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Oil Absorbent Pads and Rolls

Oil Absorbent Pads, Mats and Rolls are made from fast-acting absorbents to quickly soak up Oil, Fuels and other Non Hazardous fluids. The white-coloured Hygro pads are made from Hydrophobic materials that absorb oil whilst repelling water, whereas the grey-coloured Evo range of Oil Absorbent Pads will soak up oils and any non-hazardous fluid, including coolants and solvents. - Click to learn more about Oil Absorbent Pads and Rolls

More information about Oil Absorbent Pads and Rolls

Stop oil spills from causing chaos in your workplace with our superb range of oil absorbent pads and rolls, all made in Great Britain from the best quality materials. Our comprehensive range of Oil Absorbent Pads will enable you to soak up oil spills quickly, safely, and at a great price.

These oil absorbent pads can absorb various hydrocarbons, including hydraulic oil, lubricating oils, engine oils, and fuel. They are exceptional spill control products and great alternatives to some of the more expensive options on the market. Learn more about this range of oil spill-busting products, along with the different available types and how to choose the right ones for your needs.

Quick Buying Tips:

  • Choose white Hydrophobic pads to soak up oil, while repelling water
  • Choose grey Evo pads to soak up oil and all other non-hazardous liquids
  • Absorbent pads or mats are ideal for small to medium oil spills
  • Rolls are ideal for tearing off small sheets or quickly absorbing large spills
  • Absorbent socks or sausages should be used to contain spills, preventing further spread

The Different Types of Oil Absorbent Pads

Oil and fuel spill management demands a responsive and adaptable approach, matched with the right tools for the job. However, not all oil absorbent pads are created equal; specific situations call for specific types of pads.

Our line offers two primary types of oil absorbent pads: Hydrophobic Oil Absorbent Pads (Hygro) and Evo Oil Absorbent Pads. Each type has unique characteristics and applications, designed to meet diverse requirements in handling oils and fuels.

Hydrophobic Oil Absorbent Pads

For those situations where you want to soak up Oil or Fuels but not water, our Hygro oil absorbent pads are a perfect choice.

They are constructed from Hydrophobic materials, so they cannot soak up water. This is particularly useful if an oil spill has been mixed with water, as the pad will soak up the oil without becoming saturated with water.

For this reason, hydrophobic pads are recommended for handling oils outdoors, such as maintaining vehicles.

These oil absorbent pads can be distinguished from our other ranges by their pure-white appearance, and are bonded and perforated to ensure maximum absorbance.

Example of Hydrophobic Absorbent Pads in use

Our Evo Oil Absorbent Pads Range

Our revolutionary Evo oil absorbent pads are made from 85% natural, recycled cotton fibres, making them a more environmentally friendly option while providing optimum performance. They are also manufactured in Great Britain, further reducing the carbon footprint.

They are more environmentally friendly than Polypropylene plastic alternatives and have also been shown to absorb up to 25% more oil. This is thanks to their unique manufacturing process and triple-loft construction.

The absorbent pads, rolls or socks are a fantastic general-purpose product that works with almost all non-hazardous liquids, including oils, solvents and coolants.

Grey EVO Oil Absorbent Pads

Where can Oil Pads and Rolls be used?

Oil absorbent pads and rolls have various applications across many industries and settings.


They are widely used in automotive garages and manufacturing plants to handle spills and leaks from machinery and vehicles. They can be great to keep in domestic garages where car maintenance or restoration takes place.


No manufacturing facility should be without provisions to soak up oil spills. Whether it’s to tackle drips from machinery and forklift trucks, to containing accidental oil spills, using absorbent pads helps to maintain better safety and compliance with UK environmental legislation.

Marine and Environmental Agencies

In marine environments, they assist in containing and cleaning oil spills, proving essential in harbours, ships, and offshore platforms. Narrowboat owners will also find the hydrophobic pads useful for capturing vessel oil spills. Environmental agencies and cleanup crews employ these absorbent materials during accidental oil spills in rivers and oceans, where quick containment is vital.

Freight and Warehousing

Within the aviation and transportation industries, they serve to manage lubricant and fuel spills. Additionally, they find usage in warehouses, laboratories, and chemical processing plants where oils, solvents, and non-hazardous liquids are handled.

Their adaptability and specific construction for different scenarios make oil absorbent pads and rolls indispensable for safety, compliance, and environmental stewardship across various sectors.

How to use Oil Absorbent Pads

Showing how to use Oil Absorbent pads

Using absorbent pads is a simple and effective way to soak up oil spills in the workplace. The pads are individual sheets of material which are ideal for smaller spills. Place as many of them as you need over the spill, and the absorbent fibres will begin soaking up the oil instantly.

The rolls are designed to offer greater flexibility, allowing users to tear off a very small piece to use on oil drips or larger pieces for bigger spills.

Our absorbent socks, which resemble sausage-like tubes, are stuffed with absorbent material and should be used to contain a spill and prevent further spreading by placing them around the edge of the spill. The oil absorbent pads can then be placed over the top to soak up the oil.

Why You Should Choose First Mats for Your Oil Absorbent Pads

First Mats is a company that has built a reputation on quality and service while maintaining competitive price levels.

You can rest assured that the Oil Absorbent Pads purchased from us will give you the best performance possible without costing a fortune. We have worked with leading organisations, including the BBC, Virgin Atlantic, DHL and the Houses of Parliament, and many factories and warehouses that use First Mats products daily.

We have a huge and growing number of Trustpilot reviews that illustrate our commitment to ensuring that our customers receive what they want in a timely and effective manner, with high customer satisfaction being one of the main driving forces behind our entire business.

If you need any advice or have any questions about oil absorbent pads and rolls or any of our other products, please don't hesitate to contact us with your queries.

See our full range of Spill Control products for more oil-absorbing products.

First Mats Choice

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