Industrial Mats - Anti-Fatigue Mats

Do you want to make your workplace safer, smarter and more comfortable? The team at First Mats can help you with everything you need to find the right mats and flooring for your workplace. We will make sure you are able to meet or exceed industry guidelines and health and safety legislation. Whether your working environment is a factory or a kitchen, we can provide you with the best-value mats for your needs.


What are they?


An anti-fatigue mat reduces strain on an employee’s body, caused by standing for extended periods of time. An anti fatigue mat reduces fatigue, increases productiveness of employees and increases overall morale. This safety mat is recommended for anybody who works on their feet or employs people who do, such as in a factory, packing station, catering and retail.


How do they work?


The main venus pump is in the calf muscle. When we walk the muscles contract which activates the pump, thus pumping the blood back to the heart. When we stand still this does not happen as the muscle is not activated, this means the heart gets less blood causing tiredness and loss of concentration. This also means that blood can pool in the foot which can cause swelling. The cushioning in the anti fatigue mats cause small foot movements which are just enough to cause the calf muscle to contract allowing blood to flow to the heart.


Why are they useful?


The greatest proportion of sickness absences in the UK is due to musculoskeletal conditions, which is created through standing around all day on cold, hard floors. By giving employees an anti fatigue mat this increases productivity, an employees enjoyment of work and reduces costs to both the company and society.


All of the anti-fatigue mats we offer are anti-slip which lets you avoid slips and trips in the workplace. Within our range there are fire retardant mats and swarf mats which are great in industrial places as they allow waste to be collected and moved, which takes away any potential safety hazards.



Choosing Industrial Anti-Fatigue Mats


Who needs an anti fatigue mat? The human body protests when we stand for large amounts of time. These mats are for situations where staff are standing on a hard floor, day after day. Also known as 'anti-stress mats', they will help you look after your employees and avoid losses to productivity through illness and loss of concentration. You may be surprised to know that the greatest proportion of sickness absences in the UK are due to musculoskeletal conditions such as bad backs and joint problems, so investing in a good quality anti fatigue mat will help you fight against this potential loss in revenue. They will make a real difference in terms of staff comfort and morale.


Don't Let Your Feet Take the Strain


All our anti fatigue mat designs incorporate anti-slip features but on top of that they help fight against tiredness and other medical problems that might be exacerbated by standing on a hard floor. Anti fatigue floor mats ease pressure on the lower back, legs and feet. They can be made of various materials including rubber, vinyl foam, and PVC. These mats work by incorporating a layer of cushioning against the floor, which reduces surface impact or shock and improves circulation to the feet. The flexibility of the mat also encourages muscle movement, which prevents fatigue.

You can also choose a mat with various additional safety features. For instance, some include bright coloured stripes if you need the mat to be highly visible. Some mats give you extra drainage and anti-slip features if you are using the mat in environments where there is oil, water or detergent. The best-quality mats will be designed to resist wear, warping, bunching, creeping and 'bottoming out', which is where the mat becomes overly compressed. Certain designs come with antimicrobial properties, and you can find mats in a variety of finishes and heights.

Our range of anti fatigue mats include specific designs for wet or dry environments. Most will be suited to temperatures up to 60ºC. They are available in various sizes and colours and many of them are easy to clean. Be sure to get in touch and we will be happy to explain the options to you.


Why Choose First Mats?


We have a huge range of commercial floor mats, from anti fatigue mats to gym mats, safety mats and entrance mats. Our products include a vast array of anti-slip mats and made-to-measure mats for you to choose from.

Whatever your needs, our team will be happy to help. To guide you through the variety of designs and finishes, and to help you meet industry and health-and-safety regulations, our friendly team are just a phone call away.



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