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Rubber Wheel Parking Stops

Make parking your car easy with Rubber Wheel Parking Stops. These strong and durable stops protect both your car and the objects behind it, with a range of sizes and colours to suit your needs. Whether it's for your workplace car park or your home, simply park your car up against the stop and you're good to go!

Rubber Wheel Parking Stops - More Information

Rubber Parking Stops

What Are Rubber Wheel Parking Stops?

Essentially, these Rubber Wheel Stops are best described as blocks of recycled rubber which can be used to prevent parking accidents from occurring. A confidence-boosting and highly versatile product, First Mats is excited to supply these dedicated rubber wheel stops that physically restrict the forward (or reverse) movement of a vehicle negotiating a conventional parking space.

Our rubber wheel stops come in a range of colours and lengths which customers can choose from, yet all follow the same USP. That being to minimise any potential damage to a vehicle (your own, or someone else's in close proximity). Together with protecting the structural integrity of surrounding walls and buildings in a driver's parking trajectory; which typically results from low-speed impact.

Why the Need for Rubber Wheel Stops?

At one time or another, many drivers will have inadvertently over-shot a parking space and perhaps made contact with another stationary vehicle or immovable object, albeit at very low speeds. These things tend to happen now and again. However our range of rubber wheel stops have been created as a barrier that allows vehicles to be safely parked up against them, and effectively eradicating any over-run.

Are Rubber Wheel Stops Used in Any other Situations?

Yes. Ultimately they have been created to guide drivers into challenging parking spaces and subsequently manage parking in appropriate settings. Ensuring that vehicles don't park too close to a kerb or pedestrian walkway where car bumpers may hang over and compromise a pedestrian's safety, are also boxes ticked by the presence of rubber wheel stops.

Elsewhere rubber wheel stops act as a barrier between two rows of allocated parking spaces so as to safeguard against accidental collisions, while also demonstrably protecting vehicles from high kerbs. Conversely, should a vehicle with low suspension risk damage in the event that a protruding front spoiler makes contact with a wall, then the rubber wheel stop will communicate with the driver before this becomes a threat. Think of our rubber wheel stops as an early warning system.

Where Can First Mats' Rubber Wheel Stops Be Used?

Our range of versatile rubber parking stops serve a number of purposes and are used in many different scenarios. Amongst the most subscribed environments, our rubber parking stops regularly appear in customer's home garages, business car parks and commercial showrooms, while we've also seen an increase in enquiries from car park operators, retail parks, airports and industrial sites.

Which Rubber Wheel Stops do First Mats UK Offer?

There are 7 rubber wheel stops in our range, all of which comprise of high visibility striping within the exterior construct. Thus standing out enough to guard against further hazards with regards to both pedestrians and other drivers/vehicles.

With length measurements extending from a home garage-accommodating 55cm to a large vehicle-friendly 180cm (bolstered by 90cm and 120cm versions), First Mats UK collection of rubber parking stops cater for all customers' specific needs, as you'd expect from a company which has is well versed in the supply of these durable parking solutions.

Colour strips widely available to order from us include the more orthodox black/yellow striped design, along with red/white and blue/white pairings, depending on the customer's individual preferences. Remember that with First Mats you get free UK mainland delivery on all orders over £45.

How Are Rubber Wheel Stops Installed?

Quickly and easily is the simple answer to this particular question. Although this does depend on what surface you're planning on attaching the dedicated wheel stop to. As a general rule of thumb, our rubber parking stops should always be laid out on the floor prior to installation to establish they're located the optimum distance from any proximate obstacles. Naturally, the distance will vary according to the vehicle type/size being arrested by the wheel stops which systematically define the end of the parking bay.

Presented in highly visible reflective markings, our rubber wheel stops come complete with fixing bolts and are both UV stable and oil and heat-resistant.