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Spill Kits

Our complete range of Spill Kits for industrial workplaces. All of our Spill Kits contain fast-acting absorbent materials that work with Oils, Fuels, Coolants and Chemicals. Spill Kits are available in various sizes, from 20-litre kits to soak up minor spills to 240-litre spill kits for warehouses and factories.

Best Sellers in Spill Kits

Spill Kits are important in industrial environments because they help to contain and clean up spills quickly and safely. Spills can be dangerous, not only because they can cause slip and fall accidents but also because they can contaminate the area around them. Spill Kits help to limit the spread of contaminants and protect workers from exposure. In addition, Spill Kits help to reduce the amount of time that a spillage lasts, which minimizes the disruption to the workplace.

Spill Kits should be readily available in all industrial environments so that spills can be dealt with quickly and effectively.

What are Spill Kits?

Spill Kits are Spill Control Products that are used in warehouses and factories in areas where oils, fuels, chemicals and other industrial fluids are stored. Their purpose is to help contain unexpected spills in an emergency, conveniently placed around the warehouse allowing the users to respond quickly. Think of spill kits like fire extinguishers, ready for if and when you need them.

The spill kits consist of a bag, plastic drum or wheelie bin filled with various absorbent products, such as absorbent pads and socks, which will absorb the spilt fluids quickly. The containers are yellow in colour to make them highly visible, and each spill kit features a label showing which fluids they can be used for.

Spill Kit Sizes

Within our range are various sizes, all based on the volume of fluid that can be absorbed. These range from shoulder bags that absorb 50 litres of liquid to 240 litres in wheelie bins. We also stock pads and socks individually for minor spillages; please see our absorbent pads and socks range for these products.

We recommend that you have provisions to contain at least 25% of the volume of liquid stored, so multiple kits can be used together for larger volumes.

How To Choose The Right Spill Kit

With so many spill kits, how do you know which one you need? Fortunately, this process is more simple than you may think. There are generally three types of Spill Kit available;

Oil Spill Kits - Typically containing white-coloured absorbents, these spill kits are designed exclusively for Oils, Fuels and other Hydrocarbons. Their clever design means they will only absorb oils while water is repelled and flows off the surface. This is especially useful if the oil spill occurs outdoors, or has contaminated water, as these spill kits can remove the oil without becoming saturated with water.

Oil Spill Kit being used

Universal Spill Kits - Containing grey-coloured absorbents, these spill kits can work with a much wider range of fluids. They are made from 85% recycled cotton fibres, making them incredibly effective as an absorbent material. They are excellent at soaking up oil and absorbing water, solvents, and other non-hazardous fluid. British-made universal spill kits are one of the most environmentally friendly versions of this product available.

Chemical Spill Kits - Containing yellow-coloured absorbents, these spill kits are to be used to contain hazardous chemical spills. As a rule of thumb, if the liquid contains labels that suggest a fluid is harmful if it makes contact with skin (usually on a yellow label), then this is the only type of spill kit that should be used. The absorbent materials are specially designed not to break down when used with acids, alkalis and other chemicals.

What To Do With Used Spill Kits?

Once your spill kit has been used, it should be considered hazardous waste and disposed of as such. As for the plastic drum that the absorbents are contained in, this can actually be reused. To make it easy to do this, we also stock refill packs for each kit so that you can easily top up your supplies.

As a tip, we recommend that spill kits be tagged and sealed when new. This way, you can easily see if a kit has been opened and used during inspections rather than waiting until a spill occurs before finding out.

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