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Heavy Duty Entrance Mats - More Information

PremDry Commercial Entrance Mat

Heavy Duty Mats help to create a positive experience for your visitors whilst keeping floors clean and safe. Making a first impression is crucial when it comes to your workplace, so don't rely on low-duty matting that isn't up to the job if you want to impress your customers.

High-quality commercial grade entrance matting can help to maintain your professional image and at First Mats, we stock a range with various features to suit your requirements and budget. Whether it's for a shop, reception area or a busy train station, we offer a selection of heavy duty entrance mats suitable for most commercial environments.

For the ultimate "wow factor" why not consider ordering a logo mat, custom made with your own choice of banding and colours. Simply head over to our Logo Mats page and complete the enquiry form to get a free quote.

Heavy Duty Entrance Mat Sizes

At First Mats, we understand that not all commercial premises are the same so that's why we offer several made to measure entrance mats available in roll widths ranging from 90cm wide to 200cm wide. With a made to measure mat, you don't have to limit yourself to standard sized options. Instead you can choose a mat in any length you need, allowing you to take visitors all the way up to a reception desk, or filling that awkward shaped entrance hall.

One of the made to measure options you may want to consider is the EntryBrush. This has a rough texture making it a great "scraper" mat, which means that it is an excellent choice in environments where people entering the building are likely to have mud and debris on their feet as these mats will help to scrape the dirt away.

Hard Wearing Commercial Door Mats

For commercial entrances with higher volumes of traffic such as schools and airports, you will want to ensure that your mat is able to cope. Hard-Wearing entrance mats are made possible by a combination of a synthetic plush material attached to a heavy duty rubber backing. For high traffic environments, we stock extra durable commercial entrance mats such as the PremDry which scores the highest marks in each of our rated categories – Crush Resistance, Soil Resistance and Water Retention.
For alternative sizes, consider our AquaProtect Plus which also scores the highest marks possible in each category.


Mat Well Mats

For exceptionally busy commercial entrances, such as supermarkets or train stations, a permanent matting solution should be used. At First Mats, we offer a range of matting designed to fit in to mat wells, creating a flush entrance mat area that is fitted into a permanent position. For commercial areas, we would recommend our interlocking mat tiles, available in heights of 16mm and 18mm, or our carpet style barrier matting for shallower mat wells of 7mm. Find out more about these on our Mat Well Mats page.

Most Absorbent Heavy Duty Entrance Mats

One of the challenges that a commercial premises must face is the weather. Come rain or shine, customers and other visitors will still expect to enter a building with a clean and dry floor, but in heavy rain or snow the default fair weather entrance mats may not be able to cope. For businesses that are open all year round, especially shops and retail centres, it may be worth considering stocking some mats that are only to be used in these challenging conditions. Using absorbent entrance mats will help to keep water away from the floors and reduce the risk of slip accidents. Why not consider our AquaProtect mat, which can absorb up to 6 litres of water per square metre.

Mat Cleaning and Maintenance

Keeping your heavy duty entrance mat regularly cleaned will prolong its lifespan, giving you even greater value for money. Some commercial entrance mats, such as the popular Renown Mat, can be cleaned in a commercial or domestic washing machine (depending on the size of the mat.) In most cases though, simply vacuuming over the top of the mat, when dry, will remove most of the dirt and stones that it has captured from visitor's feet. Around 80% of dirt found in a building is carried in on people's shoes, so keeping your mat cleaned regularly can save you from having to clean the surrounding floors as often, reducing maintenance costs.


All of the mats in this category are heavy duty and intended for commercial entrances, but remember to consider your requirements to make sure you choose the right one.

For any questions or more information about any of the mats in our range, please contact us and we will be more than happy to assist.

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