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About Us

Welcome to First Mats

Established in 2016, First Mats is a comprehensive safety solutions provider headquartered in Hall Green, Birmingham. We started our journey with a keen focus on matting products, and with the passage of time, we expanded our portfolio to encompass a wider array of industrial safety equipment. From homes and offices to large-scale industrial setups and leisure centres, we strive to enhance safety, cleanliness, and operational efficiency through our top-tier products.

Our core values centre around unwavering commitment to quality, customer satisfaction, and most importantly, safety. When you choose First Mats, you are investing in reliable, high-quality solutions that are designed to protect and perform, day in, day out.

Quality and Safety: Our Dual Priorities

At First Mats, our goal extends beyond selling products. We are here to provide safety assurance, operational efficiency, and peace of mind.

Quality: Our collaboration with ISO-accredited manufacturers ensures that each product we offer, be it mats or any other safety equipment, meets the highest standards of quality and durability. When you purchase from First Mats, you receive products that promise long-lasting performance.

Safety: Our comprehensive product range is thoughtfully curated to mitigate safety hazards. Our mats keep floors clean, dry, and safe, while our other safety equipment helps safeguard employees in diverse industrial environments.

Our Portfolio

First Mats offers an extensive range of products designed to meet diverse safety requirements. We offer a comprehensive array of solutions from domestic mats and industrial safety equipment to leisure centre matting and robust rubber flooring. Our products come with:

  • A unique rating system for transparency on each product's strengths
  • Detailed product information to help you make an informed decision
  • Swift delivery
  • Free samples to test our products first-hand
  • Custom sizes for a perfect fit

Why Choose First Mats?

Safety Matters: In the workplace, slips and trips account for roughly 30% of all accidents. Recognising this, we are serious about improving safety with our product range. Our mats and safety equipment are more than functional items; they are proactive safety measures helping prevent accidents and enhance productivity.

Our Customers: We serve a diverse customer base, from homeowners to large corporations. Our commitment to exceptional customer service, outstanding value, and speedy delivery has allowed us to work with many prestigious organisations.

Trust First Mats

Trust and reliability are at the core of First Mats. We are not just a supplier; we are a safety partner committed to providing a safer and cleaner environment through our products. Choosing us means opting for quality, safety, and peace of mind. As we continue our journey, we promise to stay true to these core values and consistently deliver the excellence you expect from First Mats.

This is also reflected in our 4.9 out of 5 rating collected from 2000+ trusted reviews. 


Who are our customers

Whether you are looking for an entrance mat for your home, or a large quantity of rubber matting for an industrial workshop, First Mats will aim to provide an excellent level of customer service, exceptional value and speedy delivery. That is why we have the privilege of supplying mats to many well-known organisations including;


Thank you for choosing First Mats. We look forward to serving you with unparalleled commitment.

First Mats Ltd
Cambrai Court, 1229 Stratford Road
Hall Green, Birmingham
B28 9AA, United Kingdom