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Leak Diverter Kits

Protect your workplace from leaking ceilings with our Leak Diverter Kits. Simply hang the collection funnel from the ceiling and dripping water will be safely collected and diverted into a collection reservoir. With slips being the most common type of accident in the workplace, controlling water leaks is a key part of your health and safety obligations.

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Leak Diverter Kits

Are leaking ceilings in your workplace becoming a big problem? Would you prefer a better solution than placing buckets all around the floors? If so, then our Leak Diverters are the perfect solution!

What are leak diverters?

A leak diverter is a simple tool to capture leaks from a ceiling, keeping water safely away from the floors.

Simply hang the funnel from the roof using our adjustable straps - any leaks will then be captured and diverted into a storage container through a hose.

The storage drum can be positioned out of the way of passing footfall, significantly reducing the risk of slip and trip accidents.

Why use our Leak Diverters?

Our leak diverters provide a welcome alternative to unsightly – and unsafe – buckets and collection pots. Not only could these provide a trip hazard, they give off a less than professional image. Dripping water can also cause a problem for machinery and electrical equipment.

A leak diverter is only intended to be used as a temporary solution whilst roof repairs are carried out, but as this can often take a long time it is beneficial to use a leak diverter as a safer and more effective solution than placing buckets on the floor or ignoring leaks altogether.

Choosing what’s right for you

For your convenience and a faster response to leaking ceilings, we offer complete Leak Diverter Kits which contain all of the components needed to deal with leaks as quickly as possible.

The full kit contains a strong waterproof tarp with eyelets and adjustable straps for easy hanging, with a central Hozelock point for water collection. You’ll also receive an 80L reservoir drum and 5m hose, ensuring you can safely channel any water into the drum without it being in the way of those using the area.

Depending on the spread of the leak, you’ll also have a variety of sizes to choose from when it comes to the diverter tarp, ranging from 100cm x 100cm to 300cm x 300cm. It also comes in 2 colour options; white if you’d like it to be discreet, or yellow if you want to draw attention to what’s going on.

Components can also be purchased separately including extra straps, tarps and drums, as well as a separate 5m hose and fitting set, meaning you can set up a collection system that fits your problem areas perfectly until the leaks are fixed.

Why buy Leak Diverters from First Mats

First Mats are highly committed to offering customers the best in terms of both the products we offer and the service we give. With a fantastic Trustpilot rating, you’ll find us easy to order from, and we’re also on hand to answer any questions about the products we offer – whether you need advice on what product would fit your needs best, or how quickly you could receive it.

With a great track record of despatching and delivering quickly, you could have a temporary solution to your leaking roof quicker than you thought possible with our range of leak diverters.

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