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Storage Containers and Bins

Here at First Mats we have assembled an amazing range of Storage Containers and Bins to suit all sorts of commercial applications. With food grade ingredient bins for commercial food production facilities, parts bins and louvre panels for convenient organisation and storing of small parts, as well as Euro containers designed to work perfectly with Euro pallets, you can find ideal professional-quality storage containers for almost any application.

Storage Containers and Bins - More Information

Storage containers and bins are a very useful addition to any manufacturing, industrial or engineering site. We offer a wide range of containers and bins, so here's what to think about when choosing the right one for you. 

First – what kind of storage do you need? Are you looking for long-term storage for items you rarely need? Do you need food-safe storage with good temperature and water resistance? Are you looking for small parts and components storage, which needs to be accessed multiple times a day? 

Secondly – how much are you storing? Would you benefit from easily stackable containers to make the most of your space, or is accessing the contents easily and quickly a higher priority? Whether you are simply storing bulk goods, transporting/delivering or you need constant access to the contents, there is a type of storage container and bin for you. 

What are the options? 

 Some of the most popular types are: 

Euro containers 

These have a standardised footprint, allowing them to be stacked as well as loaded onto pallets, dollies and trolleys. These containers are manufactured from strong, food-grade plastic and have great temperature and water resistance, making them well suited to storing foods and ingredients in chilled, ambient, warm or damp environments. 

Plastic parts bins 

These are a common sight in manufacturing and engineering environments. These stackable bins are a great, cost-effective way of storing, organising and accessing small parts, fixtures, fittings and other components. They can be mounted on racks, trolleys or louvre panels and can also be used freestanding on the work surface. 

Ingredients bins 

This range of products includes open-topped static bins, wheeled bins with lids, mobile tray racks and dispensers. All of the products are made from food-grade plastic, making for a robust and long lasting, easy-to-clean storage solution ideal for professional caterers, kitchens and food production/manufacturing environments. 

Louvre panels 

These are an easily customisable storage system, designed to make the most of your space. Available as wall-mounted or freestanding flat panels, trolleys, and cupboards, they hold plastic bins securely, allowing for quick access, easy organisation and at-a-glance stock assessment. 

Perfo panels 

These panels make for a super-versatile tool storage system – the panels can interlock to form large runs or even full walls of storage, and the hooks can be placed and replaced whenever and wherever you like. No more rummaging around in tool boxes or drawers, mount your tools with Perfo panels and you can easily see and access what you need. These panels are also available mounted on freestanding stands and trolleys for easy mobility. 

Make sure to check out the full range of First Mats storage containers and bins, and if you have any questions or would like further advice – get in touch with one of our knowledgeable experts who will be happy to help.



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