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Cycle Racks

Keep bicycles securely stored with our strong and elegant Cycle Racks. Manufactured from galvanised steel, these robust Cycle Racks are great for outdoor bicycle storage you can rely on. Our Cycle Racks are offered with free mainland UK delivery on orders over £45. Order your cycle racks online or get in touch with our friendly team for help and advice.

Cycle Racks - More Information

Cycle Parking Rack

What is a cycle rack?

A cycle rack is a set of hoops or bars that give cyclists a safe and theft-proof place to park their bike. Also known as a bicycle stand or a bicycle parking rack, a cycle rack is a permanent outdoor fixture.

How do cycle racks work?

From our range of Street Furniture products, Hooped Cycle Racks are designed to fit the width of a cycle tyre comfortably and to keep the stored cycle in position. Each cycle slot is set apart from the next, to allow cyclists space to safely manoeuvre their bikes in and out without causing any damage to their bike.

What are the benefits of cycle racks?

Cycle racks have two big benefits: they allow the cyclist to leave their bike in a secure location away from traffic, without the bike toppling over or being damaged. Cycle racks also make it easy for cyclists to padlock their bikes to a secure point to avoid theft.

Both benefits give cyclists real peace of mind, making cycle racks a great way to attract customers to shops, restaurants, sports centres and other public venues.

A cycle rack is also a good way of encouraging students and employees to cycle to work, with the added benefits of improved health and well-being.

Why is installing a cycle rack a good idea?

Now that cycling is such a popular transport option, every organisation that has employees, customers and visitors on site will want to install a cycle rack. They are also useful for households who need a secure outdoor place to park their bikes.

Installing cycle racks avoids the unsightly and potential hazard of bikes being padlocked to downpipes or left by entrances.

Also having a cycle rack in a highly visible place, well away from other traffic and pedestrians, will show that you’re supporting the health of your staff and visitors and encouraging green forms of transport – both important reputational messages.

Which cycle racks are in the First Mats range?

All of the cycle racks in the First Mats range are chosen for their strength and durability – they can cope with the worst of British weather and with regular daily use.

The cycle racks are manufactured from steel, with a matt grey galvanised finish - a thin layer of zinc that offers protection against corrosion. All of our Cycle Racks are capable of storing bikes with tyres up to 50mm wide; the Single Sided and Double Sided Cycle Racks can even cope with super-wide tyres up to 55mm wide.

With cycle racks available to suit one to six bikes, plus the possibility of linking racks together to form longer runs, we have a cycle rack suitable for every organisation.

The popular Single Sided Cycle Rack, for example, can store from two to six cycles. And First Mats’ Double Sided Cycle Rack allows bikes to be parked from either direction, making this a great choice where space is not an issue.

If space is limited, look to our Compact Cycle Rack or our Wall Mounted Cycle Rack, which conserves floor space and swivels to allow cyclists to store their bikes at a space-saving angle. 

Why buy cycle racks from First Mats?

We offer excellent customer service – and it seems our customers agree: we have a top Five Star Trustpilot rating, something we are very proud of. So when you buy from First Mats you know you are dealing with a company whose reputation is built on offering quality products at a competitive price, backed up by great customer service.