Our heavy-duty cutting mats are designed for use in industrial environments such as warehouses, packaging and despatch areas and general-purpose cutting areas.

These self-healing mats make cutting marks almost invisible, which means accurate cutting is much easier as the knife won't get caught in grooves caused by previous cutting. Our heavy-duty workbench cutting mats are also fire retardant, heat resistant, waterproof and impervious to solvents and most chemicals.

Ideal Applications

The heavy-duty nature of this matting makes it suitable for use in demanding environments including;

  • Industrial environments
  • General warehouse use
  • Printing and graphics trimming
  • Multi-purpose cutting
  • Workbench surface protection

For crafts and hobbies, please see our Green and Clear cutting mats.

Features and Benefits

  • Semi-opaque white coloured matting material
  • Highly durable anti-glare surface
  • Excellent resistance against shocks and tears
  • Thickness: 4.5mm
  • Suitable for use with Rotary cutters, Scalpels and Stanley knives
  • Good anti-static properties

Our heavy-duty cutting mats can also be cut to size with a CNC machine (CAD file required). Extra charges will apply for this service so please get in touch if you are interested.

Cutting mat care tips;

  • Use a light touch with your knife. The object is to cut through the materials and just slightly into the mat
  • Clean the mat with detergents, cleaners or solvents, as the mat is impervious to most types of cleaners
  • Your mat should be rolled out shiny side down. It may take 24 to 48 hours to lay totally flat after being rolled up
  • Once the matt side is totally worn, the reverse can also be used if required

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