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Tools and Supplies

When it comes to tools and related supplies, First Mats have a great range to choose from for professionals and home enthusiasts. With everything from welding equipment to bench grinders, generators and portable air compressors to tap and die sets, First Mats have got your tooling needs covered.

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tools and supplies for industry

Tools and Supplies

Starting any project with the right supplies instantly sets you up for success. That’s why we’ve put together a great selection of our top tools and supplies, so you can browse through and choose the right equipment for your needs.

Welding and Grinding

If your sharpening and grinding tools are getting a little dull, you may be in need of a Bench Grinder. We stock lightweight grinders suitable for home use, all the way up to very heavy-duty 600w grinders and wire-wheel grinders. Or if you work in a poorly lit space, the Bench Grinder with Work Light may be just right.

Take a look at our extensive range of welding products which include products from helmets to torch sets to blankets. You are sure to find what you need to make the welding process efficient and safe, whether it's professional or just DIY and hobby welding.

Professional Soldering Irons

Our professional soldering irons are designed for intensive use so you can produce the best quality of work. Choose Soldering Irons in a wide range of power settings, sizes and styles, allowing you to find the best iron for your needs.


Too cold to work?

We know just how much the seasons can impact work attitudes and productivity, which is why we have both Heaters and Dehumidifiers for the winter months, and Industrial Fans for those hot summer days. These supplies can ensure ideal working temperatures for your staff all year long.

Building up your tools

Whether you are just starting out as a beginner mechanic, or you have years of invaluable workshop experience, you can never go wrong with a great toolset. We stock a comprehensive range of Tool Chests and Toolboxes, most of which are lockable and portable so you can keep your kit safe. Or if your projects consist more of metalworking, why not take a look at our Tap and Die sets to cut, clean and maintain threads for all your bolts and screws.

No plug socket nearby?

There are fewer things more frustrating than needing to use an electrical piece of equipment, only to find no plug socket nearby. Take a look at our extensive Extension Cable Reel products for a simple and cost-effective solution to this problem. We have extension cables that range from 10 metres all the way up to 50 metres such as our Heavy Duty Cable Reels with 4 x 230V Sockets.


You can find a huge selection of other tools and supplies here on our website including Oils and lubricants, the best Mechanic seats, Petrol generators and more which have all been tried and tested to the highest standards - as evident by our 4.9 out of 5 Trustpilot rating.

If you require any assistance with choosing the best tools or supplies for you, please get in touch with our friendly team who will be more than happy to help.

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