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ESD Workbenches

Discover a range of ESD Workbenches that offer superb protection against Electro-Static Discharge. Made from strong materials with dissipative qualities, our ESD Workbenches provide a convenient, durable and safe work station for staff who work with electronics. All ESD workbenches are available with free UK delivery on orders over £45. Buy your ESD workbench online or contact our friendly team for help and advice.

ESD Workbenches - More Information

ESD Workbench

Electrostatic Discharge Benches, better known as ESD workbenches, are an integral part of the electronics assembly, maintenance, and repair industry. These workbenches are a standard for any electronics or computer workshop anywhere, thanks to their unique properties.

What is an ESD Workbench?

You can’t just slap a label on a regular workbench and call it an ESD bench. No, in order to be an ESD workbench, it needs to have the ability to minimise the chance that electrostatic discharges will do damage to sensitive electronic components.

There are two major ways that an ESD workbench accomplishes this. One is through the use of a specialised worktop, either a hard laminate substance or a softer rubberised one. No matter their hardness, these worktops are designed to prevent electronics placed upon their surfaces from suffering from electrostatic discharges.

It’s also standard for workbenches such as these to feature an earthing socket to which an electrostatic wristband can be connected to. These devices are used by assembly and maintenance workers routinely to earth themselves, preventing electrostatic discharges moving from their own bodies to whatever components they’re working on.

Taken together, these capabilities provide a high measure of protection for the often costly and sensitive electronic components that go into modern appliances and devices. Whether it’s a desktop computer, a mobile phone, or any other device featuring electronics that are susceptible to being damaged by electrostatic shock, these ESD workbenches are designed to keep them safe.

Who are ESD Workbenches for?

ESD workbenches are specialised pieces of equipment, as they need to be painstakingly constructed to ensure they don’t transmit electrostatic energy to nearby electrical components.

What this means is that you’re unlikely to find these types of workbenches in everyday places such as office buildings. However, it’s very common to see ESD workbenches in vocational schools where electronics maintenance and repair is taught, repair shops where consumer electronics and computers are taken for maintenance, and industries where assembling electronic components onsite is done.

Which ESD Workbench Should I Use?

ESD Workbenches come in all shapes and sizes, with First Mats having no less than 7 different varieties from which you can choose! We offer simple cantilever-style workbenches with either a hard Lamstat laminated top or our rubberised Neostat top, with the latter offering high levels of support for soldering and cutting.

We also offer benches with attached accessory kits with any combination of underside-mounted drawers and cupboards, Louvre panels, pinboards, and Lamstat top shelves, and even tool rails with integral 40-watt LED lights. Whatever your specific electronics assembly or maintenance needs are, we’ve got a perfect ESD workbench for you!

Why buy Your ESD Workbench from First Mats?

We know you can get workbenches of your very own from any number of places. However, when you need an ESD workbench, always turn to First Mats. We offer the best customer service around, as evidenced by our 4.9 out of 5 Star Trustpilot rating, and you won’t find a better commitment to quality anywhere else. Come see the First Mats difference today, or contact us with any questions you may have.