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Cantilever Racks

Cantilever Racks are the perfect way to store long lengths of material such as tubes, bars, and sheets. Our range includes a selection of single-sided and double-sided cantilever racks with varying weight capacities, providing you with many options to find your perfect cantilever racking.

Cantilever Racks - More Information

Cantilever racking in use

What are Cantilever Racks and what are they used for? 

When materials are too long, heavy or awkward to store on traditional pallet racking or shelving, then Cantilever Racks are the perfect solution.

Cantilever Racking is a robust and heavy-duty storage system designed to store long lengths of material such as metal sheets, pipes, timber, worktops, and more. These items are stored simply by placing them onto the gaps between the L shaped uprights horizontally. 

Our Cantilever racks are well designed to make good use of space and to store long and heavy items in a safe and accessible way.  Depending on the arm length, these units are capable of holding a large amount of stock in relatively small areas. All of our units should be safely secured to either the floor or the wall for security and safety.

When loading a cantilever rack, always start with the heaviest stock at the bottom, working up to lighter items on the upper levels. This makes it easier and safer to load and unload.

What types of Cantilever Racks are in the First Mats range? 

Single-Sided Cantilever Racking

Amongst our range are single-sided racks which are ideal for use against a wall or for areas with restricted space. These types of racking should also be wall-fixed in order to give maximum stability.

single sided cantilever racking

If you are looking to store heavy items, why not choose our Heavy Duty Single Sided Bar Storage Rack? This cantilever rack unit is freestanding and can store up to 1000kg per arm. With 5 or 6 tiers available, you can choose the side which suits your storage needs.

If your items are lighter, you may want to go with our single-sided Cantilever Racking with Parallel Arms. This fixed, 2-bay system has arms with a capacity of 200kg, with the option of extender bays available if your storage needs to increase. 

Double-Sided Cantilever Racking

We also offer double-sided cantilever racks, which are great for central locations. These racks optimise space without compromising on capacity or safety and are designed for easy access from both sides. These units have arms on both sides which get longer towards the bottom to distribute weight more evenly (lower levels should hold more weight than the upper levels).
double sided cantilever racking
For heavy items, our freestanding Heavy Duty Double Sided Bar Storage Rack has a capacity of 1000kg per arm - like our single-sided version.
For a complete racking system, how about our Double Sided Heavy Duty Cantilever Racking? With a slightly lower capacity per arm of 600kg, the unit as a whole has a generous load capacity of 4400kg. This unit has both starter and extension bays, both of which are available in three sizes, allowing you to choose the right size for your storage needs.

Mobile Cantilever Racks

If it is mobile storage you're looking for, we also have a wheeled option. Our Heavy Duty Mobile Bar Storage Racks are ideal for the temporary storage of items. Fully mobile on 4 x 200mm heavy-duty swivel castors, this unit allows for manoeuvring hard-to-move into vans or other locations. Two wheels also feature breaks for added control. This unit also folds down into a compact size for efficient storage.
These mobile units come in a choice of 2 or 3 tiers, with a reliable 1000kg capacity for 2 tiers and 2000kg capacity for 3 tiers. This option is incredibly handy and versatile, allowing you to use and transport items when needed. 

Cantilever Rack Systems vs Freestanding Cantilever Racks - Which is right for me? 

Cantilever Rack systems in our range come as starter bays with the option of extender bays for additional storage. These units should be fixed to the floor (and to the wall if it is single sided). These units are ideal for permanent fixing to a location, especially since extender bays can be added to increase the unit.

Freestanding cantilever racks are ideal for use in more central locations. The location of these racks can be adjusted more easily since they are usually single freestanding posts (unlike the rack systems, which have more posts build into one frame). These racks should always be fastened to the floor for safety. 

Why should I buy Cantilever Racks from First Mats? 

Here at First Mats, we pride ourselves on both the quality of our products and our high levels of customer satisfaction. Our Cantilever Racks are well made, durable and diverse, designed with longevity in mind. Buy with confidence! Please see our Trustpilot reviews and rating which is 4.9/5 stars - one of the best on the web. 

If you have any questions about our range of Cantilever Racking, or any other products on our website, please contact our knowledgeable customer service team who will be happy to help.