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Barrier Matting & Mats

Barrier Matting and Mats are extra-large entrance... Barrier Matting and Mats are extra-large entrance mats designed to remove dust, dirt and grime from footwear. This is because the more your matting is stepped on with both feet, the better it keeps your floors clean. Explore our range... ˅

More information about Barrier Matting & Mats

Barrier Matting, synonymous with Entrance Mats, effectively safeguards interior floors by creating a robust "barrier" against dirt, dust, debris, and moisture from the outdoors.

Constructed from heavy-duty materials like rubber, PVC, and polypropylene, Barrier Matting ensures long-lasting durability in high-traffic areas. These mats come in various sizes, colours, and textures to cater to diverse business and domestic needs.

Beyond maintaining a clean and tidy space, Barrier Matting enhances safety by offering a non-slip surface, minimising the risk of slips and falls. By capturing debris at the entrance, these mats contribute to a safer and cleaner environment for visitors and employees alike. Barrier Matting is a crucial component of any commercial establishment's entryway.

What is Barrier Matting Made of, and How Does it Work?

Crafted from cotton or synthetic fibres blended with a rubber or PVC backing, Barrier Matting is available in various thicknesses and textures, tailored to suit specific applications, environments, and flooring surfaces.

The efficacy of Barrier Matting stems from its extended length compared to standard door mats, ensuring multiple foot contacts.

Both theoretically and practically, a longer mat enables visitors to transfer more dirt, dust, moisture, and other undesired substances onto the mat, effectively protecting adjacent floors, carpets, and workspaces. This makes Barrier Matting an essential asset for maintaining a pristine commercial environment.

The two most common and popular types of barrier mats are nylon fibre and cotton mats due to their excellent performance, a wide range of choices and great value.

Cotton surface barrier mats excel in moisture absorption and capturing fine dust particles, functioning as an efficient ground sponge for footwear. Alternatively, synthetic nylon fibre barrier matting offers enhanced durability and superior dirt and dust retention, making it perfect for high-traffic zones or dust-prone factories and warehouses.

These options ensure optimal cleanliness and safety in diverse commercial settings.

Where is Barrier Matting Used?

Any homeowner or business who cares about maintaining good cleanliness and health and safety practices will use and implement barrier matting in domestic, commercial and public environments. Barrier mats are becoming a fundamental necessity, especially in many homes and public buildings.

More examples of where you can find barrier matting in action throughout daily life include:

  • Engineering, Manufacturing and Mechanical Workshops
  • Schools, Universities and Children’s Play Centres
  • Fulfilment Centres and Logistics Depots
  • Supermarkets, Shops and Restaurants
  • Offices, Hotels and Gyms
  • Libraries and other Public Buildings

    Domestically, more and more tenants and property owners are using barrier matting for entrances as functional and fashionable home accessories suited to the décor and preferences.

    Note: Most door mats are designed for smooth floors such as tiles or wood. For soft floors, see our range of Door Mats for Carpet Floors.

    The Expert's Buying Guide for Barrier Matting

    So, with all of the information in this guide, you will know far more about Barrier Mats than you did before, but which ones are the best? The experts at First Mats have checked each product and recommended some top choices for you to consider;

    Best Value Barrier Matting - Plush Choice

    Plush Choice - Black & Steel Customer Image

    The Plush Choice is a bestseller, and it's not hard to see why. This great all-around mat offers good dirt and water retention performance whilst being durable enough for low to medium traffic volumes.

    It is also one of our most versatile entrance mats, available in various colours and sizes, including custom length options. This means you can choose one of the standard roll widths and then any length you need, ensuring a perfect fit in any environment.

    Heavy-Duty Barrier Mats - AquaProtect

    AquaProtect Door Mat

    If you need a Barrier Mat that can be used in high-traffic entrances, then our AquaProtect is an excellent choice. It is among our highest-rated mats in all categories (Crush Resistance, Water Retention and Soil Resistance). This makes it ideal for libraries, schools, shops and other areas with high foot traffic.

    The raised waffle pattern makes it great for pulling dirt away from shoes, soaking up and retaining any water, and keeping surrounding floors clean, dry and safe.

    Commercial Barrier Matting - EntraGuard

    EntraGuard Rubber Door Mat with Holes

    If you're looking for something that will cover a larger floor area, you may be interested in EntraGuard Barrier Matting. Available in widths of 1 metre or 2 metres, EntraGuard is designed for large commercial areas such as walkways and reception areas. It is available in any length up to 21 metres and has a choice of executive grey and charcoal colours, making it ideal for larger facilities such as hotel receptions.

    How to clean Barrier Matting

    As a crucial safeguard for maintaining pristine and dry floors, cleaning Barrier Matting regularly is essential to guarantee optimal performance. Our comprehensive guide on proper barrier mat cleaning techniques and products can be found here:

    Please click here to read the full floor mat cleaning guide.

    The cleaning frequency depends on factors such as seasonal variation, foot traffic volume, and the immediate environment (e.g., proximity to muddy entrance areas). Ideally, vacuum your mats in sync with the surrounding floor (preferably weekly) and perform more thorough cleanings monthly or as required.


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