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Foam Impact Protectors

Foam Impact Protection is an excellent way to quickly protect surfaces, edges and piping from accidental impact damage. There are a variety of shapes and sizes available to suit different edge types with self-adhesive, push-fit, and screw-in fixing methods. Foam Impact Protectors can be purchased in small strips or long rolls for industrial use.

Foam Impact Protectors - More Information

Foam Impact Protectors

What is Foam Impact Protection?

Commercial and industrial workplaces are busy environments full of people, machinery, and equipment. Forklift trucks, trolleys, equipment trucks, and other moveable equipment can easily damage walls, pipes, and equipment as they pass.

Foam Impact Protection is designed to protect people from injury and valuable assets from bumps and scrapes including:

  • walls
  • pipes
  • cabling
  • service ducts
  • racking
  • edging

The foam protectors are made of high-quality polyurethane foam, and come in a range of sizes, profiles and fixing methods.

How does Foam Impact Protection work?

A foam protector works, first, by alerting workers and others to the hazard – usually with visually striking yellow and black warning stripes. If there is an impact, the force of the blow is cushioned / absorbed by the thick foam strip that forms a safety barrier for your personnel.

What are the benefits of Foam Impact Protection?

Foam impact protectors protect employees from bumps and knocks, minimising the risk of head injuries and other accidents, for example, when:

  • near racking or service ducts close to head height
  • when reaching underneath racking
  • when working in a confined space

Foam protectors also protect equipment, walls, pipes etc that could be dented or damaged by accidental bumps. This has three major benefits:

  • saving costs, as there are no costly repairs or replacements needed
  • efficiency savings, as work can carry on as normal
  • safety benefits, as even small dents and low-level damage could cause potentially hazardous malfunctions, leaks or collapse

What Foam Impact Protection are in the First Mats range?

At First Mats, we have a wide range of Foam Impact Protection that will allow you to choose the right size, shape and fixing type.

Fixing types

We have four fixing types, in a range of sizes:

  • Self-adhesive, for an easy to fit permanent fixing
  • Screw fit, for another easily installed permanent fixing
  • Push-fit, an easy-fit option that can be repositioned multiple times
  • Magnetic, which will adhere to steel and other metals and can be repositioned quickly and easily many times

Both the push-fit and magnetic options are ideal for temporary works and for facilities with frequent layout changes. All of the fixing options can be used indoors and outside, apart from the magnetic options which are for indoor use only.

Profile types

We also have a range of different profiles, so that the right Foam Impact Protector can be fitted onto the right surface/edge:

  • semi-circular
  • rectangular
  • right-angled
  • trapeze

For pipes, our Foam Pipe Impact Protector is available in a range of sizes to suit different pipe diameters.

Safety performance

All of our Foam Impact Protection is durable and designed to perform safely over the long term in busy industrial environments. All are:

  • UV resistant
  • Fire resistant
  • Temperature resistant

Some of our Foam Protectors are also CFC and silicone-free, and solvent resistant. In addition, all of the Protectors carry the yellow/black hazard stripes, apart from the White Foam Self-Adhesive Impact Protector. Ideal for less hazardous working environments where a highly visible protector is still needed.


Most of our Foam Impact Protectors are supplied in one-metre lengths, to be fitted as they are or cut to length. We also have a 5m Long Foam Self-Adhesive Surface Impact Protector Strip and the 5m Long Foam Self-Adhesive Edge Protector Strip, for use with large runs of racking or for multi-site operations and large facilities.

Why purchase your foam impact protection from First Mats?

We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service and the fact that we have a Five Star Trustpilot rating. When you buy from First Mats you know you are dealing with a company whose reputation is built on offering quality safety products at a competitive price. Please don't hesitate to ask if you have a question about our foam impact protection or any other products from our store.