Made To Measure Door Mats

Looking for made to measure door mats? Discover our range of matting including Coir and Nylon in custom lengths. Spend £50 for free UK delivery.
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Made To Measure Door Mats - Buying Guide and Information

Made to Measure Entrance Mats

Whether it's an attractive mat for your home, or a durable mat for a commercial entrance, our made to measure door mats can be ordered big enough that you, your customers, staff or visitors pass both feet over them when they enter the building. As well as being visually attractive, they are hard-wearing and designed to remove dirt and moisture off boots and shoes to prolong the life of the internal floor coverings and helps to ensure you meet your health and safety obligations.

We supply custom sized door mats in any length you require, and your mat can be manufactured in your preferred choice of colour. For example, our EntryPlus made to measure door mat has a beautiful Plush Pile which effectively removes dirt and absorbs moisture. These mats trap dirt for a tidy appearance, they are designed for easy cleaning with a vacuum or hose, and their low height makes them suited for wheelchair access. The EntryPlus mat is made from long-lasting polypropylene fibres with a dense vinyl base to prevent slippage. They incorporate crush-resistance features so they will keep working for years to come.

Front Door Mats Made to Measure

For that extra important first impression, you can choose to have a custom logo entrance mat for your business premises. We also have a range of outdoor entrance mats that are designed for use in all weather, and some are particularly suited to extreme conditions such as snow and ice. The outdoor entrance mats generally all have an abrasive texture to scrape soil, mud and dirt from boots and shoes, and they are porous or have a raised surface to allow water to drain off. These mats also come with safety features such as bevelled edges and/or suction cups to help you avoid slips and trips.

Our custom sized door entrance mats will help you to keep your premises clean and enable you to meet your health and safety obligations. We only supply those designs that are shown to be effective in reducing dirt and absorbing water from entering your premises, and you can request a free sample.

Entrance mats are the unsung heroes of health and safety. But do you need a mat that is bigger, wider, longer, shorter or narrower than the usual sizes? We can provide made to measure door mats for all of your entrance areas.

About First Mats

First Mats provides all product-testing information about the different types of entrance mats. From safety mats for leisure to custom size floor mats for industry, all our orders are dispatched within a matter of days Our team will be pleased to guide you through the wide variety of quality, tried-and-tested entrance mats in our store, and to help you get the best value for money.

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