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Matwell Mats

Matwell Mats are designed to be fitted... Matwell Mats are designed to be fitted into a recess or matwell, creating a flush finish with the surrounding floors. Popular Matwell Mats include modular tiles, commercial needle punch matting and Coir Matting. Matwell Mats should be professionally fitted for... ˅

More information about Matwell Mats

Mat-well mats, also known as fitted door mats, recessed door mats, and inset door mats, are designed to be a permanent matting solution that fits seamlessly into a specific mat well or floor recess. The main advantage of this design is that the mat's surface is flush with the surrounding floors, providing a smooth and safe transition.

Recessed mat-well mats are the preferred choice for publicly accessed buildings such as supermarkets, large offices, and amenities like schools and libraries, due to their durability and aesthetic appeal. Coir matting is also commonly used in mat wells, especially in older buildings such as pubs, restaurants, and homes, adding a touch of traditional charm while maintaining functionality.

By choosing mat-well mats, you ensure a neat, effective, and long-lasting entrance matting that enhances both the safety and appearance of your space.

Types of Matwell Mats

There are many different variations of mats for matwells ranging from colours, textures and pile lengths that you can choose from. Below is a summary of the expanding selection of mat well mats that we offer:

Coir Matwell Mats

One of the most popular choices for inset and recessed door mats in homes and older buildings, coir matting is a very hard-wearing and versatile material that can be cut to size for virtually any shaped recess. Used in a range of locations and historic buildings, traditional coir matting has stood a test of time due to its natural absorbency and densely packed bristles – great against dirt and moisture.

  • Designed for matwell depths of 17mm or 23mm
  • Ideal for Homes, Pubs and Restaurants
  • Not suitable for wheeled traffic
  • Available in natural, grey, black or dark brown colours
Coir fitted in a house matwell

If ordering Coir for a mat well, we advise that you add an extra 3cm to your measured sizes to allow for variances in the shape and squareness of the mat-well area. Any excess can be trimmed off using a sharp blade as the recessed mat is fitted.

Carpeted Matting

For commercial entrances, Coir Matting isn't the most suitable option. It isn't DDA compliant, meaning it doesn't create an accessible entrance for the disabled. Staining and shedding will also be a concern in very busy entrances.

A more durable matting option is to use synthetic materials, which are better suited to heavy foot traffic. Needle punch barrier matting rolls are available in widths of 1 or 2 metres, and up to 21 metres in length, making them a more versatile matting for all kinds of applications.

  • Durable matting option
  • Ideal for heavy foot traffic areas
  • DDA compliant (double-check the product details)
  • Available in a range of styles and colours for a stylish matting solution.
EntraMat Needle Punch Barrier Matting Roll

For carpeted matwell matting, we recommend our EntraNib Heavy-Duty Barrier Matting, available in a wide range of colours, and durable enough for office and public buildings.

Matwell Tiles

Matting tiles are incredibly efficient and cost-effective pieces of kit - suitable for high volumes of footfall in busy commercial areas where safety is pivotal. They are suitable for wheeled traffic, making matwell tiles ideal for recessed floors in supermarkets and hotel entrances.

With an interlocking system, modular tile matting is easy to install and can be trimmed to shape for a perfect fit. Mat-well tiles also sport a clever open or closed system, giving you the choice to allow debris to fall underneath the mat (open) or on top of it (closed) depending on how you want to clean it.

  • Available in 16mm and 18mm thicknesses
  • Easy to install interlocking system
  • Ideal for busy commercial entrances
  • Closed and Open designs are available
Mat-Well Tile Pro

Each tile measures 29cm x 44cm, so simply order enough tiles to cover the area you have measured and clip them together to make one complete matted area. Excess can be cut with a sharp blade.

Installing a Mat Well – General Guide and Advice

Unfortunately, we cannot offer matwell installation service, but if you are considering installing a mat recess by yourself or know someone who can, below we have put together an essential guide of insider tips, tricks and advice that you need to know before getting your own personal matwell fitted or your home, office or building.

Please be aware that depending on the underlying surface and size of the entrance, mat wells can also be added to non-recessed doors by yourself or a specialist carpenter.

  • Due to the massive variation between entrance areas, the underlying surface and the environment – standard or starter kits for mat wells are very scarce. Because of this, we highly recommended measuring the size around your door first and the gap between the door and the existing surface. Depending on the height of this gap, you may need to opt for a low-profile mat well or loose-lay option.
  • If the height between the bottom of the door and your floor is too small or if you want your mat-well to fit flush with the rest of the floor, the option to have recessed mat-wells is available depending on the surface. Consult your local carpenter before making a final decision to find out what is best for your circumstances.

Matwell FAQ's

Can I Have a Mat-well Installed Outside?

We recommend only using matwell mats indoors for a few reasons. Firstly, most mat-well frames are comprised of metals or wood, including iron, steel, brass, aluminium, copper, pine or oak. When in contact with water or air found in outdoor environments, these materials start to decompose, decay and rust over time - massively reducing the effectiveness and lifespan of the matwell.

Another reason is because of the installation issues, and safety risks mat recesses impose to visitors. Unlike indoor environments and floorings, adding a matwell frame on rough uneven concrete slabs, pavement and earth is not advised.

My Mat Doesn't Fill the Entire Matwell Frame

If you have a mat that is either not thick enough to fill the matwell recess then you can use an underlaying surface to raise the level of your mat. Popular choices for this include PU Foam underlay rolls, plyboard and medium-density fibreboard (MDF).

Can't I place my existing mat into the matwell?

Yes, you can, but you will need to check your mat beforehand as not all mats are suitable to be placed within mat frames for varying reasons. Factors such as the size, backing, plush height, mat performance and more can determine if converting a loose-lay mat within a mat well frame is viable or not.

Our matwell mats have been expertly selected and certified for low and high-profile mat wells – taking any pressure with the compatibility and safety issues when choosing your picture-perfect mat.

What is the Difference Between Matwell and loose-lay Mats?

Both matting options can be beneficial, but the main difference is that mat well mats are intended as a permanent solution whereas loose lay entrance mats can be added and removed as needed, such as in extreme weather conditions.

Matwell Mats

  • Permanent Fitting
  • Flush with surrounding floors for an enhanced appearance
  • No raised edges to reduce risks of tripping
  • Mat will not move or rotate, for added safety
  • Suitable for wheeled traffic (except for Coir)

Loose-lay Entrance Mats

  • Temporary solution
  • Raised edges, greater risk of tripping
  • Easier to replace and move
  • Can be used in addition to matwell mats, such as in extreme wet weather
  • Freedom of positioning
  • Lower prices available

Both options are designed to do the same job but do so in different ways. For buildings with a high volume of foot traffic such as supermarkets, train stations or airports for example, permanent and flush matting is essential to reduce the risk of trips whilst offering exceptional performance so a matwell solution is required. This can be supplemented with loose lay mats when needed too.

In a home or a building with low amounts of traffic then a loose lay mat will most likely be more than sufficient, but some homeowners may choose a fitted mat such as coir simply for aesthetic reasons.

Why First Mats?

First Mats provide one of the most comprehensive mats well and inset matting options within the UK with our 100% satisfaction guarantee and free reliable UK delivery for orders over £45 Our mat well mats were hand-selected, tried and tested by industry experts and are ensured to provide the best possible option for your cosy home, multi-storey office block, or apartment in need of the best mats on the market.

If any additional information is required, please contact a member of the team at 0121 702 1659 for any personalised assistance and expert advice when selecting the best possible option for you.

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