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Warehouse Barriers

Protect your staff, machinery, and assets with our Warehouse Barriers. This vast range includes warehouse barriers designed to protect racking, as well as handrails for pedestrian walkways. All of our warehouse barriers are manufactured to the highest standards, ensuring they provide the highest levels of safety. Buy your warehouse barriers online, or contact our sales team for advice and information.

Warehouse Barriers - More Information

Black and Yellow Warehouse Hoop Barriers

Warehouse barriers are strong safety barriers designed to protect people and assets from forklift truck accidents, hazardous machinery and traffic risks.

How do warehouse barriers work?

Warehouse barriers work mainly in two ways: they provide a physical barrier so that passing forklift trucks, pallet trucks and other vehicles cannot accidentally collide or veer into racking or machinery, and their brightly coloured yellow and black markings act as a visual safety warning for drivers, employees and visitors.

Some warehouse barriers work in other ways, too, like flexing on impact to cope with more serious collisions. 

What are the benefits of using warehouse barriers?

Warehouse barriers are an excellent way of protecting people, racking, machinery and property. Although occurrences are rare, if a forklift truck veers into racking the whole aisle can collapse, with many tons of goods falling to the floor. In such cases, the barriers protect people from serious injury, as well as protecting valuable assets.

They can also be used to keep people away from hazardous machinery, mark off mezzanine levels, and separate traffic zones.

Because warehouse barriers are bolted into position, they are a fixed safety feature that is maintenance-free and easy to clean. Should you need to move the barrier to another part of your warehouse, it can be simply unbolted and moved.

Their yellow and black safety markings also offer a strong message to visitors and employees that safety is being taken seriously – an impression that will boost a company’s reputation.

Which warehouse barriers are in the First Mats range?

You need to know that the barrier you choose can withstand heavy impact – that’s why First Mats warehouse barriers are made from strong steel, with a superior design and construction that’s built to last.

Our barriers come in many different sizes: our popular Indoor Warehouse Hoop Barrier, for example, is available in 35cm, 60cm and 120cm heights, allowing you to choose the barrier that will protect your machinery or racking most effectively.

At First Mats, we also have a wide range of shock-absorbing barriers. Their unique flexible pads absorb the shock of impact for even greater protection: take a look at our Shock Absorbing Indoor Warehouse Barriers that can bend up to 10 degrees from vertical.

Our collection also includes warehouse barriers that protect pipes and cables, and corners – a particularly vulnerable spot for any warehouse. The First Mats Pallet Racking Corner Protectors and Pipe and Cable Guards are designed specifically for these jobs and offer the same strength and safety colours as the other warehouse barriers in our range.

And our Warehouse Corner Protection with Under-Guard Plate offers an additional layer of protection, by stopping the forks of a forklift truck from slipping under the barrier and causing even more damage.

Why buy warehouse barriers from First Mats?

We provide comprehensive information about the different types of warehouse barriers, including their safety features, materials and dimensions.

Our team can guide you through our range of quality warehouse barriers and make sure you get the best value from money. We pride ourselves on offering the best quality product at a competitive price, backed up by excellent customer service that’s earned us a five-star rating from Trustpilot.  

To find out more about any of the products in our warehouse barriers range, speak to the friendly and knowledgeable team at First Mats today.