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Tacky Mats

Keep your hospital or cleanroom sterile with our Tacky Mats! These Sticky Floor Mats are effective at trapping fine particles of dirt and dust, so you can be sure that your area stays clean. We have a variety of tacky step mats and larger versions for wheeled traffic, all available with a choice of Blue or White colours and refill pad options.

Tacky Mats - More Information

White Tacky Mats

Tacky Mats, also known as Sticky Mats and Tack Mats, are designed specifically to capture fine particles of dirt and dust; keeping laboratories, cleanrooms and hospitals ultra-hygienic.

With their peel-off layers, our Tacky Mats will create a surface that remains sticky to effectively trap even the finest particles of dirt for long periods of time.

First Mats offers a range of high-quality Tacky Mats designed to provide our customers with the best product for their needs, whether it be for pedestrian or wheeled traffic.

To find out more about Tacky Mats and the range of products available from First Mats, please continue reading below, or see our full range of Industrial Mats for other options.

How do Tacky Mats Work?

Tacky Mats work by creating a floor mat with a surface that is slightly sticky. As users step on to the mat, any fine particles of dirt, dust, and any other contaminants, are literally pulled away from the footwear by the sticky surface of the mat where they remain. The mats are designed with several layers of film which can be peeled away and disposed of, creating a fresh new tacky surface instantly whenever needed.

In 2012, a study was conducted to measure the effectiveness of Clean room mats which found that temporary tacky mats (such as those sold by First Mats) reduced particle levels on shoes and footwear by 20-50% making them a cost-effective way to significantly control dirt levels.

Where are Tacky Mats Used?

The tacky mats can be used in any environment where floors need to be kept sterile and free of small dirt particles. Several places you would be likely to find them include;

  • Cleanrooms – typically used for scientific research, cleanrooms need to be beyond “clean” as pollutants could contaminate tests and experiments.
  • Laboratories – As with cleanrooms, laboratories are often used for scientific testing of any pharmaceutical production, which can only be done in a sterile environment.
  • Food Production – Wherever food is being produced, cleanliness standards are always extremely high to avoid major health concerns.
  • Construction Sites – Building and excavation work often creates a large amount of dust and other fine particles, so Tacky Mats are sometimes used as doorways to help control levels of dirt.
  • Engineering – It’s not only food and pharmaceutical producers who require high levels of cleanliness, but some engineering and manufacturing facilities do too, especially those who make sensitive equipment for satellites and lab equipment.
  • Server Rooms – Dust can also damage computer equipment, so keeping large server rooms as clean as possible can help to reduce the likelihood of costly downtime.

Tacky Step Mats Vs. Roller Sticky Mats

There are many reasons to make First Mats your first choice when it comes to purchasing tacky mats. We take pride in the quality of the mats we offer and only use sources that manufacture to ISO standard, so you can be sure that every mat you buy will stand the test of time.

There are many products available from us, but two of our handpicked tacky step mat products you may be interested in are;

Tacky Step Mats

One of the most popular variations of this disposable matting is our Tacky Step Mat. Designed to work with pedestrian traffic, the step mat is available in sizes either 80cm x 65cm or 80cm x 130cm for larger doorways.

Each Tacky Step Mat frame is supplied with 60 disposable sticky sheets mounted to a rigid board, which can be replaced with refill packs whenever needed. The frame is affixed to the floor using double-sided tape so that it can be moved to other locations if needed.

  • Colours: White or Blue
  • Sheets: 60
  • Sizes: 80cm x 65cm and 80cm x 130cm
  • Recommended Use: Doorways with Foot Traffic

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Roller Sticky Mats

In clean areas where wheeled traffic such as hospital trollies are used, a lower profile mat should be used. Our specially designed Roller Sticky Mats have a profile of just 1.5mm, allowing any wheeled traffic to easily pass over it.

As with the step mats, the sticky surface of the roller mats will remove dirt and contaminants away from wheels as well as feet. The roller sticky mats can be purchased in either blue or white colours depending on personal preference or surrounding colour schemes.

Roller Sticky Mats are supplied in pads containing 30 sheets that stick directly to the floor, helping to keep the profile so low. The self-adhesive backing keeps the pads in place until no clean sheets remain, at which point the pad can be peeled away from the floor and replaced.

  • Colours: White or Blue
  • Sheets: 30 (In packs of 4 pads)
  • Sizes: 45cm x 117cm
  • Recommended Use: Areas with wheeled traffic

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    Installation and Refills

    Tacky Mat Installation is quick, easy and does not require any tools. Simply affix the mats to the floor by the doorway using the double-sided tape provided. When the mats need to be replaced or removed, just peel the mats away from the floor and replace them as required (new tape strips may be required).

    Refills are also available for our Tacky Step Mat, helping to make it more cost-effective for your organisation. When the original 60 sheets provided with the board have been used up, simply add the refill pack and continue using it as normal.

    Note: When peeling away mat sheets, do so slowly in order to retain the maximum amount of particles. Fast sudden movements can release some of the particles captured on the mat back into the atmosphere.

    Additional Matting

    In some areas, tacky mats can be made even more effective by keeping floors and shoes as clean as possible before a visitor even reaches the mat, allowing it to work for longer and trapping more dirt before being replaced.

    This can be achieved by using high-quality traditional entrance mats to soak up moisture and clear away as much dirt as possible at the building entrance. There is a huge range of entrance matting available from First Mats, so please view our collection of entrance mats here where you will find the perfect mat for your needs.