Forklift Truck Mats for Warehouse Entrances

Slips are one of the most common types of accident in the workplace, often caused by wet floors. Now, you can significantly reduce the amount of water and dirt being bought into a warehouse using our Forklift Truck Mats, an exciting new addition to our range of industrial floor mats that can help to improve warehouse safety.

As one of our customers states below "(they) worked really well, now our shop floor stays much cleaner during winter reducing the risk of slips, trips, and falls."

  • Improves warehouse safety by keeping floors clean and dry
  • Stops dirt and water spreading around the facility
  • Easy to install using Double Sided Tape, no downtime
  • Starter Pack containing 3x tiles and 1x roll of tape available
  • Crush Resistant - Tested to 6,300kg (14,000 lbs)
  • Low profile mat to avoid a trip hazard

  • Note: We recommend using 3 mat tiles for the full effect. A single roll of the installation tape is enough for 3 mat tiles. Save by selecting the 'Starter Pack' option from the dropdown to get all 3 mat tiles and a roll of tape together for £624.99 + VAT.

    Mat Specifications

    • Tile Size: 115cm x 180cm (4ft x 6ft Approx.)
    • Tile Thickness: 10mm
    • Weight: 11.6kg
    • Colour: Grey


    Additional Features

    • Rubber reinforced bi-level pattern removes dirt and water from forklift truck wheels
    • Crush tested up to 6,300kg
    • Modular tiled mats that can be made to fit most warehouse entrance sizes
    • Quick installation with double-sided tape
    • Quick-drying fabric surface

    Unlike other mats for warehouse entrances, our Forklift matting can be attached directly onto the floor using adhesive tape ( available as an option ), so you do not have the hassle of installing a recessed floor mat.

    Download Installation Guide


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