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Outdoor Rubber Door Mats

Discover our range of high-quality Outdoor Door Mats made from premium grade Rubber. Make First Mats your First Choice for premium matting. Buy online today!
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Outdoor Rubber Door Mats - More Information

Rubber Outdoor Door Mat

First Mats offer a fantastic collection of premium Outdoor Rubber Door Mats at affordable prices. All our rubber door mats are extremely reliable and hard wearing, perfect for use outside, to give you the best value for your money. We work tirelessly to give you the best customer experience and to deliver your mat swiftly.

The team at First Mats can help you with everything you need to find the right outdoor rubber mat, our advice is second to none in the industry. All of our mats meet or exceed the latest industry guidelines and adhere to UK Health and Safety legislation. Not all outside door mats on the market are the same. The team at First Mats help you take the right steps towards finding the correct matting for outside your home, business or commercial premises.

Main Features of Outdoor Door Mats

All Rubber Construction – Our outdoor rubber door mats are typically made from nitrile or natural rubber that provides great slip resistance. The waterproof and hard-wearing properties of rubber ensure proven all-season weather resistance and durability.

Dirt and dust prevention - The great outdoors is abundant in dust, dirt, moisture and many other annoying substances that can quickly ruin floors. With an outdoor mat, you can stop dirt at the entrance keeping floors protected and cleaner for longer.

Bevelled edges – Our outdoor door mats feature bevelled or ramped edges, for great accessibility and easy access for wheeled traffic.


Anti-Slip Properties –  Our clever mat designs, combined with Rubber’s natural grip properties, provides great all-round slip resistance on a variety of surfaces.

Textured / Patterned Surface – The textured or raised pattern surfaces found on outdoor door mats help drain excess water as well as scraping away any pieces of small debris such as small pebbles, dust and other grime from the outdoors.

Choosing Rubber Mats for Outside

Do your door mats reduce the amount of water and dirt coming in from outside? The best outdoor or exterior mats remove large amounts of dirt and moisture, as well as snow and ice, from your visitor’s boots and shoes before they enter your premises. This could be through a rubber mat with holes which allows effective drainage of water and collects dirt, or a patterned surface that scrapes dirt and mud away from shoes. Outdoor entrance matting prolongs the life of the internal floor coverings and helps to ensure you meet your health and safety obligations.

Outdoor Rubber Door Mats can be used in almost all types of environments, from homes or small independent retailers and offices to large commercial premises. You'll need outdoor door matting for anywhere that has high footfall.

Our outdoor door mats are made from different materials with many designs to choose from, however they generally all have an abrasive texture to scrape soil, mud and dirt from boots and shoes. Thick rubber mats can also be porous or have a raised surface to allow water to drain off and many are waterproof. These heavy-duty door mats also come with safety features such as bevelled edges and are designed to grip onto the floor to help you avoid slips and trips.

Outdoor Door Mat Recommendations


One of our highest-rated products online the DirtTrap Outdoor Rubber Door Mat is a natural rubber guardian against large pieces of dirt and moisture – ideal for muddy areas such as allotments and gardens. Covered with rubber modules – each sturdy nodule systematically scrapes and removes debris from entering while also having the flexibility to wipe away moisture. With excellent crush and soil resistance, starting at only £21.00, the DirtTrap mat provides exquisite performance for great value.

DirtTrap Rubber Door Mat


Another affordable outdoor rubber door mat, EntraGuard is great for light to medium foot traffic outside offices, homes and walkways. The open holed pattern makes waste of pebbles, dirt and other debris that otherwise would cause a hinderance on indoor surfaces, with the NBR rubber construction allowing placement in dry and wet areas with no issues.


100% Nitrile Rubber. 100% Industry Standard Quality.  Our RubberScrape mats are no nonsense premium outdoor barrier mat with superior Crush and Soil Resistance, as well as total oil resistance.  The low 6mm profile raised pattern, and smart rubber bevelled border, scrapes and holds up to 2.6 litres of water or 1.5 kilograms of dry dust per square meter.

Outdoor Matting Cleaning Guide

Outdoor mats are notoriously easy to clean with only a high-pressured washer or garden hose needed. Simply soak down the mat with cold water for up to 3 minutes and wait for the mat to air-dry. While drying avoid, treading on the mat to avoid more dirt and grime staining the surface. Also, to remove more dirt, flip the mat over and soak away any debris that may have fallen underneath the surface.

Use the mat as normal after this has been completed.

Personalised Outdoor Rubber Door Mats

If you want something more personalised and completely bespoke to your business, we also offer premium custom printed rubber logo mats as part of our Logo Mats range. The LogoScraper is a complete industrial heavy-duty all-purpose rubber mat with a plethora of benefits including the exclusive use of nitrile EXS rubber, the sharp photographic image quality and incredible long -lasting performance.

Designed with cutting edge technologies, all LogoScraper rubber matting has exceptional oil, chemical, swarf, slip and fire control and resistance properties embedded into every particle of the mat.

The near permanent design finish and ultimate untapped marketing potential for businesses of all sizes marks the LogoScraper rubber mat as an intelligent long-term investment in exchange for incomparable craftsmanship and quality, not present in other mats on the market.  To find out more, or to request a non-obligations quote, please view here:

Why buy Outdoor Mats from First Mats?

At First Mats, we supply outdoor mats that meet the highest commercial standards. While all our rubber outdoor flooring is designed for year-round use, some are particularly suited to extreme weather conditions.

Our outdoor mats are durable and easy to clean, whilst our high Nitrile-based mats are resistant to substances such as oil and fuels.

Whilst some of our mats are also suitable for indoor use, we highly recommend using First Mats range of indoor entrance mats that are designed specifically for internal areas and which will provide a further level of protection against moisture, dirt and pet hair. These come in a variety of materials, finishes and colours, which can be chosen to match your décor as well as your practical needs. For instance, cotton indoor entrance mats are suited to removing wet, dry or greasy dirt from shoes and paws, they are highly absorbent and can be washable.

For dust control, the waffle mats and ribbed mats can provide extra dirt trapping. You can even choose outdoor entrance mats with your company logo, for that important first impression. The team at First Mats will be happy to help you decide between all the possibilities.

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