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Chemical Spill Kits

Chemical Spill Kits are designed to respond rapidly to emergencies involving Chemical spillages in the workplace. Our Chemical Spill Kits contain a selection of high-quality absorbents well suited to working with Acids, Alkalis and Hazardous Chemicals. - Click to learn more about Chemical Spill Kits

More information about Chemical Spill Kits

What are Chemical Spill Kits?

Chemical Spill Kits are essential safety equipment designed to respond rapidly to workplace chemical spillage emergencies. They consist of various high-quality absorbents that are well suited to working with acids, alkalis, and hazardous chemicals. These kits are typically supplied in a break pack, shoulder bag or plastic drum, providing a convenient and efficient way to respond to chemical spills.

Why use Chemical Spill Kits?

The primary purpose of a Chemical Spill Kit is to help contain hazardous spills in an emergency. The absorbent materials they are made from are specifically designed to work with chemicals, acids, and alkalis. Strategically placing Chemical Spill Kits near stored chemicals in the warehouse, as you would Fire Extinguishers, allows users to access them quickly and easily. Hopefully, you’ll never need to use your Chemical Spill Kits, but having them on-site improves workplace safety and reduces the potential for harm.

Things to Consider When Buying Chemical Spill Kits

When purchasing a Chemical Spill Kit, consider the types of chemicals you handle, the potential volume of a spill, and the location of the kit.


Our Chemical Spill Kits are compatible with many acids, alkalis and other substances. Please see our Spill Kit Compatibility Guide to determine which ones our kits are compatible with.


The size stated for each spill kit refers to how much liquid they can absorb. It's recommended to have provisions to absorb at least 25% of the total fluids in storage, so consider the volume of chemicals stored on-site and ensure your spill kits can absorb at least a quarter of it. The Chemical Spill Kits we provide range from 10 to 800 litres in absorbency capacity, and you can use multiple smaller kits to reach the 25% minimum figure.

What is included in a Chemical Spill Kit?

A typical Chemical Spill Kit consists of a plastic drum or wheelie bin filled with various absorbent products. The spill kit contents include;

  • A container or carry bag (if over 35 litres capacity)
  • Absorbent socks or sausages to contain the spill
  • Sever sheets of absorbent pad material to soak up the spill
  • Waste bags to safely dispose of the chemicals

Refill packs are also available so that used spill kits can be recharged rather than replace, saving money and resources.

Which Chemicals Are Spill Kits Compatible With?

Chemical Spill Kits are suitable for various chemicals, acids, and alkalis. However, they are not compatible with oxidisers. It's important to check the label on each kit to ensure it's suitable for the types of chemicals you handle.

Please see our full spill kit compatibility guide for more information.

Are Chemical Spill Kits Compatible with Oil and Fuel?

Yes, Chemical Spill Kits are compatible with various oils and fuels. However, using specially designed Oil Spill Kits for this purpose is far more cost-effective.


At First Mats, we proudly deliver top-quality products with excellent customer service. We have an impressive Trustpilot rating of 4.9 out of 5, based on hundreds of reviews from our recent clients. We offer exceptional value, speedy delivery, and a full returns service in the unlikely event that our Chemical Spillage Kits aren’t what you wanted. For more information and advice, please call our helpful team or see our full range of Spill Kits for more spill-busting products.

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