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Self Healing Cutting Mats

Self Healing Cutting Mats are used to protect worktops while cutting and to improve cutting accuracy. Green cutting mats are great when using rotary cutters or Stanley knives, and the white cutting mats can be used for heavy-duty professional use. Translucent clear cutting mats are also available for use with flatbed laminators.

Self Healing Cutting Mats - More Information

Self Healing Cutting Mats

Self healing cutting mats protect work surfaces from the cutting marks caused by knives, rotary blades, and similar instruments. This type of matting is also useful for workers who need to maintain accurate cutting lines. Unlike basic work surface protectors, self-healing cutting mats do not show lines or marks caused by regular use. Instead they quickly ‘heal up’ to provide a smooth cutting surface with no marks or grooves.

Why use a Self Healing Cutting Mat?

In environments where work surfaces are used on a regular basis, it makes sense to provide some form of protection. This is especially important when cutting is involved. Worktops can quickly become damaged by the use of knives and other cutting implements.

Damaged work surfaces are also costly to replace and can lead to inaccuracies for the person using the worktop. Likewise, cutting into hard surfaces can quickly reduce the effectiveness and lifespan of knives and other cutting tools.

Self healing cutting mats are a practical and cost-effective solution. Not only do they protect work surfaces from cutting damage and other cosmetic flaws, some mats include lines that assist the worker to cut with pinpoint accuracy. In industries such as printing where accuracy is crucial, this allows companies to deliver better quality and value.

Choosing The Right Cutting Mat

At First Mats, we provide cutting mats for a wide range of environments, including heavy-duty industrial mats, general-purpose cutting, and also for arts and crafts. They are available in a wide range of sizes too, from small A4 paper up to Large and Extra Large Cutting Mat sizes. The best cutting mat depends on factors such as frequency of use, the size of the work surface, and whether or not the user requires specialist features, such as waterproofing and chemical resistance. Below is a summary of our range:

Green Cutting Mats

Multi-purpose green cutting mats are available in A0 to A4 sizes. At 5mm thick, they can withstand regular cutting from knives and rotary cutters. The green cutting mats are popular with people who engage in patchwork and quilting. But they are equally useful as a general-purpose cutting mat for post rooms, small packing areas, and other commercial use.

All our green cutting mats feature a printed grid to improve cutting accuracy. The self-healing properties of the material ensures no marks or grooves, even after many years of use. Add to this waterproofing and chemical resistance, it is easy to see why our green printing mats are so popular.

Heavy-Duty White Cutting Mats

Our heavy-duty white workbench mats are a step up in quality from the green cutting mats. They are extra hard-wearing and designed for industrial environments. Although the mats are equally suitable as a general-purpose cutting mat, the large sizes and durability mean they are better suited to warehouse packing areas, workbench surface protection, and situations where a variety of knives, scalpels, rotary cutters, and other cutting implements are used regularly.

These cutting mats feature a semi-opaque white material that effortlessly hides cutting marks. And with their self-healing properties, the mats allow the user to cut straight and maintain accuracy, even after many years of use. Besides being highly durable and resistant to shocks and tears, our heavy-duty workbench cutting mats are also fire retardant, heat resistant, waterproof, and resistant to chemicals.


Clear Cutting Mat Roll

Our clear cutting mat roll is designed to protect both general-purpose work surfaces and flat-bed applicators. The mat is transparent with a clear blue tint. This makes it suitable for use in any environment where a transparent, anti-glare surface is preferable. However, it is especially recommended for use in the graphics printing industry for its ability to protect flat-bed applicators.

Our clear cutting mat roll has a 5mm thickness and effectively protects work surfaces and applicators against damage from knives, scalpels, and other cutting tools. The material is highly durable and made to last for many years. In addition, the mat roll is fire-retardant to M2 standard, ensuring high levels of safety and performance.


Why Buy Self Healing Cutting Mats From First Mats?

At First Mats, we strive to provide a friendly and efficient service at all times. Our commitment to quality is reflected in our outstanding customer feedback. But don't just take our word for it. See our 5-star Trustpilot rating for hundreds of reviews from satisfied customers across the UK. We only source quality mats from trusted, well-established suppliers. This ensures high levels of safety, great value, and durability that will last for many years into the future.