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Oil Absorbent Pads and Rolls

Working with Oils, Fuels or Solvents? If so, then you'll know how annoying and dangerous spillages of these fluids can be. Our Oil Absorbent Pads and Rolls contain fast-acting absorbents so that spills can be dealt with quickly and safely. Suitable for most non-hazardous Oils, Coolants and other Liquids
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Oil Absorbent Pads and Rolls - More Information

Oil Absorbent Pads

We aim to provide a comprehensive range of pads and rolls for all kinds of spillage that you may find yourself dealing with, and our oil absorbent pads are an excellent choice for oil spills in particular. These pads can absorb oils such as hydraulic and lubricating oils, as well as engine oils, solvents and coolants. They are exceptional alternatives to some of the more expensive options on the market, and we offer two ranges that will serve as effective solutions to any oil spills you may encounter.

Our Evo Universal Absorbent Pads Range

Our first range of oil absorbent pads is our Evo range. These pads are made from 85% natural, recycled cotton fibres, making them a highly environmentally friendly option whilst also retaining the quality and durability that all of our products maintain across every range.

Polypropylene plastic alternatives are much more harmful for the environment, and so our cotton fibre pads will give you peace of mind that you are dealing with any oil-related issue in the smartest way possible, with care taken for the environment as you do it.

Why Choose the Evo Range?

Each product in our Evo range is made to the same high standards on which we as a business pride ourselves, and they are all manufactured here in Great Britain, lowering transportation costs and adhering to strict environmental standards. This helps each product really live up to its name, as with smaller transportation distances comes a reduced carbon footprint.

Their unique manufacturing process and high-loft construction means they are able to absorb more than other standard product on the market, and this puts all of our Eco products ahead of synthetic alternatives too.

We have a wide variety of products within the Eco range, varying from oil absorbent pads to rolls that are brilliant for more precise or wider spread requirements. Each and every product is highly effective at absorbing fuel spills as well as any of the aforementioned oils and solvents.

Our Hygro Oil Absorbent Pads

The other range of oil absorbent pads that we offer is our Hygro range. What makes these products very useful in particular are their hygroscopic properties, meaning the rolls and pads do not absorb any water at all. This makes them particularly effective for outdoor use, as they can absorb hydraulic, engine or lubricating oil spills without becoming saturated with rainwater in the process.

These products can be distinguished from our other ranges by their pure-white appearance, as well as being bonded and perforated to ensure maximum absorbance. They come in similar varieties as our Eco range, and you can choose from a range of Hygro pads and oil absorbent rolls, catering to any oil spill within a wet environment.

Why You Should Choose First Mats for Your Oil Absorbent Pads

The high-quality production of all of our oil absorbent pads and related products will ensure that you will be able to reliably eradicate any oil spill, and our manufacturing and transportation methods mean that our prices can remain very affordable for everyday use.

We have a huge number of Trustpilot reviews that illustrate our commitment to making sure that our customers receive what they want in a timely and effective manner, with high customer satisfaction being one of the main driving forces behind our entire business.