Industrial Non-Slip Mats ( Anti-Slip Mats)

At First Mats we source the very best mats available for your business needs. With ever-changing health and safety requirements, it can be a hard task to remain compliant to the current legal standards. At First Mats we will help you to choose the correct  Anti Slip mat for your specific industry premises, whether it be a warehouse, kitchen, or office building, etc

The Perfect Fit


We can supply you with pre-sized anti-slip mats or non-slip mat roll, which can be cut to fit exactly where you need it to go. All our mats, including non-slip floor mats and non-slip rubber matting are available from leading reputable brand names such as Krossmat and SturdySafe. Our industrial non-slip mats are an excellent choice for your warehousing and manufacturing area needs.

Our Anti-Fatigue Mats

Many of our non slipmats are anti-fatigue mats, which protect your employees. Anti-fatigue means that the mat supports their knees and backs whilst standing, thus enabling them to be more productive during their working day. This will save you money, by preventing injuries that can build up over long periods of time whilst standing and reduce days lost to sick leave. In turn, this will improve your staff retention and efficiency, giving you a happy workforce who can improve your productivity and turnover.

Variety of Materials

Our non-slip mats are available in a variety of materials, from nitrile which is resistant to grease, to bubblemat which is 100% natural rubber. All our rubber chemicals are approved for use by the rubber industry. Other materials that we sell include a vinyl top surface with p.v.c. foam backing fusion bonded and virgin closed cell PVC. At First Mats we take the time to ensure that the products that we source are the very best available to suit your needs and budget.

Our non-slip mats are very versatile and are used in a number of industries. They are excellent in industrial buildings and even come in safety colours with yellow markings to ensure that they stand out. They are used in kitchens and food preparation areas, where the nitrile is very useful with its grease resistance properties. Our anti-slip mats are used in entrances to and from buildings. This is excellent health and safety practice, as water brought in from outside can be a slip hazard on certain types of flooring.

Variety of Colours

We can provide non-slip mats in a variety of colours, and they can be branded with your logo, providing you with a logo mat that reinforces your brand and gives you an excellent piece of visual marketing as well as protecting your customers. Many of our mats come in rolls, meaning we can cut a mat to fit your exact specification, so that no matter the shape or size that you require, at First Mats we will endeavour to meet your requirements.

Great for "Wet" areas

Our Non Slip mats are especially ideal when your staff are working in “Wet” areas that come into contact with water, oil, grease or other chemicals – please use the “Filter Mats By Type” tab below and choose “Wet Area Mats” to see the Anti Slip mats that best suit your requirements.

As well as standard sizes, the vast majority of our Non-Slip mats can be ordered in custom lengths and widths, again please choose “Custom Size Mats” from the Filter Button.
To discuss your anti-slip mat needs, or to gain more advice on the different types of mats available please call our knowledgeable, friendly staff, who will help you to decide which mat is best for you. Please call 0121 7021659, send an email to

References and prevention - Slips and trips - HSE Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992 the slip resistance of flooring law - Slips and trips - HSE

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