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Metal Cabinets

These Metal Cabinets are the perfect way to keep your tools, liquids and chemicals safe. With a wide range of sizes and colours available, you're sure to find the perfect cabinet for your workplace. All models are Lockable and most models are manufactured in the UK, so you can be confident in the quality and safety of these cabinets.

Metal Cabinets - More Information

Metal Cabinet with Tools

Metal cabinets take on a variety of different sizes and forms, but their main purpose is for use in industrial work environments to safely store tools, flammable liquids, and chemicals. Our metal cabinets are available in a variety of colours to distinguish the contents and can be used on-site or securely attached inside vehicles. They also enable companies to meet their UK health and safety obligations (e.g. COSHH).

Benefits of Metal Cabinets

The benefits of metal cabinets are numerous: safety, security, prevention of injury, and legal compliance. But the key advantage is that they enable companies to comply with health and safety legislation and meet their duty of care requirements for the protection of employees and safe storage of dangerous materials.

Our metal cabinets are a selection of extremely robust steel cabinets made from highly durable materials. They can withstand heavy-duty applications and are built to last for many years. At First Mats, deliveries of some models can be achieved in 5 working days, ensuring companies can quickly comply with UK health and safety law.

Metal cabinets also allow users to keep tools and equipment safely locked away. This prevents injury and stops the unauthorised use of equipment by people who are unqualified or lack the necessary training. It also helps to minimise theft and keeps equipment clean and dry, plus ensures good organisation to maintain productivity.

Metal cabinets, cupboards, and chests can be used on-site or in mobile vehicles like vans. Our on-site cabinets have sturdy, reinforced bases to increase strength and prevent accidents. Metal cabinets that can be securely attached to vans for secure, safe transportation to other locations come with additional, practical features.

Each of the metal cabinets in our range has an easily identifiable colour code: black for tools and equipment, red for flammable liquids, and yellow for chemicals and other hazardous substances that need to meet COSHH regulations. The colour coding prevents cross-contamination and helps users to quickly distinguish the cabinets from other types of storage.

We also have a six-compartment tool charging locker available, which is ideal for leaving expensive tools and equipment on charge. In environments where it is dangerous or risky to leave tools charging, metal charging lockers are the perfect solution. Not only are they robust and strong, but they also come with features like added ventilation. They can be used by individuals or teams of employees.

Who are Metal Cabinets best for?

Many industries, companies and even individuals can benefit from metal cabinets. Although these metal cabinets are largely aimed at industrial use, such as in workshops and manufacturing environments, they are equally useful for tradespeople who need to store tools in garages or vans safely and securely. In industry, metal cabinets are a health and safety law requirement for the safe storage of chemicals, flammables, and hazardous materials.

Choosing the right Metal Cabinet

Our range includes metal cabinets for a number of different purposes. Our ‘black’ metal cabinets are primarily designed for the secure storage of tools and equipment. They keep dangerous tools and expensive equipment away from prying eyes and are extremely robust, providing great security and protection against break-ins. They are available in the cabinet, toolbox, mobile (with wheels), and heavy-duty cabinet models.

Our ‘red’ range of cabinets are designed for securely storing flammable liquids. They meet COSHH requirements, contain spillages, and have ventilation to stop the build-up of fumes. They are also fire resistant for half an hour. Finally, our ‘yellow’ range is designed for safely storing chemicals, flammables, and other hazardous substances. They meet COSHH requirements and are clearly labelled.

Why buy a Metal Cabinet from First Mats?

At First Mats, we strive to provide a wide range of high-quality, UK-made metal cabinets for all types of customers. Our commitment to supplying durable, feature-rich and dependable products is reflected in our excellent customer service and reputation. We are dedicated to 100% customer satisfaction and go above and beyond to meet the needs of our clients. This is reflected in our online reviews, especially our Trustpilot rating of 4.9 out of 5 (among the best anywhere on the web).