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Industrial Fans

Our Industrial Fans are designed to be used in busy commercial and industrial environments. Large Drum Fans are ideal for Warehouses and Factories, whereas our Tower and Oscillating fans are perfect for offices and shops. Our Large Industrial Fans are made to the highest quality standards, with high-velocity models available to move huge amounts of cooling air.

Industrial Fans - More Information

Industrial Floor Fan

What are Industrial Fans?

Our Large Industrial Fans are some of the most powerful fans on the market. They are designed to move large volumes of air and can be used for many applications. Common uses for large industrial fans include ventilation, cooling, and drying. Large industrial fans typically have direct-drive motors, turning a large wheel directly connected to the fan blades. This design makes them extremely efficient and allows them to move a lot of air with very little energy.

Large industrial fans can be found in a variety of settings, from warehouses to factories and sporting arenas. Large Fans are essential to many industrial operations and play a vital role in keeping people safe and comfortable.

How do Large Industrial Floor Fans work?

Driven by electric motors or turbines, Industrial Fans have several rotating blades which are connected to the hub and shaft. Many Large Industrial Fans have an oscillating mechanism – as it turns from side to side, the direction of the air current is altered. Others have two or three-speed mechanisms and a blade cradle that tilts so that the air can be directed to where it is needed. 

What are the benefits of Large Industrial Fans?

  • Constantly circulating air improves the comfort levels of employees and visitors, especially during hot weather. This, in turn, improves productivity and motivation. Industrial fans don’t actually cool the air, but they cool the body with their ‘wind chill’ effect.
  • Properly circulating air is needed when working with flammable and/or hazardous substances – check that the Industrial Fan is safe to use for this purpose.
  • Industrial Fans are a cost-effective option compared with air conditioning units.

It’s worth bearing in mind that Industrial Fans are often noisy, so they are not suitable for office use. Instead, look for a Desk or Office Fan as they will be much quieter.

Which Industrial Fans are in the First Mats range?

We have a wide range of Industrial Fans that allow you to choose the right size, shape and type for your needs. All of our Industrial Fans are fully guarded, which eliminates the risk of contact with rotating blades and includes a one-year guarantee from purchase.

Large Industrial Drum Fans

These powerful industrial drum fans are capable of circulating huge amounts of air. They range in size from 18" to 36" in diameter and are available in oscillating and static versions. Most of the Industrial Fans in the First Mats collection are portable circular drum fans designed to sit on the floor; we also have portable Pedestal and Tower Fan options. 

Large Office Fans

Our Office / Desk Fans range from the smallest 8" versions through to the 18" Office Wall Fans with Remote Control and 42" Oscillating Office Tower Fan. All of our Office Fans are fully portable, apart from the Office Wall Fans, which are mounted on the wall and come with a Remote Control and Timer, so the fan can be pre-set and ready for occupancy.

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