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Rubber Kitchen Floor Mats

Our Rubber Kitchen Floor Mats are designed to reduce slip hazards in commercial kitchens, whilst inhibiting bacterial growth and improving comfort for the staff. We have a wide range of colours, sizes and styles. Our range features mats made from oil and grease resistant Nitrile rubber, ideal for professional commercial kitchens.

Rubber Kitchen Floor Mats - More Information

Red Rubber Kitchen Floor Matting

Our Rubber Kitchen Mats are specially designed Anti-Fatigue Mats that are made from materials resistant to grease and oil.

At First Mats, we only supply our customers with the best of the best catering mats on the market ideal for professional kitchens, butchers, restaurants and food production facilities. Never comprise with assured oil and grease resistance, great anti-fatigue properties, smart swarf protection and a long lifespan made to withstand years of intensive daily usage.

Not only will we make your kitchen floor sparkle with cleanliness but will also meet or exceed current industry guidelines and health and safety legislation. Continue reading below to find out more about the ideal kitchen mats for you.

Main Features of Rubber Kitchen Mats

Unlike the thousands of useless slabs of cheap rubber claiming to provide genuine protection, our industrial catering and kitchen matting range provide true kitchen protection with oil and grease resistance, anti-fatigue properties and swarf capture.

If you have bar, hotel, restaurant or food production facility, never settle for anything less than our tried and tested range of rubber anti-fatigue kitchen mats. Below we will explain the critical features that separate our kitchen matting from the competition.

Anti-Bacterial Surface

Some of our anti-fatigue kitchen mats, such as the Premium KrossMat are coated with a thin anti-bacterial surface which inhibits the spread and growth of pathogens on the mat. This is vitally important in food production and catering to ensure hygiene and cleanness is maintained all times.

Anti-Fatigue Properties

Industrial kitchen mats can provide anti-fatigue assistance that aids chefs, porters, factory operators and bartenders to stay concentrated and focused when standing for long periods of time.  As well as preventing tiredness, the best anti-fatigue kitchen mats reduce the possibility of long-term injuries, staff sickness and helps to improve staff productivity and morale.

While other rubber kitchen mats may have raised or indented surfaces for fatigue prevention, others may have a soft layer of memory foam, (sometimes known as kitchen comfort mats) that ease the pressure from your feet, knees and lower back while you are standing on them.

Swarf and Moisture Control

The build-up of food production swarf and pieces of food can be detrimental in food production – potentially leading to cross contamination between areas and causing wider lack of hygiene in the facility.

To counter this, our rubber kitchen mats are equipped with holes, gaps or small wells on top of the surface allowing bigger chucks of foot swarf to be trapped while allowing smaller pieces and liquids to drain or stay on top of the mat.

Types of Rubber Kitchen and Catering Mats

We supply a huge variety of kitchen and catering mats that apply to many different situations.

Open Holed Rubber Kitchen Mat

Rubber kitchen mats such as our DrainAway and CaterStep opt for an open-holed design suitable for wet areas when dealing with drinks and cooking oils and greases. The open holes system allows for theses fluids to drain underneath or remain trapped within the holes to be later cleaned away. Another reason for the open holed system is to help prevent slips and accidents in a busy working environment. As reported by HSE, slips and trips are the most commonly reported causes for accidents for working practitioner within the UK and with the help of anti-fatigue catering matting, a lot of theses incidents can be prevented for a brighter future.

    Why buy Rubber Kitchen Mats from First Mats?

    First Mats provides product-testing information about the different types of mats, whether you are purchasing a large entrance mat for your office or several anti-slip mats for a factory. Your orders are dispatched promptly (Please contact us for a quote on Next day Delivery), and you can request a free sample.

    Our team will be pleased to guide you through our range of quality, tried-and-tested mats, and will make sure you get the best possible value for money. From our base in Birmingham we supply the whole of the UK with commercial floor mats that will ensure you meet health and safety legislation. First Mats is your trusted first choice in mats.

    For advice on industrial rubber kitchen floor mats, please contact First Mats today!