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The team at First Mats can help you with everything you need to find the right commercial mats for your kitchen and food production area. We will make sure your kitchen floor mat is able to meet or exceed industry guidelines and health and safety legislation. 


Choosing Industrial Kitchen Floor Mats 


At First Mats, the cushioned kitchen floor mats we supply are made of durable materials. For instance, rubber nitrile is long lasting and particularly suited to kitchen areas that require grease, oil, detergent and fat resistance. Standard rubber mats will warp when coming into contact with these substances. The KrossMat and Assured Scraper kitchen mats are 100 percent rubber nitrile.


Our rubber flooring kitchen mats are also designed for easy cleaning, hosing or pressure washing, and come in a variety of sizes. Contact us and we can also help with made-to-measure mats. We will also be happy to advise you on how to choose anti-fatigue and anti-slip mats for all industrial environments. 


Kitchen matting is essential to reduce slipping in a wet and greasy environment and to allow you to meet the strictest safety standards. Rubber floor tiles kitchen mats are designed to prevent slipping, by improving grip and drainage around dishwasher areas or walk-in freezers.


Kitchen Swarf Mats help you to remove food debris (or swarf) from your feet. Industrial kitchen mats are either open holed to allow for drainage, I.e. SturdySafe Blue or they are closed-topped to collect the waste or debris, for instance Assured Scraper. The open topped mat collects swarf and debris in the holes and at the end of the day the mat is lifted and the rubbish is collected whereas the closed topped mats collect the swarf on top of the mat which is either shaken or washed off. 




Open Holed Kitchen Mat 

Kitchen Swarf Mats






Closed Topped Kitchen Mat

Kitchen Food Production Mats



Some of our kitchen rubber flooring is UV resistant which stops the mat becoming discoloured, an example of this is our SturdySafe Blue. Other features to consider when looking for rubber kitchen flooring include whether you are looking for a kitchen rubber mat with anti-microbial properties to improve hygiene, how much wear resistance you need, and the height profile. 


Many industrial kitchen floor mats are designed to provide support for when you are standing for long periods of time, such as butcher, chef, or behind a bar. When these memory foam kitchen mats (sometimes known as kitchen comfort mats) are described as 'anti-fatigue' this means that they ease pressure on your feet, knees and lower back while you are standing on them.


You can find memory foam floor mats that remove swarf with these anti-fatigue or 'anti-stress' properties. As well as preventing tiredness, the best anti-fatigue mats reduce the possibility of long-term injuries, staff sickness and helps to improve staff productivity and morale. Please speak to us for advice on suitable rubber kitchen mats for all food production environments, including food processing factories, pubs, restaurants, school kitchens, hotels, takeaways, and for use in hospitality. 



About First Mats 


From gym safety mats to large office entrance mats, we will be delighted to help you with all your commercial matting needs. 


First Mats provides all product-testing information about the different types of mats, whether you are purchasing a large entrance mat for your office or a number of anti-slip mats for a factory. Your orders are dispatched between one and three days (Please contact us for a quote on Next day Delivery), and you can request a free sample.


Our team will be pleased to guide you through our range of quality, tried-and-tested mats, and will make sure you get the best possible value for money. From our base in Birmingham we supply the whole of the UK with commercial floor mats that will ensure you meet health and safety legislation. First Mats is your trusted first choice in mats. 


For advice on industrial kitchen floor mats, please contact First Mats today! 




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