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Trucks and Trolleys

Trucks and Trolleys are used in workplaces to allow products and materials to be moved around safely and easily. Sack Trucks and Pallet Trucks are the most popular varieties found in most manufacturing and warehouse environments, whilst Shelf Trolleys and Platform Trolleys are useful for working with smaller or lighter objects.

Trucks and Trolleys - More Information

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Many jobs that require movement of goods from point A to point B need a truck or trolley. Whether you are a warehouse operative, courier, delivery driver or janitor, trucks and trolleys are very useful when it comes to carrying out daily tasks.

You can find a variety of different trucks and trolleys to choose from, including ones for domestic and commercial settings, depending on your requirements.

Which type of truck or trolley is best for my business?

Our Sack Trucks and Trolleys allow you to transport heavy goods effectively without having to depend on help from others. Take a look at this Heavy-Duty Sack Truck with Skids that features a fully welded construction and riveted knuckle guard hand grips for added comfort.

Moving palletised goods?

If your warehouse has many pallets that come in and out multiple times a day, then take a look at our Pump Trucks and Pallet Trucks. They can be used in congested or confined areas, saving you time and money by shifting large amounts of goods quickly. Check out our G-Truck Premium Roller Euro Pallet Truck that is compatible with euro pallets and is fitted with an ergonomically designed, three-position control handle.

Setting up conferences and gatherings?

Large conferences and meetings can be time-consuming to prepare for and set up. That’s why our Chair Trolleys are here to save you time! Chairs can be stacked onto the stacking chair trolley, ready to be wheeled into and out of storage. With a durable epoxy finish, our Hanging Chair Storage Trolleys - Three Rows can hold an impressive load of up to 204 chairs in one go!

Working in the food and catering industry?

We know that catering industries can become very hectic, very quickly. That’s why you need a reliable trolley that can carry all your plates, cutlery, food and other items safely. Take a look at our 3 Tier Premium Shelf Trolley that is finished in a high-gloss powder-coating with Germguard technology for maximum protection against contamination.

Need some extra retail support?

If you work in a retail environment, you know that Cash and Carry Trolleys are indispensable. Using a cash and carry trolley allows your customers to carry heavier or bulkier items easily, as well as working well for restocking and moving items around your warehouse or stock rooms. You can browse through our fantastic range of cash and carry trolleys here, some of which feature baskets for additional storage such as our Zinc Plated Nesting Cash & Carry Platform Trolley with Rear Basket.

Whatever industry your business is in, we are sure to stock the perfect truck or trolley for you.


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