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Drain Spill Covers

Keep outdoor Oil Spills contained with our Drain Spill Covers and Containment Berms. Simply place the covers over the drain for an instant seal! The soft and flexible materials will naturally form a seal against the floor, keeping contamination risks low. All of our Drain Spill Covers and Berms are available with Free UK delivery in just 2 to 3 working days.

Drain Spill Covers - More Information

Drain Spill Cover

Businesses that deal with potentially harmful liquids have a responsibility to limit any potential spread of those harmful materials into the wider environment. Not only is this an ethical responsibility, but it is also stipulated by the law under Water Pollution Offences.

Drain spill covers offer businesses a simple, multi-purpose solution to limiting these spills. These drain spill cover mats are rapidly deployable and can be used to cover drain entrances, creating a protective barrier stopping any chemicals, oils or other potentially harmful materials from entering the drain and ultimately spreading out into the environment.

How to use Drain Spill Covers;

Simply Remove the drain spill cover from its bag and place it over the drain you want to protect. The flexible material will naturally seep into small bumps and gaps to create a good seal against the floor, preventing liquids from leaking through. Ensure that the drain spill cover you use is large enough to cover the entire drain with some excess for the best results.

There are different types of drain spill covers available, varying widely on how and when they need to be used, some being single-use and some offering longer-term protection.

What are the benefits of drain mats?

Drain spill covers can be a permanent fixture in areas where there is any risk of spills. They can also be used more re-actively in the case of an unforeseen spill emergency. Regardless of the situation, picking the right drain mat for your needs offers preventative measures during times of high risk.

By offering site security, drain spill covers protect against the potential legal action which may result from a harmful spill. Having these mats in place also highlight to the relevant authorities that you are taking the risk of spillage seriously and have taken measures to contain one, should it occur.

Drain spill covers are a relatively low-cost preventative measure that offers a 100% seal around a drain, even when the surface is rough or uneven. Ultimately this provides businesses peace of mind should any accidents take place.

Who are these products for?

Our drain spill covers can be used by any person or business that works with chemicals, oils or other potentially harmful materials who run any risk of spillages reaching the outside environment via a drain.

Typically this can include a long list of industries including agriculture, manufacturing, cleaning, food production and catering, engineering and even the leisure space.

Practically any business that works with materials that may cause water pollution should be taking measures such as using drain spill covers to limit the risk of this happening.

Which drain spill cover is right for me?

Picking the right drain spill cover depends on a number of factors associated with your individual needs. Finding the best option for you will ensure that you are properly protected against any potential risk of spills.

In many cases, where the risk of spillage is low and the materials in question offer no serious environmental dangers, using a lightweight, low-cost drain spill cover design such as one made from neoprene may be the best option.

However, if you require protection to be longer-term, more permanent and against more hazardous materials you will need one of our more hardwearing drain spill covers, such as those made from heavyweight polyurethane. These drain spill covers are heavier, creating a better barrier and are resistant to most solvents, fuels, oils and chemicals.

Again, depending on the level of risk involved you may opt for additional protection by using a spill contamination berm. These strips of material form a flexible barrier, further protecting the drain system from oil spills.

This may seem obvious, but when picking your drain cover you must also ensure that it is big enough to fully cover and offer some additional coverage around the edges of the drain area.

Why buy drain spill covers from First Mats? 

At First Mats, we offer the best quality and best value for money on our drain mat range. Our range of mats are suitable for a variety of situations including harsher spills and across multiple drain sizes. The heavyweight mats and spill contamination berms also come in a bright yellow colour, offering high visibility of drains in high-risk spillage areas.

We are proud to offer the highest quality products and best levels of service in the industry. This shines through in our excellent rating on Trustpilot (4.9 out of 5).

If you have any questions or need any support in finding the best drain spill covers for your needs do not hesitate to get in touch. Our friendly, knowledgeable team will be happy to help.