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Floor Cable Protectors

Cable Protectors help to prevent wires on the floor from becoming tripping hazards, and are commonly used in offices, outdoor events and data centres. Indoor and Outdoor cable protectors are available, which are made from either PVC or Rubber, along with Rubber Cable Mats for wires and thinner cables. Choose either single or multi-channel Floor Cable Protectors, with lengths ranging from 1 metre to 10 metres.

Floor Cable Protectors - More Information

Floor Cable Protectors

Indoor and Outdoor floor cable protectors are designed to protect your staff and visitors from tripping over loose cables. The heavy-duty floor cable protectors can also save valuable IT equipment from being damaged by a cable that’s accidentally yanked from it.

All our floor cable protectors are made from super-strong Rubber or PVC for durability. We also offer Rubber Cable Mats that provide a thinner, lower profile solution to loose cables on floors and in walkways.

The range includes protectors for Indoor and Outdoor use, from single-channel versions of use in offices and IT rooms, to heavy-duty outdoor rubber cable ramps and hose protectors for construction sites and outdoor events.

Wherever you intend to use your Cable Protector, First Mats will provide an unsurpassed level of customer service, super-speedy UK delivery, and exceptional value for money.

Why use Cable Protectors?

Here at First Mats, our priority is your safety. So, why should you use floor cable protectors?

  • Loose, trailing cables present a dangerous trip hazard to staff and visitors. In fact, trips and slips account for 30% of all accidents that occur in the home or workplace. Our cable protectors help to prevent accidents in your home or business premises by keeping wires and cables under control and out of harm’s way. And because all our floor cable protectors are suitable for outdoor use, you can use them to keep guests safe from tripping over loose cables at weddings, parties, and other special occasions where the festivities take place outside.
  • Floor Cable Protectors can keep your premises looking neat and tidy, preventing cables and wires from gathering dust and dirt.
  • Protecting your cables from foot traffic, vibration, and abrasion by heavy equipment can preserve the cables’ quality and prevent them from being damaged.
  • Cable protectors help to make it easier to identify your cables by keeping them untangled and organised.
  • With no messy bundles of wires to hide in, insects can be deterred, and your cables won’t be damaged by gnawing rodent pests either.

Choosing the Right Cable Protector

Not all Floor Cable Protectors are suitable to use outdoors, and some are better suited to different cable or application types than others.

Rubber Cable Protectors: This floor cable protector is incredibly versatile and can be used for pretty much anything, indoors or outdoors. Choose from wide or narrow channels and lengths of 3m to 9m to perfectly suit your needs.

Yellow Hazard Cable Protector: This cable protector can be used inside or outside, comes in lengths of 3m to 9m, and has wide or narrow channels. Also, this cable protector has a bright yellow stripe on each side for extra visibility.

Data Cable Protector: Our data cable protector features two channels, enabling you to keep multiple cable types separate, making this the perfect choice for server rooms and offices.

Rubber Cable Mats: Also ideal for use in server rooms are our Rubber Cable Mats, which provide a thinner less intrusive way to manage loose cables and wires on the floor.

Heavy Duty Cable Protectors: This heavy-duty floor cable protector is extra-durable and is designed to prevent damage to your cables from heavy wheeled traffic, including forklift trucks and even cars. The 23mm channel takes chunky cables with ease, making this the ideal choice of floor cable protector for use in warehouse premises.

Cable Ramps: For construction sites and events, standard models are not going to be strong enough to handle vehicles and heavy foot traffic. That's where Cable Ramps come to the rescue, with their exceptionally strong constructions.

What are Floor Cable Protectors Made From?

There are two main types to choose from, which are our Rubber Cable Protectors that provide the strongest and most flexible solution, whilst our PVC versions offer the best value for money in offices and homes.