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LogoScraper Outdoor Rubber Logo Mats

Wow your visitors before they even enter the building with a premium Outdoor Logo Mat. Made from Nitrile Rubber, this mat is super-strong with a scraper textured surface to remove dirt from shoes.

Imagine your logo, in an astonishing photographic quality, on a mat that your visitors will be amazed by every time they visit.

  1. Photographic image quality
  2. 100% Nitrile EXS Rubber Construction
  3. Industry Grade Performance
  4. FREE Design Service
  5. 100% Quality Guarantee

Our Rubber Logo Mats are available in four standard sizes from 75cm x 85cm to 150cm x 250cm.

Complete the form to see how your logo will look on one of our awe-inspiring Rubber Logo Mats, we will send you a Free design and quote.

Anytime Outdoor Logo Mat

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1 - Photographic Image Quality

Our LogoScraper outdoor logo mats provide sharp photographic image quality, allowing your company logo to be displayed while maintaining high health and safety practices for your workplace. Expertly printed into a layer of thermoplastic, each image is expertly moulded onto the rubber mat surface as a near permanent fixture with no visual tearing, creases or distortions while persevering every detail of your design.

photographic logo floor mats

2 - 100% Nitrile EXS ™ Rubber Construction

Nitrile EXS Rubber is our high-end hard-wearing rubber compound which combines all the existing strengths of nitrile rubber and expands them with improved tear, wear and ripple resistance, making it the strongest matting rubber currently on the market to date.  

Some of the key benefits of Nitrile EXS ™ Rubber include:


  • Complete Oil and Chemical Resistance
  • Extremely durable and long-lasting
  • Great tensile strength and abrasion 



rubber logo mats

3 - Industry Grade Performance

Our LogoScraper mat provides industry grade performance, with a design that is heavily inspired by one of our best selling premium industrial floor mats: the Supreme Scraper.   Embedded with top end anti-slip and anti-fatigue properties, our LogoScraper rubber logo mats are not only made to look the part, but to also perform astoundingly well. View the Additional Information tab below for more details. 

high-grade entrance mat

4 - FREE Design Service

We offer a personalised no-obligation design service, with a visual of your mat provided free of charge, so you can have full confidence in the look and feel of your new rubber logo mat before it arrives at your door.

You can easily send us over your desired highest-resolution photo or logo (please refer to image formats below), specify any colour preferences and then we’ll do the rest! It’s really that simple!

Image Format: PDF, PSD, AI, PNG, JPG or GIF file formats are accepted.

safe floor matting

5 - 100% Quality Guarantee 

Here at First Mats, we’re not satisfied until you receive the best possible logo mat that money can buy. If you have any issues concerning the mat colours, design, size, finish or quality, we will personally refund you or re-print another personalised mat completely free of charge.

Additional Information 

Complete Oil Resistance

Our Nitrile EXS™ Rubber is renowned for its amazing all-purpose usability, preventing common day-to-day oily substances from penetrating and wearing the mat. Some of the oils that Nitrile EXS™ Rubber is resistance to include petroleum, mineral and gas-based fuels and oils, animal & vegetable oils, solvents, alcohols, and oil based substances.

Chemical Resistance

As well as being oil resistant, Nitrile EXS ™ Rubber is resistant to many types of chemicals and acids found in many workshops, factories and production plants. Be assured that all LogoScraper Mats are made to sustain long periods of time with heavy foot traffic.

Made to Last

Our Nitrile EXS rubber compound is designed to survive and conquer any outdoor environment with high volumes of foot traffic, with incredible tensile strength and dramatic levels of wear and tear resistance. On average, Nitrile Rubber mats can last up to 10 years or more in busy areas, making them an ideal choice for businesses and construction planners that need a safety flooring solution to last. The durometer of LogoScraper rubber logo mats is 65.  Find out more in-depth information about what this means below.

What is durometer?

In layman’s terms, the durometer is one of the measurements used to determine how hard a material is.  For rubbers, there is a scale ranging from 0-100 and within the scale, rubbers are placed into “shores”. The higher the number equates to the harder the rubber and the lower flexibility of the material.

As a real-life example, the rubber used in pencil eraser would fall under Shore 40 due to the lesser wear resistance but higher flexibility. On the other hand, rubber used for the soles of boots and working shoes would rank at Shore 70 because of the high wear and tear resistance but lower flexibility.  Our LogoScraper mats lie at Shore 65 due for intense durability and weariness while maintaining a few flexible qualities that aid in removing swarf and dirt.

Anti-Slip Ready

Why Does Anti-Slip Matting Matter?

Slips, trip and falls are the most common cause of accidents in the workplace. In 2016/17 alone, 29% of all workplace accidents where reported to be cause of this, injuring 87 people every day. With this directly contributing to £5.3 billion of financial losses for businesses in the UK (in 2015/16), anti-slip matting has become an essential necessity for many industrial plants, factories and other areas of work.

Thankfully, our LogoScraper mats are one of the most cost-effective ways to marginalise any hazardous slip-related risks while displaying any promotional media or visual content to your liking. 

How are LogoScraper Mats Slip Resistant?

Our ingenious study rubber backing prevents the mat from sliding out of place on any surface and deters any debris of liquids from leaking underneath, a critical requirement for health and safety relegation conformation and floor hygiene. Combined with a hefty surface, weighing 4.1 kilograms per square meter, LogoScraper boosts traction to prevent slippage for users and passers-by.

Removes swarf, dust and debris effectively

LogoScraper Rubber Logo Mats actively collect and isolate pieces of swarf, debris and dust from the footwear of visitors and operators, keeping your floors clean and free of dust and dirt from outside.  A very popular product within workshops and food production facilities; small particles such as wood chippings, metal filings, plastic chips and pebbles are removed by the thin rubber fingers and sorted within the small wells in-between the raised rubber nubs.

Works at all Angles

LogoScraper Rubber Logo Mats perform well at all angles of foot traffic allowing them to be placed anywhere around entrances or in intensive working areas in any orientation as you see fit, perfect for slated and uneven surfaces and structures. 

Fire Resistant to US Federal Flammability Standards (DOC FF 1-70)

In the unfortunate case of a fire occurring, the last thing you need is the floor setting ablaze and spreading the flames across the entire building!

Fortunately, our LogoScarper mats are fire resistant to the US Federal Flammability Standards (DOC FF1-70) test meaning any live fires will not spread or increase any fire reducing danger and potentially saving lives.

Technical Specifications

For the full technical specifications of our LogoStar floor mats, please view our online PDF here: LogoScraper Specs