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Farm Mats and Equipment

Catering to a wide range of a... Catering to a wide range of a farm's needs, our Farm Mats and Equipment collection offers durable rubber matting for cleanliness and safety, alongside essential tools like spill pallets, spreaders, and safety mirrors for efficient agricultural operations. ˅

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Yellow COSHH Cabinets

COSHH & Pesticide Cabinets

Ensure the safe storage of chemicals and pesticides on your farm with our COSHH & Pesticide Cabinets. Designed for robustness and security, these cabinets provide an organized and compliant way to store hazardous substances, helping you maintain farm safety and regulatory adherence.

> View COSHH Cabinets

Grit Spreader

Grit & Broadcast Spreaders

Optimise your soil conditioning and treatment with our Grit and Broadcast Spreaders. Ideal for evenly distributing fertilizers, seeds, and grit on your agricultural land, these spreaders are engineered for precision and efficiency, making them an indispensable tool for modern farming.

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IBC Bund

IBC Bunds

Protect your farm from potential spillages with our IBC Bunds. These containment units are specifically designed for Intermediate Bulk Containers, offering a secure and compliant way to store liquids. Their robust design ensures environmental safety and compliance with agricultural regulations.

> View IBC Bunds

Plastic Spill Pallet

Bunded Spill Pallets

Manage spill control effectively with our Bunded Spill Pallets. Tailored for agricultural use, these pallets provide a secure area for storing drums and containers, minimising the risk of contamination and ensuring compliance with environmental guidelines.

> View Spill Pallets

Grit Bins

Grit Bins

Keep your farm paths and roadways safe during harsh weather with our durable Grit Bins. Constructed to withstand various weather conditions, these bins offer convenient storage for grit and salt, ensuring easy access for effective ground management.

> View Grit Bins

Convex Observation Mirror

Convex Mirrors

Enhance farm safety and visibility with our Convex Observation Mirrors. Designed to provide a wide-angle view of your farm, these mirrors are essential for monitoring blind spots and ensuring safe movement around your agricultural property.

> View Convex Mirrors Range


Why Farms Need Mats?

Farms require mats for various practical and safety reasons. Mats are crucial in maintaining cleanliness, ensuring safety, and providing comfort.

In a farm's diverse and often challenging environment, mats can help to scrape off mud and debris, reducing the transfer of dirt into homes and other buildings. They also provide a safer walking surface, preventing slips and falls in wet or muddy conditions.

Additionally, mats can offer comfort for farmers and livestock, especially in areas where standing for long periods is common.

What Mats are Best for Farms?

When choosing the best mats for farms, rubber matting stands out for its durability, versatility, and ease of maintenance. Depending on the specific farm application, the type of matting can vary:

  • For Entrance Areas: Rubber mats placed outside front doors are excellent for scraping mud off boots. These mats withstand heavy use and diverse weather conditions, making them ideal for farm entrances.
  • For Livestock Areas: Rubber rolls and tiles are particularly beneficial in livestock areas. They provide a comfortable standing surface for animals, reducing stress on their joints and decreasing the risk of injuries. The mats' cushioning effect is comfortable for the animals and beneficial for their overall health and well-being.
  • For Workspaces: In workspaces or high-traffic areas, rubber matting can offer anti-fatigue properties, reducing the strain on farmers who spend long hours on their feet.

What Other Equipment is Used on Farms?

In addition to mats, various other equipment is essential for efficient and safe farm operations:

  • COSHH & Pesticide Cabinets: These cabinets are vital for storing hazardous substances securely, ensuring safety and regulatory compliance.
  • Grit and Broadcast Spreaders: These tools are indispensable for evenly distributing fertilizers and seeds, enhancing soil productivity.
  • IBC Bunds: These are crucial for containing spills, especially when storing and handling liquids in bulk containers.
  • Bunded Spill Pallets: These pallets provide a secure storage solution for drums and containers, essential for spill management and environmental protection.
  • Grit Bins: Essential for storing grit and salt, these bins help maintain safe farm roadways and paths during adverse weather conditions.
  • Convex Observation Mirrors: These mirrors enhance visibility and safety on the farm, allowing for monitoring of blind spots and safe navigation.

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