Large and Extra Large Door Mats

Extra Large Door MatLarge door mats that combine quality and affordability can be hard to find. That’s why at First Mats, we’ve put together a selection of large and extra-large door mats to add to our extensive range of domestic and commercial entrance matting.

Large door mats, although easily forgotten, are in actuality very helpful and important. Large door mats keep dirt from spreading throughout your premises which in turn makes the space much safer, as the mats also absorb moisture preventing slips and trips.

Our large floor mats will protect your customers and staff, whilst keeping your workplace up to date with the latest safety regulations. We understand the need for larger areas to be protected so all of our large and extra-large doormats offered are of a high quality and extremely durable.

Large Door Mat Sizes

Our large door mats include standard set sizes from around 120cm x 180cm, or runners at 85cm x 3000cm, but if our set sizes aren’t what you’re looking for then you can also choose a size to suit you with our made to measure door mats. Simply select the roll width you require and then order a length in centimetres however short or long you need.


Entrance matting needs to be practical, but it also needs to be attractive. Our range features mats with vibrant colours such as the TrafficGuard, or for a subtler entrance mat there is the Plush Choice which includes black and coloured fibres for a more toned down corporate look. For homes, the natural coir matting can’t be beaten, especially in older buildings such as cottages. Either way, we are confident that you will be able to find a large door mat in a colour that compliments its surroundings.


All of our large door mats are designed to be easy to clean. In most cases, this can be done with a vacuum cleaner at the same time as the surrounding floors, but we also have mats such as the Renown which is machine washable at 30 degrees for extra-easy mat maintenance.

Customer Service

First Mats have a huge selection of large door mats. Our aim is to give you a brilliant experience that will prove us to be your trusted mat supplier. We can assist you with any help you require, just contact our friendly team.
All of our orders are dispatched between one and three days, with free delivery on orders over £50 - please contact us if you need a quote on next day delivery.

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