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Wet Room Mats

A range of mats and plastic duckboards designed for Wet Rooms and Showers in commercial Gyms and Leisure Centres. Our wet room mats can also be used around the edges of swimming pools or any other area with standing water to reduce slip accidents and improve safety.

Wet Room Mats - More Information

Blue Wet Room Matting

Looking for premium wet room matting to improve grip levels and hygiene in your showers and changing rooms? Our exclusive in-depth article covers what you need to know about wet-room matting and the various options available from First Mats.

What are Wet Room Mats?

Wet Room Mats are highly-slip resistant PVC-based matting rolls or tiles, that are designed to prevent accidents by reducing some of the dangers commonly found within commercially or privately-owned shower and wet room floors. These durable premium mats are mostly used in areas that range from medium to high levels of foot traffic.

The main reason to use wet room mats is to reduce the likelihood of accidents from occurring which could cause injuries. Not only are injuries very painful to those who suffer them, but they can also cause a financial pain to the swimming pool or leisure centre operators through injury claims. Pay-outs for accidents where a visitor has slipped on a wet surface vary greatly, ranging from around £2,000 to over £30,000 so investing in high quality wet room mats could save a business a considerable amount of money in the long term.

Benefits and Features of Wet Room Matting

Wet Room Mats are far more than just moulded pieces of plastic. They are innovatively designed to maximise grip, improve drainage and prevent fungal growth, all whilst being versatile and cost effective. Some of the key benefits and features of our wet room matting includes;

Drainage Holes and Studs – Many of our wet room mats, such as our AquaDeck tiles, are made up of thousands of small drainage holes that are designed to ease the drainage of water away from the surface, allowing it to flow underneath the mat safely away from feet.  Another clever design feature is that the tiles are equipped with studs on the underside which encourage water droplets to flow more linearly on the floor instead of drastically spreading out and flooding further away from the mat.

Bacterial and fungal prevention – Our high quality wet room matting is coated with a thin microplastic substance that actively resists fungal and bacterial growth to improve hygiene – a major element of the health and safety expectations in public and privately-owned pools.

Modularity (Tiles) – Our AquaDeck Shower Tiles for example, are semi-modular wet room tiles that are available in a pack of 9 tiles, each measuring at 30cm x 30cm, that can easily clip together making them ideal for floors of most sizes and shapes. Bevelled edges can be purchased separately including female and male edges (each tile features two female and two male adjoining edges) and corner pieces to complete the mats.

Comfortable underfoot surface –  Wet rooms not only need to perform exceptionally well in wet- low-traction environments but they also need to provide a level of comfort to the user. All our wet room matting is designed to be as comfortable as possible to users with bare feet, whilst maintaining a high level of grip for them.

Made from PVC – Wet Room Mats are made from specially formulated heavy-duty PVC. The main benefits of using PVC for our AquaDeck and SlipProtect wet room mats include:

  • Durability
    • PVC is a widely-used material in wet rooms and showers due to the core strength and wear-resistance over time, as well as it’s ability to maintain high levels of grip on wet floors.
  • Versatility
    • PVC is an extremely versatile material used in many commercial, domestic and industrial applications.          
  • Lightweight
    • The low weight density of PVC allows ease of installation and the freedom to be relocated in any given environment.

Easy cleaning and maintenance – Wet room mats normally attain high volumes of foot traffic depending on the environment and application, so it is important that simple and effective maintenance strategies can be applied over time. One tried and tested method involves using a high-pressured water jet washer to remove any excess liquids and debris from both the undersides and top sides of the mat.

What Types of Wet Room Mats does First Mats Offer?

Currently we offer several types of wet room matting for your leisure centre, recreational pool or any other wet room environment. Below we have complied a performance chart and summary of the mats, for a better overview of how each mat will perform:

Quick Summary

  • For the most customisation – AquaStep
  • For the best slip resistance -FlowMat
  • For performance and easy maintenance – SlipProtect
  • For budget savvy buyers – AquaDeck

If you want to see exactly how the mats will look, you can request a sample which will be sent to you free of charge. This means you can get a true reflection of the look and feel for the mat before committing to a purchase.

Why Choose First Mats for your Wet Room Matting?

At First Mats, we pride ourselves on providing the best information and pricing, regardless of your budget, preferences or needs. There are many reasons why you should make First Mats your first choice for wet room mats including:

  • Diverse range of products
  • Excellent choice of sizes, colours and styles
  • All products tested to internationally recognised standards
  • Market checked to ensure prices are competitive
  • Free samples available upon request
  • Expert advice and guidance from the First Mats team

So if you still have any more questions regarding wet room mats or any other type of matting; please feel free to contact us for our expert customer support, buying advice and tips for the best matting options for you.