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Absorbent Pads, Socks and Rolls

Discover our wide range of absorbent pads, socks and rolls designed for all types of industrial environments. Whether it's for coolants, oils, fuels of even chemicals, First Mats provides a high quality product that allows you to quickly and safely absorb spillages.
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Absorbent Pads, Socks and Rolls - More Information

Absorbent Pads in Use

At First Mats, we aim to provide the widest range of absorbent products that will be an effective solution for any spillage within any environment, all at a low and affordable price. We provide a range of products for everyday spillages, as well as more targeted options for industrial and more hazardous situations including Oils and Chemicals where efficiency and safety are of utmost importance. Our wide range of options will ensure that you can always rely on First Mats for your fluid spillage clean-up needs.

What Are Absorbent Pads?

Absorbent Pads are small sheets of soft cotton or synthetic fibre designed for the purpose of soaking up various types of industrial liquids. Different types of materials work better with certain fluids. Our Evo pads for example are made from cotton which is great for all fluids including water based coolants and oils, whereas our Hygrophobic range will only soak up oils and fuels whilst repelling water.

Which Absorbent Pads Do I Need?

If you need spillage control measures for the average everyday water or other non-hazardous spillages, then our general-purpose absorbent pads and rolls are your best option for fast and efficient clean-up. These are the most cost-effective and reliable options that will still provide you with a durable product and high level of absorbance for most non-hazardous fluids.

If your spillage involves an oil-based fluid instead, then our oil absorbent pads are the number one choice for you. These come under two different ranges; Evo and Hygro.

You can visit the relevant pages on our site to find out more about each of these, but our Eco range is by far the most environmentally friendly solution to any spillage that you may find yourself dealing with. Our Hygro range of products are the best option for spillages that require a roll or pad that will not become saturated with water but will instead only absorb the oil or other fluid that needs cleaned up.

Finally, our chemical absorbent rolls and pads are an excellent solution for any spillage of acids, alkalis, solvents or other strong chemicals where safety is an important factor as well as efficient clean-up. These are also cost-effective, whilst maintaining the high-quality construction that all of our other products boast as well.

Why Buy Absorbent Pads from First Mats

Along with our large and diverse range of matting and floor safety products that provide solutions for any kind of spillage clean-up, we also put a lot of care into making sure that our customer satisfaction levels remain as high as possible.

This requires us to carry out stringent quality checks at each of the manufacturing stages, as well as make sure that our customer service team is able to deal with every possible situation. We have hundreds of reviews on Trustpilot, with our overall rating being an excellent 4.9 out of 5.

This drives us to deliver better products every single time, and we are always keen to receive feedback from our customers to find out how we can do our job even better. If you have a need for any spillage clean-up materials, feel free to get in touch with us today to find out how we can help you no matter what your working environment or clean-up requirements are.

So, if you are looking for solutions to your spillage problems, do not hesitate to get in touch with First Mats, and find out the power of smart spillage clean-up today.