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Generator Drip Trays

Are you looking for a way to safely contain leaked oils from generators and power packs? Look no further than our Generator Drip Trays! Our specially designed absorbent mat soaks up oils and fuels, keeping all spills safely contained. Prevent oil leaks from polluting the environment with our trusted products!

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Generator Drip Tray

Drip trays for generators do exactly what they say on the tin: they are trays designed to catch any drips or leaks coming from your portable generator. These generator drip trays are available in a range of sizes suited to contain any spills, with options that include standard rigid trays as well as ones that feature flexible sides to enable a portable generator to be rolled over them and then positioned in the centre. Many plant operators use the expensive Plant Nappy product for this purpose but our range of drip trays for generators do the exact same job for a much more affordable price!

Why Use Drip Trays for Generators?

Portable generators are handy and efficient, making them excellent for any project that requires a remote power source. However, using portable generators can pose some environmental problems. Petrol fuel or engine oil runoffs can seep into the ground, causing health and safety hazards as well as being damaging to the environment. This is where our drip trays for generators come in to protect your job site, and the environment, from contamination.

Workplace health and safety regulations often require proper containment and disposal of volatile waste. This covers all sorts of liquids, including fuel and motor oil for portable generators that run on petrol.

Not having drip trays for generators in place will quickly land you with a health and safety violation, but it’s important to also keep in mind that these guidelines were set in place to prevent environmental damage in the event of a spill.

The repercussions of ground contamination, which are quite serious indeed, don’t need a detailed discussion here — it’s better to avoid such possibilities altogether. That’s why generator drip trays are so crucial.

Choosing the Right Generator Drip Tray

Because of the high stakes surrounding the preservation of your worksite and the nearby environment, it’s important to choose the right generator drip tray for your needs.

First and foremost, you need to ensure the generator drip trays you’re using are of the correct dimensions to provide adequate coverage to your generators. Any absorbent mats you use in your drip trays also need to be able to handle the maximum possible spills to prevent even a millilitre of oil or petrol runoff – if you are not using an absorbent then the tray must be deep enough to contain any runoff or leakage.

Furthermore, you need to ensure the generator drip tray solution you’re using is affordable for your firm. We have a wide range of generator drip tray products that will meet different budget requirements without sacrificing quality or effectiveness.

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Are Our Generator Drip Trays Reusable?

First Mats drip trays for generators are, indeed, reusable. In our Spilltector and flexi-tray ranges, the absorbent mats are easily removed and replaced, preserving the rest of the drip tray for repeated use. The old absorbent pad can simply be disposed of properly according to your work site's health and safety guidelines, and you can re-position your generator over the centre of the new mat and continue your work processes without further interruption.

Not only that, but the unique construction of our generator drip tray mats will absorb contaminants while letting rainwater flow away without saturating the mat. This ensures that only oil spills will be absorbed, which makes our mats last longer and work more efficiently than others.

Our standard model drip trays can be reused as well – simply empty out the collected fluid into your waste collection unit and wipe clean. These are also available with EVO universal absorbent pads, to make the process even easier.

Finally, our EVO universal and general purpose spill kits with drip trays are an all-in-one spill solution, providing the drip tray to catch any drips, spills or leaks, and the absorbent pads, socks and disposal bags to tackle any major problems. These trays can also be reused – simply replace any of the other items as and when they are used.

Why Buy From First Mats

Our Spilltector Generator Drip Trays feature a specially designed unique absorbent mat. This is comprised of several layers of material that quickly absorbs oil and fuels. What's more, the fibres will not soak up water, allowing you to use them outside without them becoming saturated when it rains. With our drip trays for generators, you only need to replace the absorbent mat, thanks to the reusable tray. With the Plant Nappy products, you need to replace the entire unit each time making it much less cost-effective.

Unique Absorbent Mat


Our standard drip trays with or without absorbent mats are made from durable recycled plastic and are available in depths, lengths and widths to suit a wide range of use cases.

Our spill kits with drip trays or Flexi-trays are available in different capacities so you can pick the one that suits your requirements the best.

First Mats is your best choice as your supplier of drip trays for generators. Not only are the materials we use in our drip trays more efficient than those of our competitors, but our products are also more modestly priced as well!

We stand by our products unconditionally, and that’s why our customer service record is impeccable. Our commitment to the needs of our clients and our dedication to providing only the highest-quality goods and services speaks for itself.

You don’t have to take our word for it: our five-star Trustpilot rating shows how serious we take customer service. No matter what you’re looking for, it’s clear that First Mats is your first choice. Contact us today to see what we can do for you!