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Absorbent Spill Pads

Discover our wide range of absorbent spill... Discover our wide range of absorbent spill pads for water and general spills designed for all industrial environments. Whether for water, coolants, oils or fuels, First Mats provides high-quality pads that allow you to quickly and safely absorb spillages. Purchase... ˅

More information about Absorbent Spill Pads

Are you looking for an efficient way to manage spills in your workplace? Our range of absorbent spill pads is designed to soak up water, coolant, oils, and other workplace liquids swiftly and effectively.

Available in boxes of 100 or 200 spill pads, or as a roll with quick-rip tear-off pieces, our absorbent spill pads help to contain and clean up general workplace spills quickly. Made in the UK from recycled materials, these spill pads are effective and environmentally friendly.

Ensure a safer and cleaner workspace by exploring our range of absorbent spill pads today. With fast delivery on all products, you can keep your workplace prepared for any spill emergency.

evo oil absorbent pads example

How do The Absorbent Spill Pads work?

Our universal absorbent spill pads are made of various synthetic and cotton fibres, many of which are recycled and naturally absorbent. Unlike hydrophobic oil absorbent pads that only absorb hydrocarbons, such as oils, our universal absorbent pads can soak up any non-hazardous liquid, including water and coolants. For this reason, our absorbent spill pads for water and general spills are recommended for environments where multiple liquids are used.

When do I Need Absorbent Spill Pads?

If you work in a manufacturing environment using various liquids, such as machine shops using liquid-based coolants, our general-purpose absorbent pads are your best option for fast and efficient clean-up.

These spill pads are the most cost-effective and reliable option that will still provide you with a durable product and a high absorbance level for most non-hazardous fluids. Moreover, they are manufactured in the UK, reducing the carbon footprint compared to shipping the same materials from overseas.

Why Buy Absorbent Spill Pads from First Mats

Along with our large and diverse range of matting and floor safety products, we also put a lot of care into ensuring that our customer satisfaction levels remain as high as possible.

This requires us to carry out stringent quality checks at each manufacturing stage and ensure that our customer service team can handle every possible situation. As a result, we have hundreds of reviews on Trustpilot, with our overall rating being an excellent 4.9 out of 5.

This drives us to deliver better products every single time, and we are always keen to receive feedback from our customers to find out how we can do our job even better. So if you need absorbent pads for water or other liquids, feel free to contact us today to find out how we can help you, no matter your working environment.

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