The main benefit of this is that the trolley can be turned on the spot easily, making them ideal for use as garden centre trolleys, where they are well suited to narrow aisles.

They feature a strong frame and sturdy handles, allowing heavy goods to be transported easily.

Long loads such as carpets and heavy beams can be efficiently moved with our trolleys with pneumatic wheels that provide a smoother ride. In comparison, sheets of materials can be effortlessly transported with our board trolleys, specially designed for large flat sheets of material safely.

Balance trolleys are suitable for use in various applications, from warehouses to retail shops.


Parts container trolley

Warehouse Container Trolleys

Container warehouse trolleys are more specialised than the other trolleys mentioned above. This is because they consist of various plastic containers or trays in various sizes, which are ideal for easily storing and moving loose parts.

They make a fantastic addition to workplaces such as production lines where various nuts, bolts, screws, and other small tools must be on-hand regularly.

They also have an open design, allowing items to be seen and replenished easily.

Options such as our Parts Trolley with 6 Tote Containers are ideal for warehouse use as they have a large maximum load of 150kg and are finished in a hard-wearing epoxy grey, making them durable and long-lasting.

You can see our full range of container trolleys here.


We hope you found this brief round-up of the most commonly used warehouse trucks and trolleys to be useful.

Don’t forget that this is only a quick summary of those used in warehouses. Many more types of trolleys are available such as drum cylinder trolleys, scissor lift tables, cage trolleys, chair trolleys and more!

Our friendly and knowledgeable team are always on hand if you need something more that you cannot seem to find. We will always be more than happy to help, so please do not hesitate to get in touch, as we no doubt have the perfect warehouse trolley for your business.

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