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More information about Leak Diverter Kits

Tired of dealing with disruptive and damaging ceiling leaks? Our Leak Diverter Kits offer a quick, effective solution to capture and redirect leaks, protecting your floors, machinery, and workspaces. Easy to install with adjustable straps, these kits keep your workplace safe and professional, eliminating the need for unsightly buckets and reducing slip hazards.

Ensure your operations run smoothly and maintain peace of mind with our reliable, reusable leak diverters, designed to manage leaks until permanent repairs are made. Discover the convenience and efficiency of our Leak Diverter Kits today.

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What is a Leak Diverter?

A leak diverter is a simple tool to capture leaks from a ceiling, keeping water safely away from the floors, machinery or from work desks. Simply hang the funnel tarp from the roof using our adjustable straps - any leaks will then be captured and diverted into a storage container through a hose.

A leak diverter kit being installed in an office

Our Leak Diverter Kits are a temporary repair that can be used in all kinds of workplaces. Whether it's the office, warehouse or machine shop, the diverter kits can be installed quickly to contain leaks before they become more problematic.

Connect the hose supplied with the kit to the fitting in the centre of the funnel tarp, with the other end to the plastic storage drum, where leaks will be contained until emptied.

The storage drum can be positioned out of the way of passing footfall, significantly reducing the risk of slip and trip accidents.

Why use our Leak Diverters?

Our leak diverters provide a welcome alternative to unsightly – and unsafe – buckets and collection pots. Not only could these provide a trip hazard, but they also give off a less-than-professional image.

Dripping water can also cause a problem for machinery and electrical equipment, leading to expensive repairs or replacements being needed. With the leak diverter in place, anything underneath the leak can be protected for as long as it is needed.

A leak diverter is only intended to be used as a temporary solution whilst roof repairs are carried out, but as this can often take a long time, it is beneficial to use a leak diverter as a safer and more effective solution than placing buckets on the floor or ignoring leaks altogether.

Choosing the right Leak Diverter for you

For your convenience and a faster response to leaking ceilings, we offer complete Leak Diverter Kits containing all of the components needed to deal with leaks as quickly as possible.

The full Leak Diverter Kit contains the following:

  • A strong waterproof tarp with eyelets and adjustable straps for easy hanging, with a central Hozelock point for water collection.
  • You'll also receive an 80L collection container.
  • 5 metre hose, ensuring you can safely channel any water into the drum without it being in the way of those using the area.
  • Adjustable straps for quick and easy installation of your leak diverter
A leak diverter kit and its contents

The kits are assembled using hozelock fittings, so you can use a standard garden hose to channel water directly into a floor drain if preferred.

Depending on the spread of the leak, you'll also have a variety of sizes to choose from when it comes to the diverter tarp, ranging from 100cm x 100cm to 300cm x 300cm. It also comes in 2 colour options; white if you'd like it to be discreet or yellow if you want to draw attention to the hazard.

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Components can also be purchased separately, including extra straps, tarps, collection containers, and hose fittings set complete with 5 metre hose. Until the leaks are fixed, you can set up a leak collection system that perfectly fits your problem areas.

Leak Diverter FAQs

How does a leak diverter work?
A leak diverter captures and redirects water leaks away from sensitive areas using a tarp or funnel system connected to a hose that directs the water into a collection container.

How long do leak diverters last?
Leak diverters are not a permanent fix but can effectively manage roof leaks for weeks or even months if necessary, depending on the severity of the leak and the quality of the diverter.

Are leak diverters reusable?
Yes, leak diverters are designed to be reusable. They can be cleaned and stored for future use once the initial leak issue has been resolved.

How are leak diverters attached to the ceiling?
They are typically attached to the ceiling using adjustable hanging straps that suspend the tarp or funnel directly under the leak source.

Can leak diverters be used for all types of leaks?
Leak diverters are most effective for small to moderate nuisance leaks. However, it is important to consult a professional for permanent repair for significant leaks or structural damage.

How do you maintain a leak diverter?
To extend the diverter's lifespan, regularly inspect it for wear and tear, ensure the hose is not clogged, and clean the tarp or funnel after use.

Are there different sizes of leak diverters?
Yes, leak diverters come in various sizes to accommodate different leak scenarios, from small drips to larger ceiling leaks requiring wider coverage. The most popular kits are 100cm x 100cm.

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