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Changing Room Mats

Experience unrivalled comfort and hygiene while reducing slip accidents with our premium Locker and Changing Room Mats. Ideal for commercial gyms, boutique hotels, and spas, our mats maintain a luxurious atmosphere while keeping guests safe. Invest in the best for your facility and choose our Changing Room Mats for ultimate safety and sophistication. - Click to learn more about Changing Room Mats

More information about Changing Room Mats

As the first defence against slip accidents on wet floors, changing room mats are essential to any establishment's safety and hygiene protocols. Designed with clever water drainage features, slip-resistant materials, and long-lasting wear and water resistance, changing room mats considerably raise the levels of safety and reduce the risk of accidents and potential injury claims.

Proper matting is critical to maintaining a safe and secure environment in wet and leisure areas. In addition to enhancing safety, Changing Room Mats and Flooring also provide insulation against hard, gritty flooring and tiles found in changing rooms, creating a soft and comfortable surface ideal for bare feet while ensuring excellent traction for visitors.

Where Changing Room Mats and Flooring are Used

Changing Room Matting is often found in commercial leisure centres, gyms, hotels, and private pools. These high-traffic areas require durable and reliable matting to reduce the risk of slip accidents for guests on wet floors.

Changing room mats are commonly found in the changing rooms of swimming pools, sports clubs, and locker rooms, where water accumulation is frequent. We highly recommend positioning your mats near showers, lockers, and cubicles to maximise safety and hygiene.

In addition to providing slip resistance and water drainage, our changing room mats offer superior comfort, making them ideal for barefoot areas. Whether you're operating a commercial facility or a private pool, investing in quality changing room mats is essential for the safety and satisfaction of your guests.

Key Benefits and Features of Changing Room Mats

Our changing room mats boast an array of distinctive key features and benefits, such as;

Slip Resistance - Slips, trips, and falls can prove hazardous, especially in wet and slippery environments. Fortunately, our changing room mats have outstanding slip resistance and underfoot traction, ensuring excellent health and safety practices.

Comfortable on Feet - Our changing room mats are designed to provide the most comfortable flooring surface possible, delivering a safe balance between grip and comfort for the users.

Easy to Install - Little to no assembly is required – simply connect the tiles piece by piece with the corresponding edges, or place and position the mat accordingly for mating rolls. Mats can easily be lifted and moved to other locations whenever needed.

Easy maintenance and storage - Changing room matting is easy to maintain and store away, perfect for high-volume busy places with sustained foot traffic levels. This saves time for cleaning and maintains a high level of hygiene.

Available in custom sizes and tiles - Many changing room mats are limited by size or colour, meaning they are only suitable for use in a few facilities. Our wide variety of changing room mats are designed to be universal for any recreational changing room or locker room, with custom sizes, lengths and modular tiles available to cater to your needs, plus a spectrum of colours to suit surrounding colour schemes.

Promotes good hygiene - With changing room mats in place around the changing room, any unwanted substances will fall through the gaps and be contained within the mat - preventing cross-contamination between interconnecting corridors and rooms. Our mats also feature an anti-microbial coating reducing the amount of damp-loving fungus and bacteria.

Changing Room Mats and Flooring Range

For changing rooms linked to swimming pools and other wet areas, we have a specialised selection of Swimming Pool Mats. These include our AquaDeck Wet Room Shower Tiles, the AquaStep Changing Room Mat, and our SlipProtect Slatted Wet Room Mats.

HeronRib Featuring a textured surface that ensures excellent grip for barefoot users, the HeronRib non-slip matting helps prevent accidents by keeping users above wet floor surfaces. Additionally, it is easy to clean and can be customised to fit any length you need in centimetres. With four-way drainage, anti-microbial and anti-fungal additives, and suitability for indoor or outdoor use, our Heronrib matting provides the ultimate safety and hygiene in changing room environments.

AquaDeck Aqua-Deck Mat Tiles are the ultimate solution for wet areas. Made in the UK, these PVC tiles provide barefoot comfort, enhanced drainage, and slip resistance. Measuring 30cm x 30cm and 12mm thick, they can be easily adapted to floors of any shape or size. Customise your edges with 30cm pieces for a seamless finish. Upgrade your wet areas with Aqua-Deck Mat Tiles.

AquaStep - Our free-draining AquaStep Mat is crafted from Anti-Bacterially treated PVC, providing a hygienic, safe, comfortable surface for barefoot use in wet areas. The material can be easily cut to any custom length required, making it ideal for various environments, including changing rooms. The AquaStep Mat can also be easily extended using connector clips, with a pack of 40 sufficient to clip together two 15-meter lengths side by side. Enjoy ultimate flexibility and safety with AquaStep Mat.

Matting Performance Chart

Aqua-Step Matting Aqua-Deck Tiles Heronrib Matting Duckboard Rolls SlipProtect Matting SlipLine Matting
Wear Resistance
Slip Resistance
Custom Sizes ✔ (+ Semi-Modular) Interlocking Tiles
Roll Widths
60cm 30cm x 30cm tile 50cm, 100cm, 122cm 60cm, 80cm, 100cm 60cm, 80cm, 100cm 60cm, 91cm
Thickness 9mm
Weight 2.96 kg/m2
0.52 kg/tile
5.50 kg/m2
5.80 kg/m2
5.40 kg/m2
3.70 kg/m2
Colours Blue, Red, Beige,  Green, White, Grey Black, Blue, Red, Green, Grey, Yellow, Brown White, Light Blue, Dark Blue, Grey, Red, Green Blue, Grey, White, Beige Blue, Grey, White, Beige Blue, Red, Green White, Beige, Black
Texture/Surface Wavy Slats Grid Surface Narrow Slats Narrow Slats Wide Slats Grid Surface
Special Features Low cost matting, Connector dlips Excellent drainage, Interlocking design
Four-Way drainage, Custom sizes per CM
Heavy-duty design, Custom sizes per CM
Heavy-Duty Design, Wide slats for comfort
Low profile design, custom sizes per CM
Price range ££ ££ ££ £££
££££ £££

Why Use Changing Room Mats?

Slip Accidents in and around changing room floors are a common occurrence which can not only cause painful injuries to swimmers and gym goers but can also lead to expensive compensation claims ranging up to £30,000 in some cases, so investing in premium changing room mats can substantially reduce the chance of this ever happening.

Our changing room mats can be rolled up to help clean and position. Most are anti-bacterial, all long-lasting and available in various colours, thus instantly improving the look of your changing room. We only supply tried and tested matting, but due to the wide variety of floor surfaces and to ensure you are entirely satisfied with your purchase, it is always advisable to test the mat before installation to ensure that it meets your requirements.

Our team can provide free samples of leisure mats for wet and dry areas, advise sizes, and help you get the best value products for your money.

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